How to get addicted to working out

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what's up people in this video we are

going to talk about how to get addicted

to working out okay I'm sure you know

those of you who exercise on a regular

basis you have probably said something

to yourself or to somebody else that was

like oh you know I love working out so

much it's easier for me to actually go

and workout than it is for me to not go

right I've said that many times I'm

assuming that other people who have

Fitness as a habit in their life have

also said that I could be wrong and if

you are not one of those types of people

if you don't work out or you haven't

started yet that probably sounds a

little bit strange to you because you

probably hate working out you see it as

a chore you see it as something that's

not fun and painful and you just don't

really want to do it so I'm going to

teach you right now how to turn Fitness

into an addiction assuming that you want

to because it's possible you don't want

to but we'll get into all that in a


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description okay know how to make

Fitness addictive right how to get

addicted to going to the gym or working

out or whatever your fitness type of

fitness of choice is okay so it's very

simple when you think about it in order

to get addicted to fitness you need to

associate fitness or the act of working

out with something positive okay so

right now if you're not addicted to

fitness you probably associate it with

something negative you when you think

about working out you think yourself oh

I got to put my shoes on I got to go

over there everybody's gonna judge me I

don't like it it's uncomfortable to lift

the weights or dance around in the

aerobics class or do the yoga or

whatever okay you see it as something

negative so number one it's entirely

possible that you're just doing the

wrong type of fitness or you're working

out at the wrong gym okay there are many

types of gyms or many gyms that I have

gone to

they're so awful and like soul-sucking

that I don't I wouldn't if it was my

choice between doing that and not

working out I would just not work out

right great example is here in Japan

when I came here I started working it

out at this place that was kind of like

a little it was like a little rec center

gym and it was awful right

they played awful music I played just

like I don't know from like there's like

weird 70s music no girls in there it was

hot and it was just awful it was not fun

to go there and I was like [ __ ] this

when I paying all this money to go like

work out in the shitty gym full of like

weird Japanese guys you know like where

the hot girls out where's the like good

music just wasn't fun

okay so then no I chose to do calyx

calisthenics and running which is more

enjoyable to me and it's if it's more

enjoyable then you're going to be doing

it more often I wouldn't quite say that

it's addictive but it's at least more

enjoyable to me now the point where I'm

going to be doing it more often okay so

for you it's entirely possible that

you're just going to the wrong type of

gym all right now what I don't recommend

that you do like again I'm feel like I

pick on fat women too much but if you're

an overweight woman and you don't like

going to gyms where you feel

uncomfortable that's not necessarily a

bad thing okay like if you feel

uncomfortable in a in a quote-unquote

normal gym and you want to go to curbs

or you want to go to another gym that

where they won't really push you that

hard and you just kind of want to like

be fat with other fat people so you

don't feel bad about it that's not good

okay but assuming you go to this new gym

and you actually workout and you

actually exercise and you're actually

pushing yourself to lose way to build

muscle in volleyball

that's a good thing okay what I also

recommend is you do some sort of instead

of just lifting weights which is boring

and actually requires a fair amount of

knowledge in terms of like how to do the

exercise properly out of proper form how

to create a program which you could

learn all online I mean the information

is out there what I think is actually

better to do if you're starting out is

to either do classes I mean a trainer is

expensive but to do some sort of

is based activity you know if you're a

girl you have plenty of options you

could do bar classes which is like

ballet workouts basically great

exercises great for building your you

know lower body and they're pretty tough

from what I understand I never did bar

but I took ballet for three months in

college was pretty tough workout yoga

also okay yoga is very very addictive if

you go to a good studio ok I've talked

about this before but I would even say

that the most addicted I've ever been to

exercise was when I was doing yoga

classes at Equinox in Los Angeles the

teachers they're amazing

world class every single class I was

dripping with sweat and not you know to

discount the effect that working out

around lots of beautiful women has the

classes were full of very attractive

women you know and if I have the choice

to work out by myself like I am right

now you know doing calisthenics and

burpees and some park mixes some

sleeping old dude or to do yoga next to

you know a bunch of hot girls I'm

obviously going to choose the yoga right

and if you're a woman you know I'm

hoping that your or just really anybody

like everyone just maybe I'm wrong I

prefer to be around people who are

attractive okay it's more motivating to

me and it's more it's just more fun to

be in that environment okay so finally

another tip and this is the tip that I'm

gonna get run over this tip this is more

chemical in nature okay so this is

actually what I wanted to talk about in

the beginning but I got sidetracked

talking about other stuff how to

actually get physically addicted to

working out what you can do is you can

do you can use nicotine lozenges okay to

train yourself to be addictive okay now

the way that you do this will give you

the bird's eye view and then I'll tell

you why it's not unhealthy which is

probably what you're already thinking

I'm gonna get cancer global all your

knots but how you do this is that before

exercising what you do is you take a

nicotine lozenge and this is assuming

you don't smoke cigarettes like I hope

you don't smoke cigarettes but you take

a nicotine lozenge and then right when

it starts to kick in which should just

be a couple minutes

you go to the gym and you start working

out and you work out under the influence

of nicotine now as you know nicotine

they say nicotine is an addictive

substance but I question if that's

really the case because when you smoke

cigarettes there are a lot of additional

chemicals that are released in the smoke

which you inhale which are going to kind

of affect the once they affect the

outcome they're going to kind of distort

the results in terms of what the

nicotine is actually doing okay because

nicotine is only one of like 5,000

substances that is absorbed in your body

when you smoke a cigarette however all

of the studies that are done on

cigarettes and cancer or that are done

on nicotine in cancer are focused on the

effects of smoking tobacco or cigarettes

or cigars or whatever there's no studies

that take a look at the link between

cancer and nicotine pure 100% nicotine

okay so now that the the absence of

proof about that doesn't necessarily

mean that nicotine does not cause cancer

however just thinking logically and

practically and having smoked you know I

smoked my fair share of cigarettes the

feeling that I get from popping a

nicotine lozenge comparing that to how I

feel after smoking a cigarette I'm gonna

say that smoking the cigarette that like

if anything's gonna give me the cancer

it's gonna be smoking that cigarette

okay it's disgusting like I've I've

tried to smoke cigarette I've tried to

start smoking cigarettes when I was

younger many times cuz I just I thought

it was cool and I can't even start I

don't know how like I've heard the

comedian talk about this once too but

like it's way harder to start smoking

than to stop smoking anyway here's the

point is that lets say nicotine is an

addictive substance alright let's take

that at face value what you do is you're

training yourself to essentially

associate the positive feelings of you

know the effects of nicotine with

exercise okay

now what in order to make this work what

you need to do is you need to not take

the nicotine on days where you do not

exercise okay

so let's say you work out five days a

week Monday through Friday you take the

nicotine Monday through Friday Saturday

Sunday you don't take the nicotine mix

it up however you want doesn't really

matter at some point but what's going to

happen is that unconsciously you're

going to think to yourself wow I feel so

good when I work out and I don't feel as

good when I don't work out so you're

gonna kind of push yourself to go to the

gym even more okay because you and I

mean okay fine maybe it's not the best

way to do it but this is a very good way

essentially to get addicted to any new

habit right it doesn't have to just be

for working out could be for doing

cardio right you pop in nicotine lozenge

before doing cardio now I will say that

if you are not used to smoking

cigarettes and getting [ __ ] rained on

if you're not used to smoking cigarettes

then you need to kind of be careful the

strength of the laws Inge's that you

choose I would recommend if you're not

used to smoking cigarettes and you have

a fairly sensitive system no more than I

want to say half a milligram of nicotine

per dose okay start there

if you take too much I mean play with it

you know just do what's comfortable but

you can always take more but you can't

take less if that makes sense once you

already take something so you don't want

to start with a four milligram lozenge

and be high as a kite and you know go to

the bathroom and throw up but you can

take half a milligram and then take more

if you need to okay so that's it that's

my tip for getting addicted to working

out and other things I mean you know you

can just make friends at the gym which

kind of implies that you don't have any

friends outside the gym so you go to the

gym for kind of a social or social

interaction with other people which I

unfortunately have experienced as well

but that's the video for another time we

are done with this video and I would

like you to tell me have you are you

addicted to going to the gym and if so

what do you like or fitness classes or

whatever what do you like about doing

those things and give me a tip maybe I


use it in my next video me yeah anyway

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