4 Steps to Become a College Adjunct Instructor

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hi guys this is Aaron Ebanks from happy

professor calm and I wanted to share

with you the four steps to becoming an

adjunct instructor I've had a lot of

friends asked me about this in the past

so I thought I would address it in this

video the first thing you need to become

an adjunct instructor is a master's

degree plus 18 master's credit hours in

the subject you would like to teach for

me I had a master's in mass media

communication so I was already qualified

to teach speech and Other communication

classes if I wanted to teach something

outside of that subject area later on I

would need to get 18 additional masters

credit hours which is the equivalent of

six master's classes under my belt

for that subject area to be qualified

the second step to becoming an adjunct

instructor is to get teaching experience

while in grad school I have heard other

people say that they somehow got into

adjunct teaching without having that

experience you might want to do a little

bit of research on that because that

would be fascinating to know about

however I know the best bet is to get

some experience so while you are in grad

school look into opportunities to become

a teaching assistant I actually just

talked to friends in my classes and

instructors that I had become close with

during grad school and asked them how I

could get involved in teaching it was

surprisingly easy all I had to do was

take a four credit class learning how to

become an instructor and then I also had

to get three letters of recommendation

from my instructors with that I was

added to the speech program my third

semester of grad school I was already

teaching and I taught for the last two

years of my program so that gave me a

lot of experience number three step

three of becoming an adjunct professor

is contact your local schools sometimes

they hold interviews like math

interviews where there will be a hundred

people from various subject areas

waiting to be interviewed by different

department chairs that's how I got two

of my jobs I called the schools

periodically and asked them when they

were holding interviews they didn't seem

to advertise it very much but call them

periodically don't be obnoxious at

it but that's a good way to know when

they are looking for instructors or you

can go on your local colleges websites

and see in the career section where

there are adjunct positions available

most of the time there are adjunct

positions available so look into that

and submit your resume something else

that has really helped me and will help

you possibly once you get your first

adjunct job is to make friends with your

colleagues at that school because most

of the colleagues you meet are working

at various other schools so they can get

you jobs and you can get them jobs and I

have I am now working at a new school

that a friend of mine got for me and I

have also recommended some of my other

friends to various schools and they were

interviewed for those schools because of

my recommendation so it helps to make

friends once you get that first job and

it'll possibly help you get quite a few

more schools that you can work at the

last step here is do your research I

look online all the time to find out

more tricks about teaching online and

also I have some friends who would like

to become an adjunct instructor so I

kind of do research for them so look

into some books look into some websites

the best book I read recently is

building your adjunct platform by

Michelle Post she has her PhD she wrote

a fantastic book it is filled with links

and valuable resources I have since

texted a lot of my colleagues to tell

them they need to get this book so

building your adjunct platform by

michelle post you can also look into my

book happy professor by Erin Lovell

Ebanks that also has some great tips for

how to become an adjunct instructor and

how to thrive at it so those are my four

steps for you I really hope it helps you

on your journey to becoming an adjunct

and good luck getting that very first

adjunct job bye