How to get Command Prompt on any School Computer with Administrator Privileges

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hi guys is techo 536 and today I'm going

to be bringing you a video on how to

open command prompt on any computer this

will work on any computer okay so the

first and easiest method is go to start

type in run okay click on run and and

it'll come up a listing down here and

then all you want to do is to in cm deep

clear okay you've got em command prompt

open okay and now we go on to number two

method okay guys the second method is to

open command tasmat and then open

command prompt okay so then what you

want to do is you want to go to open up

run type in task MGR okay and and then

here it will you'll see this in a file

run new task and then type in CMD CMD

and then click OK and it should come up

with command prompt okay time for method

3 guys okay guys third method very

simple and press the windows button

usually in the bottom left-hand part of

your keyboard press it and press X and I

think it definitely some windows 8

obviously and but I'm not sure there

works on Windows 7 or Windows XP should

do I'm pretty sure works on Windows

Vista that ok and then click on command

prompt and there you go you've got

command prompt topic and okay time for

metaphor okay go is method for now this

is the most complicated but it's

guaranteed to work so what you want to

do is go and open up notepad just type

in and just normally Kalla can't type

type it in to start and then or you know

type in is at echo cmd.exe pause and

then you want to go file save as and i'm

going to type in test 1 and this is

important you will type in test 1 dot


save as type all files okay and I think

fix save and exit that and then here it

is test one opens up

of command from the already few to use

okay now I'm going to show you how to

open up command prompt with

administrative privileges okay there's

three ways I know work and get elevated

privileges on command prompt so the

first one is very simple you want to go

you want to go type in CMD and so you've

got if this is on Windows 8 only by the

way right click run as administrator yes

there you go administrator command

prompt ok and the next one is same as

before but you're going to go Windows

button X and then go where we click

before command prompt you click command

prompt admin yes

máximos ok and then that's the next one

and then the very last one you're going

to go and go to run tap in task manager

click ok open up task manager again

click file run new task CMD CMD and this


check the box create tasks tasks with

the administrative privileges click OK

there you go you got an command prompt

ok guys thanks for watching again please

like if you have any questions please

and put them in the comment section

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doesn't take very long thanks guys

thanks for watching and see you next