How to ADD ADMIN on Instagram Page Tutorial! (Using Facebook Business Manager 2021)

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this whole Instagram adding an admin

adding someone to your Instagram so they

can manage your Instagram whatever all

that connecting Instagram it's a


should be simpler than it is

unfortunately it's just kind of not that

way right now but I'm gonna simplify it

as much as possible in this video and

show you how to add admins to your

Instagram page a very first thing that I

recommend is that you set up a Facebook

business manager account if you don't

know what that is it's basically just

one account in which you can house a

bunch of different people a bunch of

different pages a bunch of different ad

accounts a bunch of different pixels a

bunch of different Instagram pages

Facebook pages if you're going to be

doing ads Instagram accounts and

especially if you're going to be doing

more than just one or if there's a

chance you might be just save yourself

the time the energy the the headache and

just right now set up my facebook

business manager account start to get

familiar with it start to use it start

to get to know it and I've made some

videos on how to set up a facebook

business manager account I've made

tutorials on how to use Facebook

business manager by the way it's

completely free to setup and use if

you're inside your business manager

click any wherever you're at just click

on this top menu up here and click into

your business settings that'll bring it

to this page and this is where you're

going to be able to do all of the adding

and removing of people accounts pages

pixels etc all that good stuff happens

inside of your business settings inside

of your business manager so they left

call him here you'll see we've got all

these different options and the

different drop-down menu so if I click

on users this is where you can add

people and partners I'm going to go

through this again in a second but just

to quickly walk you through this

account's is where you're gonna have

your pages and your ad accounts and your

Instagram accounts which we're gonna

click to in just a second under data

sources is where you're going to find

pixels catalogs and then the last thing

in this column that's super relevant for

this video is this request tab right

here so let's just keep this as

as possible right now and say it's your

Facebook business manager you just want

to add your Instagram account to it so

just come up here under the account

section I'm going to close this and

click on Instagram accounts click on the

blue Add button and like it said over

here to add an Instagram business

account to your business manager you

must have the username and password for

the account so that's why right here

it's forcing us to if we click on

connect your Instagram account it's

forcing us to put in the username and

password or you can use the login with

Facebook option now I know there's two

questions that I need to address here at

number one but what if I'm trying to add

my clients Instagram account to my

business manager so I can work on or run

ads with their Instagram account do I

have to have their username and password

and do they have to share that with me

and I have to login and add it that way

and then the other question is what if

I'm trying to share my Instagram account

to somebody else's business manager so

that they can you know work on running

ads on my Instagram account or whatever

so question number one let's say you're

trying to get your clients Instagram

account into your facebook business

manager so you can work on some

Instagram stuff for your client you

can't unless you want to just grab their

username and password in which case that

works if but if you're not going to do

that then this blue ad button right here

isn't going to work for you and it's

different than which is different than

if you're just adding pages right

because if you're adding pages right

here if I click on the Left column under

pages and then come to this blue Add

button you have the option to request

access to a page but you can't come down

here into Instagram accounts I don't

know why I feel like this should be the

case but it's not for whatever reason

you can't come down here and just

request access to the Instagram account

so what I would recommend you do and

it's a little bit of a pain in the butt

upfront but it does make things much

easier moving forward in really any

direction that things go moving forward

for you and/or your client but I would

recommend that you have your client set

up a facebook business manager account

and come in here to Instagram accounts

and they add their Instagram account

using that blue Add button right here

under Instagram accounts they add their

own Instagram account to their own

Facebook business manager and then they

come right here with their Instagram

account selected and click on assign

partners and then they put your Facebook

partner business ID your Facebook

business manager ID right here and

that's how they assign you as a partner

to their Instagram account and then once

they've done that their Instagram

account will show up right here in the

Instagram accounts section of your

Facebook business manager and now when

you go to run ads for them you'll be

able to select their Instagram account

now you'll also want to make sure that

you also get access to their Facebook

page like Facebook instructed us right

here if your Instagram business account

is linked to a Facebook page you should

add both their Facebook page and

Instagram business accounts to the same

business manager the way you do that is

right here under accounts click on pages

and then click on add and then you just

want to request access to their page and

you can simply just throw in their page

name or URL right there and it'll come

up just click it and then click request

access and that will send a request to

the owner of that Facebook page and

oftentimes the owner of that Facebook

page will be Otto

I think in email and notification just

have them navigate if into their

facebook business manager accounts right

here this request tab in their Facebook

business manager click on request and

right here they should see the

invitation from you requesting access to

their Facebook business page now again

this is why I recommend that both

parties both sides have a facebook

business manager account set up if

especially if you're gonna do some

Instagram stuff it's just gonna make

things a lot easier a little bit more of

a pain at the beginning but moving

forward like I said if you could guys

continue to work together you've got

everything synced really well if if

something happens and you go different

directions well then they've already got

a business manager account with all

their stuff in

you don't own any of that so they don't

have you don't have to work that out

when you part ways or anything like that

they own it and then they if they decide

to go to another ad agency or to another

person then you know they can easily

link their business managers account

with those other people's business

manager accounts instead of like you

just actually having their username and

password from the beginning and linking

in and linking their stuff into your

facebook business manager account that

way and then they never actually own any

of their own data or anything like that

so that's why I recommend both sides

have a facebook business manager account

set up okay the only other thing that

you're gonna absolutely need to make

sure that you do once you've added say

your clients Instagram account into here

you'll just want to click on the

Instagram account make sure you have it

selected and this is for if you're

running ads using their Instagram

account you'll come up here and click on

add assets and then you will need to

select one of your ad accounts from

right here and then add that ad account

as an asset to this Instagram account

and then that's going to give that ad

account access to the Instagram account

and allow you to run ads for and with

that Instagram account through that ad

account and so since you have to connect

it to that ad account I'd also just to

be safe and make sure this works come up

here to the ad account section and the

ad account that you're adding select

that one and make sure that whoever you

want to be running ads on that ad

account with that Instagram has been

added here as a person and before you

can add them here as a person you need

to make sure they're added up here under

the users section click under people and

you click on add right here is where you

can add people and choose the different

accesses that you're going to grant them

so to recap all that if you're trying to

do some Instagram work run some

Instagram ads for a client and you want

to add their Instagram account into your

Facebook business manager have them set

up a Facebook business manager

their Instagram account into their

Facebook business manager and then add

your facebook business manager account

as a partner on their Instagram account

inside their Facebook business manager

then once that's done you go inside your

Facebook business manager you go into

the Instagram account section and then

you add one of your ad account as an

asset onto this clients Instagram

account that we just got access to and

then just make sure that you have

whoever you want to run ads on that ad

account just make sure that you've added

them as a person on that ad account and

in order for them to be a person there

in the first place you just have to add

them as a general user on your facebook

business manager account in the first

place the second question that I said I

was going to address I kind of just did

and I kind of answered it in that first

question there but if you're trying to

share your Instagram account with an

agency or somebody that's going to work

on your account run ads for you et

cetera then what I do recommend is that

you set up a facebook business manager

account add your Instagram account to

your Facebook business manager account

and then add as a partner whoever is

going to be working on your Instagram

account however you want to add as a

partner add them as a partner on your

Instagram account and that will give

them access and the ability to run ads

and work on your Instagram account that

way and also have a Facebook page and

give them access to that Facebook page

as well and like I already mentioned a

little bit of a headache you might have

to go through a little bit of process of

you know what you will setting up if you

don't already setting up a Facebook

business manager account kind of

learning a little bit about that but you

know use this video it'll be helpful but

the the what I think is the best thing

that comes out of this for for you is

you own your data it's all going to be

inside of your Facebook business manager

account and you get to take that with

you and own that and just you know if

like I said previously if things go

different directions whatever it's yours

it's there no other agency or anything

else else like that owns it and that's

the kind of the benefit of if you have a

Facebook your own Facebook business

manager account and just share out

permissions and accesses and stuff like

that instead of just handing over a


then you know you just you just get to

keep all of that