I Modeled for ADIDAS! | Here's what happened | 2019 | Vlogmas #15

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hi you guys and welcome back to my

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today for you guys I have a model

storytime about the time I modeled for

adidas and I believe the photo somewhere

about here for you guys to see a couple

of the videos that I have shot with for

adidas so what's the scrubber name daddy

do jiaying I think that's how you

pronounce it he commented it on one of

my videos and basically he said that he

wanted to see a video about a modeling

story that I had and so that was what

I'm doing for you guys today so

throughout this video I'll be talking

about how I kind of got the photo shoot

what the photo shoot was like and then

kind of how much I got paid for that

photo shoot so you guys just start from

the way beginning I started modeling

when I was 15 and I signed with an

agency I model throughout high school

and then I also modeled all through

college and I'm still modeling today it

was the summer before going into my

senior year of college so I think I was

20 or 21 I got an email from an agency

that says hey adidas is interested in

booking you for a photo shoot can you do

a tryout casting for them and I was like

okay that sounds great I really never

thought I was gonna get like adidas that

was crazy usually they shoot in like New

York in LA and I knew that and I didn't

really know at the time why they were

shooting in Minnesota but anyway to make

my agency happy I was like sure I will

go and I will go to this casting and so

I go to this casting and there are

literally hundreds of people there the

weight castings sometimes work are

they'll have time slots so your agency

will say hey show up between 9:00 and

9:15 and in that time block of 15

minutes there will also be another like

50 women who were also told to show up

during those 15 minutes so the 15 minute

block that I was booked for to go to

this casting so were like 50 other women


were literally doing this casting all

day long so I think honestly I think

they probably tried out maybe like 500

people I'm not even joking probably even

more than that and there was a section

where you sat down and then there was a

section of like this huge white backdrop

just absolutely huge the ceilings were

huge is in this huge warehouse and then

like a panel of people these people were

like sitting down really professionally

behind this like desk and it was like

super professional I go to a lot of

castings and a lot of go-sees and

nothing has ever really been like that

anything the one thing it's been similar

to that is trying out for target

castings and target photo shoot but it

was never like that big or that kind of

glamorous if you know what I mean so

there are two rounds kind of just this

casting so this lady came around and she

looked me up and down and said yep you

can pass on to the next level so I went

and I walked to this other section where

you go when you pass to the next level

kind of thing and you basically wait

there and you get a number and I got a

number right ated on to my athletic

clothes I was wearing at the time and we

have a show up in all aesthetic year and

I think I had like Nike leggings on and

Nike shoes on and then just like a plain

athletic shirt so that was great I can't

believe would do this book to me anyway

and basically I remember it being my

turn and me being like you know what

let's just have fun with it

I'm probably not gonna get this anyway

because there are gonna be hundreds of

women and men trying out for this gig so

anyway they had me do like push-ups and

planks and sprints in front of this huge

white backdrop in this huge panel of

people so I was like running and doing

squats and jumping and doing like high

knees and stuff like that which

everything I have done in tracks oh

thank god I was in sports in high school

but I still really never thought I was

going to get it I was like I'm not I'm

someone who's like fit but I'm not like

super fit like you see in an athletic

you know adidas nike magazine so what a

week goes by and an email for my agency

is saying that I have booked the ideas

gig and I was like what this is nuts

like this is crazy like I can't do this

I'm not even that great of a shape

compared to like a lot of other people

so I was like oh my gosh so there was

the casting and then I was told I had

the photo shoot and then the actual

day of the photoshoot the actual day the

photo shoot was insane they wanted to do

like a sunrise shoot that was like the

beginning of how we started our day and

so I had to wake up at 3:00 I think it

was like 3:30 4:00 and to get to this

place downtown I literally had to go

into a hotel room they had on one town

room booked out and I met with this

makeup artist it was literally in her

hotel room and I was like if this wasn't

adidas I would be sketched out right now

but it was adidas so I was like you know

what this must be how they do things and

it turned out all this to be fine

so was in Minneapolis getting my hair

and makeup done and then they drove us

in an SUV all the way to st. Paul so we

get to st. Paul and that's where I meet

the crew and kind of everybody so

there's probably like 20 to 25 people

there this big section parked off of

this Park area which kind of makes sense

because if you're doing like a photo

shoot you don't want these random people

sitting on a bench in the background so

they blocked off this huge park kind of

sidewalk area and they had their

trailers parks along they I think they

had like four or five trailers these big

trailers that housed all of like the

equipment but also I think I don't think

anyone was sleeping in there but like

it's just like where people would relax

and have kind of a break in time off

because their hotel rooms I found out

later were always say on Minneapolis and

they wanted to rent out trailers for

being in st. Paul so anyway we started

at 4a and in the morning did some

sunrise shoots and then we just kind of

went around st. Paul and did other

shoots so I had a huge question when I

was there I was like why did you guys

fly in everybody to Minnesota like of

all places why don't you fly everyone to

LA like I don't understand

and they said because they wanted to

shoot at a college that is here in Saint

Paul called Macalester College and that

is why we ended up going so we did the

sunset shoot and then we went to

Macalester College and we ran around the

track and we just also did other like

workout things like doing like stairs on

the bleachers and stuff like that so

again I was not in like super great

shape like I was an okay shape but I

wasn't in super great shape so I had to

like pretend like I wasn't like dying

inside from all this cardio and

everything they also had these crazy

like huge cameras which now looking back

is so crazy to me because now you can

see like on magazines like shot on an

iPhone and it's like I feel like it's

just as good quality as like these big

hulking cameras but nonetheless they had

these huge cameras and they were taking

photos and they didn't want all the

models like just actually sweat because

it was in the summer and we had makeup

on and we were obviously doing cardio in

the hot Sun so every single time they

would like stop shooting they'd have

someone literally run over to us and

have an umbrella and hold it over our

head and I was just like okay that's

great and that's like not normal at

least that's not normal for me on a

photo shoot

I usually model for places like Target

and like East Bay and stuff like that so

I have done like a lot of lifestyle

photo shoot stuff but it was nothing

ever like that huge and glamorous and

then for lunch I just remember sitting

down in the park area someone had set up

all these trailers and I think that's

why there were so many extra people

because they needed extra hands to do

stuff like this so they catered in lunch

and they needed people to like set up

all these tables so they stopped all

these tables in the park area in front

of the trailers and then they had this

like huge feast of food like this huge

huge feast of food for like double the

amount of people that were honestly

there there was again there's probably

no more than like 25 people there what

is also crazy that there was like 20 to

25 people there and then there were two

models actually doing the photo shoot so

all of these people here they're paying

people to be there and there's really

only like two models but again I think

it was like hired help and you need like

a camera guy and a lighting guy and a

stylist and a visual and you knew you

need just like all of these extra people

which usually does happen at a normal

photo shoot but like multiple people are

wearing multiple hats where at this

photo shoot it was like one person for

each like little job and I'm not

complaining it was so awesome it was a

great experience

till this day even though that was years

ago till this day it was still one of

the most fun most rewarding photo shoots

and a most like crazy photo shoots that

I've honestly ever done so yeah just the

entire time everyone was super nice like

super chill and I just loved it I

remember talking to a guy about getting

my MBA which is a Masters in Business

Administration he's like you should you

should do it someday after college and I

was like no I don't think I will because

you know I so much stuff from undergrad

I don't think that's for me but to see

now five years later I am in my MBA

program I one thing this guy was like

the reason I

into you know wanting to go back to

school for my MBA but like but I do

think of that moment when him and I were

talking about that it's just so crazy to

see things come full circle so yeah so

now I'm gonna talk about the things that

kind of happened like after the photo

shoot so honestly I thought more photos

we're going to be posted they said that

the photos that they took we're going to

be posted on social media so I was like

okay I'll look out for them on social


and I swear out of the entire day out of

the thousands and thousands and

thousands of photos that were taken I

only found four of them I look on their

Instagram their Facebook their Twitter I

honestly only ever found about four or

five of the photos that I was in which

is so crazy to me to have all of that

work done all of that area blocked off

to play all those people to take

thousands of photos just have a handful

of photos but hey I'm not complaining I

got paid very well but I will say that

it did pay for my first car and it also

helped me pay for my plane ticket to

England because I was studying abroad so

I will say it paid me something under

ten thousand dollars but I can't say

exact numbers so as you guys that is

that that is my story about when I

modeled for adidas it was an amazing

time I wouldn't take it back for

anything in the world I still to this

day like really cannot believe out of

honestly how many people try it out for

that casting that I got it but honestly

it was a huge accomplishment in my

agency honestly took me really really

seriously after that and I started

getting a lot more gigs after that point

which was kind of sad because I had left

to study abroad for three months right

after that photo shoot but then when I

came back my agency started gave me a

lot more work so that gave me kind of

like the credibility that I have now for

modeling so yeah you guys that is it

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in also you guys I make other videos

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modeling and the requirements for

modeling and I will leave a couple of

videos about that down below but always

feel free to reach out to me if you have

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knew some things about modeling when I

was first starting out when I was

fifteen and I didn't really have anyone

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