How to get administrator privileges on school or work computers (Windows 10) Working

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hello youtube today I'm gonna be doing a

tutorial on how to get administrative

privileges if you do not have it on a

school computer if it's Windows 10 so

except further do

I'll start the tutorial so you know how

to boot up your computer and immediately

as soon as it starts into the booting

process you're gonna hold down the power

button to turn it off and you're gonna

do that again

so you'll turn the turn it back on again

and you're gonna want to do that again

oh okay so I didn't think I'd do it that

fast but it'll start automatic repair as

you see it says preparing an automatic

repair you're just gonna reader your

computer okay so that time it didn't

work um so yeah you're just gonna hold

down the power button until it turns off

and you're gonna keep repeating that

process every time it starts to boot up

until it says a variant automatic repair

as it is right here so I know this isn't

the greatest quality but I can't really

show you once the if the computers

turned off I'm gonna try to get slightly

better focus if I can there we go okay

so um yeah you'll have it prepare

automatic repair and also this shouldn't

take too long just let it go if you want

to fast forward in the video feel free

to so what diagnose your PC I'll skip

ahead till where you actually need to be

okay so it's jumped into automatic

repair you're gonna want to select

Advanced Options go to troubleshoot

Advanced Options again system image

recovery you're gonna click on cancel

when it gives you this prompt and then

hit next then you'll go into advanced

settings right here install a driver

okay and that will bring up the files

right here so now you're gonna want to

go over and click onto your desktop your

local dish

you're not not your desktop just your

local disk and you're gonna want to

click on windows down here you will

scroll down to system 32 double click on

that and you're gonna want to scroll

down all the way to set dot HC actually

this is a very long list I don't feel

like scrolling all the way down with my

cursor so I'll just go near it

um and then okay you're gonna want to go

to set HC scroll through here um set set

HC sorry set a seat right here um now

there may be a blue little circle over

here but just click on set HC click on

the rename and rename this to whatever

you want it to be I'm just gonna rename

it to ABCD I guess and then click cancel

click OK again to open it back up and

you're gonna go back into your local

disc go back down to Windows and

system32 same as before now instead of

going to set HC you're gonna go to

cmd.exe which is right there

CMD um you're gonna right-click on that

sorry I didn't get that right sorry ok

you know if to the left click and then

right click so you get it to rename and

now you're gonna rename this to set HC

so basically what this is doing is you

just changed the sticky keys to CMD so

now when you go to continue and exit to

Windows 10

Center this up real quick you'll be able

to click sticky keys you'll be click

shift five times and that will enable

sticky keys and it'll give you a command

prompt okay so now that you've gotten on

to the log on screen what you're gonna

do is to activate CMD you're gonna press

sticky keys rapidly let's can open up

command prompt and then what you can do

from there is type in net local group

administrators and then your name so for

this I'm using default user but you're

gonna type in whatever your login name

is and then after that you're gonna type

slash add now this will add you to the

administrators local group so now when

you get into the computer you will be an

administrator hope you found this

tutorial useful and hope you have a

great day