Add an Admin to a Facebook Page [Desktop & Mobile]

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are you struggling to find time to

publish content on your facebook

business page or simply maintain it so

your followers can stay engaged with

your business if the answer is yes then

you might need someone to help you do

that how by adding an administrator to

your Facebook page who can manage it on

your behalf if you want to know how to

do this then stay tuned so I can show

you how to add an admin to your Facebook

page both from a home computer and your

mobile phone welcome to a new video

tutorial dedicated to the small business

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so you'd like some help managing your

facebook business page to drum up more

business but you're struggling to find

the time why don't you delegate the work

to someone else so they can take charge

of your page

it could be a digital agency or a member

of your team if you have a team if you

are a one-man band it could be a friend

or even a family member who will be

willing to help or anyone else you think

you can trust if you think it would

probably be easier to give them your

facebook login details instead of adding

an administrator think again giving them

your login details will not only give

them access to your business page but

all sorts your personal accounts since

they are both linked and nobody wants

that the solution give whoever you

choose admin rights to the page you want

them to manage by giving someone admin

rights they will be able to create posts

send messages great adverts view

insights assign page roles essentially

an administrator can do everything you

can do on your own page there are other

roles to choose from which I will be

covering in a minute but the admin role

gives the most flexibility let me show

you how to give admin rights to someone

on your page from your computer first

log in to your Facebook account and

select your business page for the sake

of this demo I'm going to use a dummy

account on the John Smith who has

created a

business page called bakery for you so

first of all click on the settings

option right at the top of your page

click on the page roll option on the

left hand side menu in this section you

will be able to assign new page roles or

amend existing ones today we want to add

a new role so let's jump to the assign a

new page roles feature by default the

prefilled role will be the editor if you

want to know what each role does just

double through them using the arrow key

you will see a description right below

the name field describing the credential

for each role let's choose admin note

the warning message that tells you this

rule gives the same permissions as you

do to make changes to your page type the

name of the person you want to add as an

admin or their email in the field and

select it in this case I'm going to use

myself click Add and enter your password

to confirm then click Submit

once added the person you've created to

be an admin to your page should receive

an invitation through the Facebook

account to become an admin to your page

so let me login to my personal account

now let me check the notification and

here we are I have received a

notification inviting me to be an admin

to bakery for you I'm just going to

accept that which is going to give me

access to the bakery for you page which

will now appear in the list of the pages

I can manage

if you want to do the same thing on your

mobile phone just log into your Facebook

app tap on the hamburger menu at the

bottom right of the screen

choose the page you want to add a role

to from the page just tap the three dots

on the top hand right corner and select

edit settings tap the page role options

tap the add person to page option for

security reason confirm what your

password is type the name of the person

you want to add select the page role you

want to give and then tap save and

that's it same as before whoever you've

added should receive a notification in

their Facebook account that's it we're

all done giving admin access to your

facebook business page is like handing

over the keys to your shop so make sure

you choose the person wisely we're all

done for today thanks for watching don't

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for another tutorial