Windows 7: Reset Administrator Password of Windows Without Any Software

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I want to show you how you can take

advantage of a security hole and bypass

the windows logons and how you can reset

your password without any software but I

have a few warnings before I do first is

that it worked for me and so you're

responsible if you proceed to do as I'm

doing to reset your password of anything

that doesn't go right and especially if

you don't do as I do because we're going

to be doing parts of the computers

programming and so let's stay away from

some of those things and not freeze up

our computer or destroy it

second of all if any of your items are

encrypted you'll permanently lose access

to all those files and so you may want

to pay for software or some services to

get what you need and not do this which

brings up a third point I read about

somebody who didn't know they had

encrypted files by the previous coworker

and so and they reset the password they

lost all the files so if you're not sure

then do some homework and to help you

get an idea about encryption or some

basics you can watch my Windows training

video on Windows BitLocker Drive

Encryption so the first thing we want to

do is get Windows into a repair mode

because in that repair mode I'm going to

show you the loophole that will give us

access to the computer to change a few

things and one of those things we want

to change is this button right here the

ease of access that when you click on it

and as for those who have disabilities

where they can check they want to hear

the text on screen read aloud or they

want the items on the screen larger what

we're going to do is change that from

the ease of access to the command window

and select next time when we boot the

computer and click on that button it'll

open up the command window and allow me

to type in a command that will give me

access to reset the user's password and

again to do that we want to put the

windows in to repair mode and you can do

that one of a few ways one is by booting

from the original windows 7 disc by

putting that into your DVD Drive and

when you restart the computer over on

the left hand side you'll have the

repair option but if you don't have

Windows 7 or the windows 7 disc then

what I do is when I restart my computer

about halfway through the boot up

process I press and hold down the power

button I don't just press it I hold it

down until the computer does a force

shutdown which is about 3 to 5 seconds

of holding that power button down and

also I've read somebody who had a laptop

they pulled out the battery

halfway through the boot up and then put

the battery back in and restarted the

laptop and we're able to get the repair

option and so to restart the computer

from the windows login screen let's

click on the arrow and click restart

okay right where it says starting

Windows I'm gonna press and hold down

the power button until it turns black or

it does a force shutdown well there you

go right there and then I'm going to hit

the power button to restart my computer

now because we did a force shutdown in

the middle of it booting up it thinks

that something's wrong so it's going to

give us the option after we restarted

the startup repair option

and it's right there you can see the the

one that's highlighted launch startup

repair recommended and so with the

highlighted or selected all you have to

do is hit the enter key on the keyboard

to start up in the repair mode

and that's all fuzzy let's just go ahead

and jump ahead so you don't have to go

and wait through all that while it's

booting up

okay in this screen right here the

startup repair that may take several

minutes so let's go ahead and jump ahead

of that so we don't have to wade through

all that and suffer with me and you get

to this point eventually and it says do

you want to go ahead and do a system

restore no we don't want to do that go

ahead and click cancel and then it may

take several more minutes we'll go ahead

and jump ahead again

and there it is down at the bottom where

it says view problem details go ahead

and click on that button to expand it

and then go ahead and scroll down to the

bottom of that and we have that last

link down at the bottom with the

extension dot txt that extension or that

link with that extension to that file

that when you click on it is going to

open up the notepad and that's important

because through notepad we're gonna get

access to our computer we don't care

about the file with notepad open let's

just come over here and click on the

file menu and go down to open and hey we

got access now enough to do some damage

what we want to do is go ahead and

select computer and then click on the

Open button and then I've got five

drives you want to choose the tribe that

has your Windows operating system

installed on it typically it's the C

Drive but mine's not the C Drive mine's

the e Drive and so go ahead and double

click on that to open it up and in that

drive we're looking for the windows

folder double click on that and then

everything's sorted alphabetically so

you want to scroll down to the esses and

we want to find the folder called

system32 when you find it go ahead and

double click on it

and then it's only looking for folders

and all those files that have the

extension txt

from txt to all files give it a second

so it can pull up well just a gazillion

of those files here with all those

different extensions and we want to

scroll down it's sorted alphabetically

and find what's called util man

and there it is right there util man

that's the file that when you click on

that button on the login window screen

well we want to rename it first go ahead

and right click on it and left click on

rename and I type in one after it just

give it a new name but not so different

that I don't recognize it when I want to

reset it

but that util man when you click on it

it's that button in the login screen

that opens up the disabilities window

there in any case now does nothing

because we changed the name of it

because it was pointing to that file

that had util man and we want to point

it to a util man file but not that one

remember we want it when we click on it

to open up the command window so next

let's go ahead and scroll up it's sorted

alphabetically to the C's define the

file CMD for command

and there it is you want to go ahead and

make a copy of that by right-clicking on

it and going down and left clicking on

the copy and then after you do that you

want to right-click anywhere and go down

and left click on paste and there we go

you got a copy of the command files so

next we want to rename that by

right-clicking on it left clicking on

rename and we want to go ahead and call

that rename it util man so you see what

we're doing

it's going to look for util man and util

man is going to be the command window

and then that's it just go ahead and

close out of everything close close

close and or close or click finish

restart the computer


here we go windows logon screen let's go

ahead and test it by clicking on it

instead of opening up the disabilities

when we click it opens up the command

window awesome now we just have to type

in a command that will give us access to

reset the user passwords and so what you

want to type in is control

control-space user passwords - so two

separate words control space user

passwords - and then go ahead and hit

the enter key on the keyboard

and hey whoa what's this it's all the

users on this computer I got all these

fancy users many users and then all you

have to do is go ahead and choose the

one that you want to reset the password

for I'll do the last one it's that one

over here it's the last one then the

list so I'll go ahead and select that

one click on reset password and you can

type in a password but if you leave a

blank and click okey-dokey has no


close out of the command window just

click on it and it will log me in Oh

isn't that fun

okay so once you've got that all squared

away and let's say you want to go ahead

and revert everything back to the way it

was not the password we're talking about

the files that we renamed to util Man 1

we want that back to be util man so when

you click on that ease of access button

it opens up the disabilities window and

not the command window any case to go

ahead and put that all back to the way

it was well you want to watch my Windows

trusted installer training video and

trusted installer is all one word and

the reason why is because it's gonna

take extra steps and I want to hit two

birds with one stone because there are

other people who just want to learn how

to delete rename or edit files and

folders that's owned by the trusted

installer and so I'll show you how to do

that if you want to watch that video how

to reset everything back to the way it


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