How To Get ADMIN On ANY Server!

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have you always wanted to be a mod or a

staff member on a server but you never

felt you had the talent or the skill

necessary to become one

well look no further because this is a

guide that can help anyone

yes even someone like you become a mod


any minecraft server tip number one

donate nothing says give me moderator


cold hard cash donating shows a server

that you care about it and that you want

it to succeed

now you may say but i don't have any

money to donate and that's fine

you don't have to just donate money you

can donate your time

like building maps for the server or

reporting hackers for the server

or doing a bunch of other monotonous

tasks in order to make the server better

and if that doesn't work don't worry

because you can still beg one of your

friends to donate on your behalf

don't have any friends then you might

have problems with tip number two

become best friends with the owner or

another staff member

this tip is a tricky one because it's

actually somewhat of a double-edged


if you're generally a likable person

then you shouldn't have any problems

simply find the owner and become

best buddies with them spend as much

time as you can with them

however if you are say an unlikable


then you're gonna have a lot of problems

with this one because spending too much

time with the person

who doesn't like you is actually going

to hurt your chances of being moderator

you also need to make sure you pick

someone to become friends with carefully

because you don't want to pick someone

who has a bad reputation because that'll

end up hurting your chances

you want to find a staff member who is

liked by the majority of the other staff


and while you're out looking for people

to become friends with make sure you

keep an eye out for hackers because tip

number three is very important

report hackers religiously what's that

you think that guy's using hacks but

you're not sure report him anyway

oh what's that you were only able to

record two seconds of footage of another


report him anyway there's no such thing


too little evidence when reporting

hackers and remember

make sure you spam the staff on the

server as

much as possible nothing says i'm not

annoying give me moderator

like sending all the hackers to everyone

don't know what hacks look like

that's easy go and download your

favorite hack client from the shadiest

free mind concave website you can find

make sure to put in your full username

email and password

so that you can get a legitimate hack

client the next thing you're going to

want to do is go and practice with the


client so you can learn how to watch for

hacks but you don't want to practice on

the server you're trying to get mod

on because that could get you banned

instead go practice on a server that you

don't like

yeah that's the one and while you're

hacking away you might as well record

because that'll help you with tip number


becoming a famous youtuber nothing is

going to give you a chance of becoming a

moderator on a server than being a

famous youtuber when you're a famous

youtuber you can go onto any server and


give me mod and they'll most likely give

it to you that's because when it comes

to famous youtubers

servers are begging for any promotion

they can get

and if the server still won't give you

mods simply threaten to go to one of

their cheap

rip-off competitors speaking of youtube


nothing is going to help you in both

that area and becoming a moderator

like tip number five become a girl

simply adopt your favorite minecraft

girly skin and change your name to your

favorite female video game character

and voila you have now become a girl


just remember when following this tip to

never use a microphone and only type in


make sure to use lots of cute japanese

emoticons when typing

and constantly reference how girly you

are and that pretty much covers the top


tips that you'll need to get mod on any


if you enjoyed this video please be sure

to give it a like if any of these tips

help you

actually get moderator or staff on any

server or if you have any ideas for

lists i should make

please let me know in the comment

section and remember guys

nothing is impossible if you put your

mind to it i know for anything they are

going to follow the rules