How to become authorized with Nike/Jordan

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what is going on a sneaker community it

shows you boy trouble tear Oi welcome to

the sneaker news network today and today

we're going to be talking about

something very important information

that a lot of you have been asking me

about via email since I've been knowing

this sneaker education thinks so it's

going to be how do you get authorized

with the brand's specifically Nike /

Jordan brand

now there are some nuances and things

that you have to do to make sure you are

in the proper place for them to even

consider you and of course you know I

got something up my sleeves but I'm not

here to appease two people for the most

part I'm here to bring you the truth in

this grimy sneaker community so most of

your big-name boutiques here's something

that you probably didn't know and some

information that you can utilize as

since everybody's doing authentication

and you know that rubs my feathers the

wrong way how can somebody be an

Authenticator and they're not even

familiar with the sneaker community

really I have no clue but you know in

regards to authenticators a lot of these

big-name boutiques have them people

legit checking shoes

people like sneaker con going legit

check on shoes which is super suspect to

me and the things that they call a real

or fake is ridiculous I'm putting it out


flat out um and a lot of the big-name

boutiques and these guys if you realize

all these people are selling sneakers

they're selling the high value sneakers

that cost a lot to get or that are

supposedly limited they sell these

sneakers like for instance when sneaker

con does authentication what do they

tell you if you ever look at their

Instagram page or their website they

send you to their site to go purchase to

make sure you're getting

authentic shoes like they're one of the

outlets that always sell authentic shoes

so what they're saying or these big-name

boutiques that do Rovers fake what do

they guy where do they guide you where

do they take you to their specific

outlets of them selling shoes they don't

tell you to go to this person they don't

even say hey buy from a knight you are a

Jordan or adidas authorized dealer

they buy from us you ever found that

funny how they don't send you back to

retail locations but they're quick to

call something fake and tell you to make

sure that you're not getting fakes you

got to buy from them oh yeah

we're talking about it today so I want

to tell you how to become a Nike

authorized retailer and this is how you

do it okay step number one what you have

to do is you have to have a

brick-and-mortar location yes ladies and

gentlemen a brick-and-mortar location

meaning a physical retail space if I can

break that down into layman's terms so

you have to have a store that you can

put inventory in that you can display

items that you can display merchandise

that's one of the first things you have

to have they are not interested in any

type of social media selling any type of

website you have to have a

brick-and-mortar in order to become an

authorized retailer with Nike / Jordan

brand you understand did I make that

clear that I did I break that down

enough for you so that that means let me

make this even clearer that if you have

a website such as this they're not

they're not interested you get what I'm

saying and making you a Nike authorized


now I'll give you an example Foot Locker

for instance who is a Nike authorized


okay they had a store before the big

boom of the internet so now they have a

website that's affiliated with their

stores so you have a store and that's a

Nike authorized brand and they have a

website then of course that's fine

but if you just have a website trying to

get authorized with the brands it's not

happening if you just have social media

sites trying to get authorized with the

brand it's not happening they clearly

tell you that they're not interested in

that okay

and I'm going to include the link to

their application I know I have some

information up here but I'm gonna

include a link to their application so

you can see it for yourself so think

about it first you have to have a

brick-and-mortar okay guess what your

big-time boutiques and your even your

smaller boutiques they got that covered

because they have a brick-and-mortar


guess what here's the second nuance to

that you have to be doing a million plus

in revenue in sales without Nike or

Jordan brand before they allow you to be

an authorized retailer

okay so without their shoes without them

selling you their shoes you have to be

doing a million plus in revenue in sales

okay here's me wants number three the

third thing is they have to approve of

the location so they have to send a rep

out to that stores location and make

sure it's the location that they want to

be in so say if you have one and two

that I just mentioned so you have a

brick-and-mortar right so you're doing a

million plus revenue cells without that

brand they still have to approve your

location so you can be doing those two

things in their marketing prep whoever

they send out but say now we're not

interested in this location guess what

you're not going to get authorized with

them okay now here's another piece to

this puzzle when you become authorized

with them guess what you're not going to

get all the super hot fire right off the

bat you gotta sell the junk you got to

sell regular press stoves

you gotta sell Jordans runners these

things that are sitting in a Nike

authorized retailer GRS you may not even

get number Jordans right off the bat you

got to sell the corny stuff first before

they let you in now let's keep in mind

let's talk about tier zero who are the

ones that get certain and limited

releases which there aren't very many

tier 0 stores you're not going to be

that right off the bat heck most tier 0

stores are grandfather can I be real

with you and to be honest with you the

whole point in the thing that I had up

my sleeves Nike and Jordan Brand aren't

really interested in authorized

retailers right now they're not

interested in you becoming an authorized

retailer with them so they Doren sure

aren't going to let you be at Sears 0

because that's the point you have to

grow into and keep in mind

those accounts don't come easily there's

a lot of work and a lot of stuff that

has to be done and you likely need to

know what inside inside inside person to

get that now because they don't happen

so hey if you have a store I don't

discourage you from applying feel free

to try but uh let me know your success

rate when you do please and oh by the

way it takes some time for them to

review your application months half a

year maybe even a whole year maybe even

longer but hey you gotta read the fine

print in these applications but yet this

is the question that you ask your

boutiques ask them if they're an

authorized Nike or a Jordan Brand

retailer ask them if they're authorized

with any brand when you go buy shoes and

they're going to tell you or you're

trying to sell them shoes and they tell

you your shoes are fake ask them like

hey I want to see you guys authorization

with the brands is your store authorized

with the brand's guess what they want to

tell you know where third party ok then

how do I know you get these shoes retail

can you prove that to me uh oh again

this is why they want to dropkick me

because I'm giving you facts and

teaching you how to challenge them

versus them calling something fake but

they can't prove that they get their

things retail you got to look at that

kind of funny that's so super red flag

but hey what do I know I'm just the

little sneaker educationist or

educationalist that's new word for the

day educationist I just made it up put

it in the dictionary run applause for me

but this is why they dislike me because

I'm bringing you the truth this is stuff

that they're not going to tell you if

you're trying to set up your sneaker

business this is stuff that you need to

know that you're fighting against

because they don't want you there it's

greed it's monopolization but guess what

I know a lot of things I've been a lot

of places I have a lot of experience in

this I'm not just talking out the side

of my neck as they say this is something

I really and truly know about that's the

reason why I sell the teaching materials

thus the reason why I have a patreon

account thus the reason why I give e and

teach this sneaker stuff it's my passion

but again I want to see other people win

I'm not trying to see you on the outside

hey you don't have to believe everything

I'm telling you but what I will tell you

is go do your own research and then get

back to me start researching a lot of

this stuff is public information it's

not even secret I'm already giving you

the information to Nike and Jordan

brands the application process how to

become authorized dig a little bit

deeper on your own in your spare time

and see what you come up with but until

then this is your boy trouble teen boy

signing out