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i actually have turned down brand deals

on products i don't like

i turned down ten thousand dollars

because i didn't like the shoe

this video is not a flex i wanted to

make this video to basically break down

how the process works of building

relationships with brands and getting

shoes and brand deals

and hopefully let you have a better

understanding if you're interested

in becoming a sneaker influencer i guess

all right guys so first and foremost

thank you guys for tuning in to today's


today is going to be completely

different than what you're used to

from a crew tv video usually you got the

fast pace quick cuts

the you know the b-roll the drone shots

all that stuff

we're not doing any of that today

basically going over

the subject of this video which is how

do i get free shoes like how do i

get free sneakers from all these big

companies adidas

jordan brand sometimes nike uh reebok

how does it work i've never had this

discussion i've never

made a video about this and i kind of

wanted to do it today and i want to do


in an organic way you know what i mean

i'm going through my shoes right now as

you guys can see our sneaker room is a

complete mess

we got boxes here we've got a bunch of

shoes out of their crates we are

organizing our room

and i'm also i've decided to purchase a

storage unit

because we're just getting overwhelmed

like so many shoes are coming into the

crib that we don't

even have space for it so we decided to

move some stuff to the storage unit and

we're just basically organizing right

now so

as i was doing this i'm like this would

be the perfect time to make a video

where i'm just like

showing some of my favorite shoes that

companies has sent me

have sent me as well as kind of break


how does it work you know i use this

white board right here to kind of

write down some of the topics i want to

go over and throughout the video i will

be answering

all of these and basically the first one

the most important one

why do i get free shoes number two how

do they pick who they

send free shoes to like sometimes it's

not me sometimes somebody else will get


we'll talk about that number three how

can you

get free stuff like how can you someone

who maybe doesn't have a following

how can you get those connects to get

free stuff and then

fourth probably the one that most people

want to

find out about what do i do with all the

stuff as well as do i resell them

so we got mina behind the camera as well

so she'll be throwing in her two cents

if she has anything to say

always all right let's get into it let's


yeah let's go let's get into it i don't

know i don't even really know where to


but obviously the first question is why

do i get free shoes

that's the first question you know why

do brands choose to send me

like why did reebok and nice kicks

choose to send me this shoe

okay let's say this like let's say i

posted that adidas sent me the lego


right there's always somebody or a few

people who comment like why does he get

the free stuff why are they sending it

to him he has the money

first of all i'm not a freaking

billionaire okay i don't have money like

that okay

but why do they decide to send it to me

is because

my audience when they send me a shoe

like this they want to reach my audience

it's like a billboard they could go put

up a billboard on melrose and hope that

people look at it and be like oh damn

those shoes are dope like

let me take a picture of it to remind

myself or they can send it to me who has

a following

on instagram and people see it they

don't just send it to me because i'm a

sneaker collector and they just want me

to have it

they send it to me because they know

that i will share it with my audience

and hopefully

you know either drive traffic to their

social media or

obviously help them sell one of their

shoes you know what i mean

i actually started sneaker youtube

because i wanted to get free shoes

like that was the main thing like i saw

people like cousteau tony d

bull i saw all these guys getting free

shoes and i'm like bro i want like i

want it i'm a sneaker

head i want that stuff like why can't

they send it to me like i got a little

bit of a following

i was like at 100k under 100k at the


so once i started sneaker youtube i

started to kind of build and make a name

for myself

in order for me to make build these

relationships i had to work on myself

and my content and growing my following

so that they want us so that i can get

their attention you know what i mean

again they're not just going to send me

stuff because i'm a collector they're

sending me stuff because of

the audience and the following i've

built so that was my main thing with the

becoming a sneaker youtubers like i

wanted to get free stuff now it's not

about that

for me at all for me it's more about

like connecting with the audience and

just being someone who people can you


watch my videos and be entertained but

like you know getting free stuff and

getting sneakers and being able to show

to you guys is a huge part of it and

that was

one of the main reasons why i wanted to

do this but

it's just become something completely

different so all right i'm pulling out

some things that jordan brand has

blessed me with

over the last few years they sent me the

shattered backboard 2.0s

this one was pretty special because this

this is the one that they sent me and

mina for our

anniversary it was around the time that

the flyknit jordans were being announced

and they sent us the flyknit jordan

breads i think it was actually an

engagement engagement gift yeah this was

an engagement gift so

this was a way for them to show us love

and support as well as

you know being able to show our audience

the newest jordan flyknit ones which are

super comfortable i love these so

they sent me these and i decided to make

them into a low top um

yeah so i cut them up so

but yeah i still have them in the

collection um

that's some of the ones jordan brand

sent me this one was pretty cool

this one was actually sent to me by

billionaires boys club so this wasn't

even from adidas but this is a friends

and family

i don't know why they really sent me

this i think this was through hector

at a private label he's good friends

with like bbc he's done bags and collabs

with them

i think he like told him like yo you

guys should send a pair to kai's like

he'll show it to his audience but

this was a friends and family through

bbc so shout out to them shout out to

hector you know what would be the

ultimate goal for me

getting a pair of yeezys from yeezy like

obviously adidas could send it but yeezy

is kind of like its own brand now how

jordan brand is with nike

so if i were to ever get a pair of

yeezys from kanye that would be goals

like that would be crazy it hasn't

happened yet

but i'm still hopeful that it will

happen as yeezy becomes bigger they

might start

seeding out and stuff like that so um

there might be some more stuff over here

i'm gonna move some boxes around

what is this this definitely was not

gifted we bought those ones

um oh this one's pretty funny because

mina's never put these on her feet

under armour under armour gave her the

curries and i

was so jewish you got to become a hooper

now yeah that's exactly what i said i'm

gonna start moving watch just wait on it

they sent her though 1v1 for some shoes

hey if you guys want me to hoop against

mina 1v1 for a pair of shoes or let's

play horde

look i will look 1v1 versus mina

for every point you score i'll buy you a

pair of shoes

but if i be but if i beat you then you

buy me a pair of shoes all right fine

all you have to do is score a point like

i'ma win regardless we know that

but even even if you don't win and you

score one or two points

you get weight you get you get i'm gonna

surprise you okay

i'm a surprise i'm so weak i've built a

good relationship with a lot of


uh puma is one of the brands that shows

me a lot of love

i like working with them and believe it

or not

i actually have turned down brand deals

on products i don't like i've told


about how i turned down a promo with uh

i'm not going to say what company

company it was it was it wasn't directly

through nike it was through another

company that sells nikes they hit me up

to promote the uh

the nike vapor max and i turned it down

i turned down ten thousand dollars

because i didn't like the shoe

so people don't see that they think that

i get free shoes and i just promote it

because it's free but no i

like to be as authentic as possible i

want people to know that i'm only

promoting stuff that i

really like like if if a company said

hey we'll give you 10k

to promote this shoe and tell your

audience you like it if you did not like

this shoe

would you do it like i i

i feel like i need to as someone who

people watch and like

really you know look for my advice on

certain shoes i feel like you have to be

authentic you have to give your honest

opinion and here's those damn human

races i was looking for they're

literally right here

yeah adidas sent me the legos and then

they also sent me these right here the

pharrells they're not friends and family

they're a sample i've turned down offers

and brand deals

on shoes that i didn't like so if you do

see me promote like a pair of pumas

people are like oh you're just promoting

it because you got it for free no like

i genuinely like the shoe and i like the

product ones like this i did not get

paid for this but yeah they sent me

these for free these are the sonic the


rs zeros i believe this is like one of

the first rs

sneakers they did and this is this is

dope and i actually posted this on my

instagram the other day

so they sent me these a couple years ago

and then this is the more recent one the


and since these are both video game

themed shoes which one do you guys like

better the mario or the sonic

i think this one quality rise because of

this like

shaved suede is better but growing up

i was a mario guy i never played sonic i

played sonic a little bit but

i played more mario i play i definitely

played a lot more mario but

some other stuff i just got these in the

mail too this one's from way of wade

and li ning they send me a lot of stuff

they show me a lot of love

this is an interesting one obviously we

got the personal message which usually

comes with

some of the shoes they send me is like a

nice personal message so

that's always cool makes me it motivates

me a lot because

when you get that personal message it's

like damn like they appreciate what i do

and they

they appreciate my following and whatnot


these right here um i forgot what these

are called these are called the leaning


exclusively released in china in limited


quantities um and this is a

collaboration with way of ways so this

is like a

running lifestyle shoe i guess but it's

pretty crazy because i'm pretty sure


that's damn near boost right there like

i'm pretty sure they're using boost on

here but not calling it boost but

i don't know if you can see but i could

literally see through the shoe and

i tried these on these things are super


probably one of the most comfortable

shoes i've put on my foot foot

since the what's that shoe i got you the

adidas one what is it called

the night jogger the night jogger adidas

night jocker is one of the most

most most comfortable blue shoes this

one's definitely up there but

yeah we got those adidas sent me these

as well

this one was obviously through sean

because sean's a friend of mine so

and then there's all this is another

thing so why do like why do certain

people send me free shoes or give me

free shoes like why did i get the sean's

one of the most hyped shoes of 2018

i remember i forgot what year it was but

like why did shawn give me this shoe and

it's the same thing it's the

relationship i've built

me filming at round two so many times

and helping promote their store when

they were

just starting out like um this was kind

of like hey like you've shown us love

like here's

you know here's a shoe for you it's out

of love so this is pretty cool because


wow our light just went out

ah how's the lighting is this still cool

right now or just kind of dark yeah

okay we might have yeah we might have to

go get the other light

nice socks thank you murakami socks all

right so our light died we

rejuvenated the light but basically also

i don't want to forget to promote this


we are giving away the union jordan 4

set we're giving away both of these both

of these on my instagram right now we're

doing a giveaway with soul steals as

well as

mina so the post is going to be at the

top of the description if you guys want

to enter to win literally both of these

um it's free go enter and it's all my

instagram right now so

good luck yeah these are these are

pretty solid but yeah i guess i'll just

i know i talked a lot through the

beginning of the video it's kind of long


i guess i'm just gonna like go through

shoes and have i guess we'll go out over

the topics at the same time so

the next one is how do they pick who to

shoot send shoes to

sometimes i'll get a pair of jordans or

maybe tony will get a pair of jordans or


seth fowler will get a pair of jordans

and then they didn't send it to

certain people and so like how do they

pick who to send stuff to

you know every brand has a team of for

their social media marketing and

who they decide to choose stuff to and

it's like whoever they think is perfect

for that shoe like

first of all look at that this this is a

really good shoe shout out to leaning


this is one that jordan brand blessed me

with during all-star weekend and


i've never worn these wow but i love

this shoe i just have not

wore them but i want to wear them very

very soon you know what i'm saying it's


that ovo vape collab is coming out so

this is a good one but yeah i mean

it's all up to the brands you know what

i mean i do reach out to brands here and

there like i said when it comes to

certain events but for the most part

it's it's just like it's random

sometimes sometimes they send it to


sometimes they only send it to a few of

us sometimes they only send it to one or

two of us but

it's just all really up to the brand so

jordan brand has really blessed me i am

forever grateful like oh hold on can i

just flex this one too cause

this is a sample as well that they gave

me shout out to marco

this was thanks to marco

nigel's regardless sometimes they send

me like trainers that nobody cares about

i still appreciate it and i still wear

it because

i love representing the brands that like

to work with me jordan brand puma

adidas all these companies like i'm so

grateful but yeah like you were saying

tell them like it's i mean to get the

following though it's just about putting

it's just about putting that's what i'm

saying it's about putting in work

and building your following so that you

can get the attention of these companies

you know what i mean doing viral

not viral things but posting

consistently that's very important

um showing your shoes showing like

showing that you love sneakers and you

have people who follow you who love


we're not talking about tech we're not

talking about makeup artists and stuff

like that we're talking about sneakers


let's say i have 300 followers right now


let's say we only have 300 followers and

i start just posting a bunch of sneaker


you know you use the right hashtags you

know you maybe you send your dm

you send your photos to certain people

or your photos start popping up on the

explore page

you're slowly going to build your

audience i'm not going to sit here and

break down how to do

it but you need to figure it out on your

own like

there isn't a guide everyone's route is

different some people collab some people

get shout outs use hashtags like

you have to just try to build your

audience to get these companies

attentions that's the best way to do it


like i said adidas or puma or jordan

brand they're not just going to

find your account and be like hey let's

send this guy free shoes because he's a

sneaker head they want to see your

audience they want to know that they

could send you a product

and your followers followers will look

at it

and i'm not saying you need a million

followers because i know people who have

like a couple thousand followers who get

free stuff

i'm just saying is you gotta show them


you're a creator that you have a

platform and that people respect your


you know what i mean so just focus on

building your audience

before you focus on trying to get the

free stuff i think that's the most

important thing because you want to give

the brands

you want to get the brand's attention

yeah um

some more stuff that companies have sent

me i love this shoe

yeah puma rs fast they sent these to

meena as well

we did a whole brand deal for this one

so this one was like a

like a paid thing that we did but like i

would have to

so comfortable i love them that whole

thing we did with the car

we went out they did a car they wrapped

it up i would have done that for free

because it was

so fun so yeah puma is just a company

that i love

working with because they do dope stuff

man like people think that we just

promote their products because we get it

for free or they pay us like

dude i genuinely like their shoes like

this right here

i actually bought these like i bought

these i didn't get these ones for free

this is the ralph samson rude collab i

bought these off of the

network app i had to ask them for this

like this is one of the shoes where i

hit up my guy clyde at puma

and i said i need the chinatown market

collab like this one this is i needed a

favor the chinatown market collab

i love this shoe i have worn the shoe so

much the removable

puma logo and i'm just a huge fan of

chinatown market shout out to mike shout

out to waleed

another all right so the main thing the

juicy topic that i'm sure a lot of

people want to know is what do i do with

all the shoes and do i resell them

right off the bat i want to say i do not

resell my shoes

i give a few no i do resell my shoes

i don't resell anything that brands give


i do donate though because there are

certain times when i get a bunch of

stuff like

i get a bunch of basketball shoes and i

do not have the time or i don't even

play that much to be able to play in all


so i like to donate them like i have

this bag right here with a bunch of


um anta i believe these are from anta

um anta sent me these like i'm never

gonna be able to play basketball in

these so i'm donating these to

somebody that will play basketball in

them so klay thompson's

um these wades right here i really like

this they sent me this pack i kept one

of the shoes

which was the wade one these are super


um but this one i just i don't see

myself using these

so i'd rather give this to someone who's

gonna actually play basketball in it and

i know people are going to be like oh

sen give them to me give them to me like

no these are going to be all donated

to um one of my one of the people that's

actually been training me

he has a bunch of like younger clients

and people who he trains so hopefully we

can get these to the right people who

need a pair of hoop shoes ones like this

so i do donate a lot of the shoes i get

that i don't end up wearing but for the

most part

i keep a lot of them because they just

mean so much to me

like i said anytime a brand gives me

something it's a blessing to

to know that they acknowledge me and

they know that i've built this following


and that i'm able to you know help

promote their product and whatnot so

i try to keep most of it but that's why

we're kind of getting the storage unit

is because some of this stuff

just piles up and some of the boxes that

they send me are just so crazy that it's

just like we don't have room for it

some of the boxes are an exception like

the ones over here

um this is probably the best packaging

i've ever gotten which was the space jam

one that jordan brand sent me and it

came with like the newspaper it came

with the damn dvd of space jam

it came with this i think this might be

dead but it's been a couple years now

this is definitely dead but

it came with this which was the monstars

secret stuff instead of

michael's secret stuff and right here

was a jersey i have that hanging in the


and then i don't have the shoes in here

because i have them in my crates but the

shoes go in here like this is the

craziest package

that i've ever gotten okay guys so

hopefully you guys enjoyed this type of


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