Should I become an administrator?

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about once a year my wife and I sit down

we talk about her career and where she

wants to go some years she loves

teaching and wants to say a teacher

other times she Ponder's whether she

wants to move into administration at our

time of life in our family and with her

being very content in her career now's

not time for her to make a move but what

if you were thinking about the move one

of the things you need to be aware of

I'll take you through some of them hi my

name is Dave grant I'm a certified

financial planner and I'm the founder of

Finance for teachers now the three

things I'm going to take you through

today with understanding if you want to

move into administration some of them

are based in money some of them are

based in your life and that's the first

one you know how's your lifestyle gonna

change now with teaching you do get a

longer break in the summer you may not

get that if you're an administrator or

you may be working longer hours and not

able to leave when school is over and

you may also be working nights are you

okay with that

is your family okay with that now all

these changes they can actually have

that knock-on effects financially you

know are you prepared to pay more for

daycare if you are picking your child up

a little later or if you can only take a

vacation in certain different windows

throughout the year that are more

narrowly defined than they are now are

you willing to pay more it's go on a

vacation you know these things they kind

of pop up on you when you've already

made that change so being aware of these

things before you make that change can

really help you make an informed

decision now depending on where you

teach a move into administration may

actually make drop an income now for

teachers I know that you can do a lot of

different extra duty jobs that give you

stipends and boost your annual income

typically when you're an administrator

all those drop off you have to do your

core job so could your family take a

drop in income should you move

if not and you still want to go into

administration can you find a job that

doesn't have that drop in income if it's

not close to you are you and your family

willing to move now the third thing to

think carefully about is are you moving

from teaching or are you moving to

administration you know what I'm getting

at here is if you're not happy being a

teacher anymore and you think

administration's gonna solve that


it may not it may just be a change in

venue and your problems are actually not

related to your job but if you find that

you're you're content being a teacher

you want a different challenge and you

want a different exposure within the

school district and the school system

then that's a healthy move you may find

that administration is the challenge

you've been looking for make sure that

you're not looking at administration to

solve the problems of being a teacher

because chances are it won't now the

last thing I'll add that's a kind of a

PS to that is just because you have a

type 75 don't think that that means you

need to move into administration if

you're perfectly happy being a teacher

you love the team around you you love

the impact you have on the kids then

keep doing that

don't let the degree that you've got

dictate that you have to move forward if

you're perfectly happy and content stay

where you are

thanks for watching

I'm Dave Grant certified financial

planner and founder of Finance for

teachers we'll catch you on the next