How to Create Admin Account on Mac | Reset Password on Mac, Restore Admin account on Mac,

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Frankie Frankie these technologies poor

psyche be frankly being technology

tutorial hi I'm Frankie B and this

tutorial is about how to create an

administration account on your Mac

computer if your administration password

has been deleted or corrupted for one

reason or another you won't be able to

download apps installing new programs or

change your settings so you'll need to

create a new administration account you

will need to be a you will need to be an

administrator in order to download apps

change settings etc and this will work

across the board for all Macs don't

worry you won't lose any data your pigs

and ducks will still be there and you

will be able to change your account from

a standard account to an administrator

so this is a nice little tutorial for

you so don't further ado this is what

you need to do know first things first

and the first thing you need to do is

hold down the command + the S key on

your keyboard and then press the power


then this screen will come up I put all

the information and commands then press

ENTER and that will takes you to the

root directory now there are three lines

of commands you'll need to enter but

don't worry it's quite simple and

straightforward but you will need to

input the commands in the exact same way

as shown including all the slashes full

stops capital and spaces or it won't


whenever the commands has been executed

successfully it will always take you

back to the root directory so keep an

eye on that look out for that make sure

you back in the root directory for the

next command and now to enter your three

lines of command just press the Enter

key on your keyboard to make sure that

you're in the root directory then type

your first line of c'mon which is

Mount space - eww space /then press

enter now for your second line of come

on which is RM space /var /d be /no that

next bit is where it could get tricky

because it's opera setup done where as

Apple is with a capital A set up with a

capital S and D done with a capital D so

that's opera setup done or one word all

together starting with a full step up


done and then press ENTER and now your

third line of come on which is shut down

space - H space now then press ENTER and

now your computer should shut down you

will need to restart your computer by

pressing the power on button when your

computer when your computer boots up

again it will boots up and a new it will

boot up as new just out of the box then

you can set up a new user administrator

account location time zones and all that

stuff when you have done all that you

will be able to log in and reset your

password for your other accounts then

you might want to delete this this new

one because you have got an old account

back you've got your old account back or

you could just leave it that's up to you

and that's about all guys know if you

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this video thank you very much for

watching and I'll catch you on the next


ciao for now Frankie be