My TOP 5 Tips to Become a Sponsored Athlete

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hi people let's get real

it's been a while a few days okay I

haven't had a chance to vlog I've just

been going through a lot of [ __ ] I'm not

gonna vent on the tubes right now

because I'm here for another reason

man don't like slacking fat me so I

decided to trouble Paul on Instagram you

don't follow me on Instagram what's

wrong with you and I asked you a lot

what do you like me to give you my top

five tips on how to become a sponsor

dolly because there are so many people

so many young athletes with potential

just don't know the fundamentals hell

you go go getting sponsored by the

company you want to get sponsored by so

listen up this is my top 5 tips and how

to become a sponsored athlete tip number

one find your niche Instagram YouTube

whatever it is find your niche tip

number two build an audience

/ following this is such a broad

question there's so many answers on how

you do this you need to keep in mind a

business is a business and if you cannot

bring business to the business the

business stuff wants you in the business

do you family you need to have some sort

car following there is the occasional

sponsored athlete that you get sponsored

by a company for the reasons what I'll

cover in a minute but if you want to

save yourself the hassle work on

building an audience / bottom number

tree do not rush it if you have a

company in mind that you would love to

be sponsored by one day do not jump into

a sponsorship with monochrome majors

because you're so eager to become a

sponsored athlete and just topped all

over your name all of a sudden you are

signed under a different company for a

year or two years because that 20 min

stage of being sponsored athlete will

end and then the company who you wish

you were with will probably maybe see

you in that time frame realize you're

sponsored by another company and never

look Joe us again so don't rush it there

is no rush to become a sponsored athlete

I promise you if you just wait it out

focus on building your audience such

following and do not sign to another

company just because you feel like

you're in a hurry to become responsive

Utley you will not regret it

trust me before if stay true to yourself

this is a little broad underfoot a lot

of companies nowadays they represent a

message and if you represent that same

message let's just for example say Jim

shark they represent be a visionary

which means be someone who just does

what others I'm not feeling someone who

T's outside the box someone who's not


yes you're done if you are a person like

that Jim's trackers for you if you are

signing I'm not a company that

represents another message and you don't

represent that message ship just it

doesn't collide well trust me so

remember stay true to yourself stay true

to the message you want to represent

because sometimes sign of a company who

represents a different image most

slander the image that you represent

does that make sense

hope makes sense and number five the

most important tip of the mall the tip

of the tip the tip of the clip I don't


don't worry about becoming a sponsored

athlete I think this is what this whole

video boils down to in reality if you

are coming on social media with the main

goal of becoming a sponsored athlete

you're probably not gonna become a

sponsor value I mean if that is all as

motivating you to do what you do I think

one of the main things that I take pride

in is all you don't need anybody and I

feel like if you adopt that mindset in

this game like you don't need anybody

let company be able to tell from viewing

your profile that you can bring a lot to

them but you don't need them that makes


just build you as a brand build your

audience lush following stay true to

yourself make sure you're representing

the message that you want to represent

and spread to your audience / following

you just have a good time and stop

worrying about becoming a sponsored

athlete because trust me if the company

sees you doing all this stuff and it

coincides with what they want to

represent they see you don't need them

sometimes they want you it's just like a

female you see you're having a good time

she don't need you you want that ass any

realized I hope you got some sort of

reassurance from this video as a quick

team but as soon as videos like these

buying because you don't see me coming

on here talking all this [ __ ] I'm

being honest man honey

I made this video because I have had no

time to vlog plus there's a lot of shake

on the tubes right now