How to Become an Adjunct Professor

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hi everyone it's Shane again here with

the videos and the making of them and

imparting knowledge about being an

object or psychology or being a student

and stuff

so today I'm here to talk about how to

become an adjunct professor this is a

question that I come across a lot when

it comes to talking to some of my

colleagues and so I wanted to make a

video about it just to out answer a few

questions that somebody might have if

you are thinking about wanting to become

an adjunct professor and you're not sure

particularly how to go about doing event

this is the video for you I'm being the

super cheesy today because I got some

coffee and me I'm going to talk about

how to become an adjunct professor in

particular I'm going to talk about three

main ways to do it

this is coming from my own personal

experience and also from the taking from

the experience of other adjuncts that

I've spoken to about how they became

imagine professor at their particular

institutions everybody's experience is

different for some of you you might not

be going into psychology you might be

going into other fields of study that's


you can still use some of this knowledge

to be able to meet your goal first and

foremost though the main thing about

becoming a an adjunct professor is that

you need to have the credentials so the

credentials mainly are equal to having a

master's in your party

feel and having experienced the

experience portion mainly is one of

those things that colleges really look

for because they're what attracts

students towards certain classes they

love hearing about experiences and what

their teachers have gone through because

it gives them a chance to see what it's

like in the field which totally makes

sense and it's one of those things that

definitely need to be out there when I

was at the Chicago School that was one

of those things that really really the

Chicago School touched on which is

service and being able to have practical

field experience so I mentioned talking

about three different ways for a person

to become an adjunct professor right so

those three main ways are referrals

applying online and a job fair out of

those three I have done two of them and

two of them have resulted in me getting

a position which is pretty awesome I

have not been one of them actually I

have them the third one but the third

one I have not met success in but I know

people who have so it all depends on how

you look on paper and how you interview

so the first way is through referrals so

using your network and the really of

touching on speaking to your colleagues

your supervisors really anyone you know

that might be in academia who might be

able to help you go oh yeah there's a

position there go ahead and apply and

make sure the right needle is our pearls

a case in point that is one of the first

ways that happened to me one of my

lovely lovely awesome super awesome

mentor / colleague dr. lavender he

helped me with getting my first agile

professor job by referring me to the

college and I've been there since it was

pretty it was pretty awesome if that

power of networking is really important

it's one of those things that can really

help you with advancing your career but

also don't forget to help others with

advancing theirs

the next way of doing things is a job

fair I have also done this and I have

also succeeded so when it comes to job

pics sometimes colleges and universities

hold them so that they can get an influx

of people at the same time and interview

them all at the same time in order to

offer them a position maybe a couple

weeks later this is a great way to put

yourself out there and actually meet the

people that you might be working with

it's also a great way to network with

other adjuncts the third way of doing

the job hunting in order to become an

adjunct this one worked for a few

adjuncts that I do know I have not have

met any success with this particular way

of doing things personally but I do know

that they do work for other people and

that is applying online and applying

online is super easy and super

straightforward you go on the University

website that you're interested in

working for see

if they have any open positions under

faculty and then apply you know make

sure that you have a CV that detail

details and not like to all of your all

of your experiences and your your crude

degrees and whatever else in between

that you might want to tell them for

example if you've had any complications

make sure to put those publications in

so that's it those are the three main

ways that you can become an adjunct

professor thank you so much for watching

us if you have any questions for me

please feel free to ask let me know in

the comment section down below if you

have a question about being an adjunct

being a student anything about

psychology and everything in between

thank you so much you guys for watching

I'm Shane and I'll see you later