How to BECOME ADMIN in Roblox - 2020 Tutorial

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so

in this video i will be teaching you how

to become a roblox admin in 2020

but before that let me tell you an

important announcement that i have

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sure to do that and let's get into

the video so actually becoming a roblox

admin is kind of a hard process

so first you go to this website uh

and then you go to careers so from there

you actually have to send in the

application for a job position

and you can basically pick a department

so any department works because if you

work at roblox

that means you're basically an admin

every person working at roblox

gets an admin and it's a completely


position so if you want to become an

admin first step is to actually work at


there are two offices one is in


and another one is in china so if you're

not near them that might be a problem

unless you're

willing to move to california or china

and you also have to be 18 or older to


and you need to have experience in the


but if you do manage to become an


at roblox you get to become an admin

and that means that you get a special


next to your name and you get the


to ban and punish people

in roblox and that's basically what it

means to be an admin

so it's kind of hard and

it's almost impossible to become a

roblox admin

unless you do have the experience in the


and you actually apply to the job which

is hard but thanks for watching the


and make sure to join my giveaway that

i'm hosting because i am giving away 5

000 robux to 5 lucky winners

thank you