How To Make Your Website ADA Compliant

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hey this is Joe burnish with Big West and in this video I want

to talk about lawsuits being filed for

the American Disability Act for anybody

that owns a website so if you're a

business and you own a website and it is

not a DA compliant then you're opening

yourself up to a lawsuit so in this

video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

explain what this is all about what it

looks like and then I'm going to show

you exactly how to prevent it so let's

get started right now


okay so we've had several clients ask us

about this we've been researching it for

the past year or so on exactly what we

can do for anybody that owns a website

any of our clients that we've done

websites for what we can do to prevent

any kind of issues with a DA compliance

and this has to do with people that are

visually impaired that visit your

website and they're able to get around

and see everything they need to see on

your website just like anybody else okay

so that that's what it's all about but a

lot of businesses are getting sued

actually let's jump over to Google real

quick and do a quick little search ad a

what's the search I had before it's

actually a DA website lawsuits 2019 now

you see all kinds of articles on this

and one thing that really stuck out with

me is well number one you know like

Beyonce got sued because her website was

not 88 come on the compliant Domino's

Pizza got sued but there's also a lot of

small businesses getting sued as well

and one of these articles that actually

said that over 2400 website lawsuits

were filed in 2019 so somebody could

come to your website and if they're

visually impaired they have that and

they can they cannot find what they want

on your website they have the right to

file a lawsuit and take you to court and

you don't want to run into that so what

we're doing here at Big West for no

extra charge to our clients so anybody

that that we built a website for that is

currently hosting with us on our server

we actually found a

a cool little program I'm going to share

with you that will that will make the

website 88 compliant and so let's look

at an example of a recent website we did

here one that we just did was this pest

control website and what you'll see up

here in the corner is a little a little

symbol a little icon and we can fully

customize the color and the shape and

the size and all kinds of things with

this little icon here so watch what

happens when I click on this icon it

pops up all these options here so you

can somebody can actually read the page

you can have it have it read it will

actually read the words on the page you

can change the contrast highlight the

links you can make the text bigger you

can make the text spacing bigger you can

stop animations make the the fonts more

legible like I'll actually change the

fonts there's all this little stuff

that's included with this program and if

you notice down here it's provided by

user Wade org so this is an organization

a nonprofit organization though it will

actually allow you to put some code on

your website and get the website 88

compliant to avoid any of these lawsuits

but not only avoid lawsuits think about

it you want to get as many qualified

leads or prospects to your website so

anybody that comes and visits your

website your hopefully hoping they will

take action and do business with you

this will increase the chances of

somebody with this disability with that

is visually impaired to actually be

doing business with you so it does two

things it'll prevent lawsuits but I'll

also help your business it'll help

profile help you get more clients or at

least increase the chances of you

getting clients so there's so many

benefits to this and like I said we are

adding this to all the new websites and

all the websites that are currently on

our server and we're doing this January

through March of 2020 we're going to be

adding this to all the websites that

we've done that are currently on our

server if you have not done a website

with us I highly recommend you talk to

your web designer or you yourself if you

want to do it yourself go to user Wade

org and get this installed on your

website this is very important but like

I said no extra charge to our clients

this is something we're taking care of

for everybody that we that we work with

so you don't need to worry about it you

don't need to contacts about it unless

you don't for some reason want us to put

on your website that's the only reason

you should contact us otherwise just be

aware that this will be put being put on

your website in the coming months by

April 1st 2020 we want to have every

website on our server fully compliant

okay so it's a little time consuming

it's gonna take a little bit we're gonna

start with our SEO clients first and

we're gonna work with everybody that's

on our server but if you have any

questions about that of course send me

an email Joe a Big West marketing com

or you can always call our office and

set up a free consultation but like I

said this is very important to be a DA

compliant with your website keep

yourself safe and make your website more

accessible to more people my name is Joe

burnish and this is Big West marketing

calm I will talk to you soon