Handicap ADA compliant restroom requirements...Part 1

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ha you thought this was a video of a

handicapped requirements where a

handicapped bathroom will guess what

newsflash this video is all about that

I'm just going to explain some stuff

we've got a bathroom here and I wanted

to show you this they're thinking about

upgrading this to a handicapped style

bathroom now the first thing you got to

have you have to have a unisex sign or

something on here if you've got a

bathroom for more than just men or women

you want both sexes in here you got a

sign up here that has a handicap sign

and then you also have a sign that you

have to put it five feet right here in

Braille that says restroom

okay the other thing I see is there's a

round door knob on here you got to

change out to a lever handle let's see

what else we can find in this bathroom

son of a gun it is a bathroom okay this

looks large enough for clearances and

all that kind of stuff okay over here on

the door as you open the door if the

door opened the other way you'd have to

have 12 inch clearance over here with

nothing in front of it well in this case

we don't have to worry about that

because the handle went Han so you push

in you're you're good with that okay the

mirror has to be from the ground has to

be 40 inches no higher than 40 inches up

to the actual mirror okay that's what

handicapped measurements are this is

California a DA and I think that is for

the whole United States check out your

local area to see okay now see this this

sink is not handicap accessible is it

there's a cabinet underneath there so

you have to take the sink off you'd have

to take the cabinet off you have to have

a different type of sink right there

that's mounted directly onto the wall so

that a wheelchair can wheel underneath

it a faucet you have to have

lever handle type faucet with two

paddles a paddle here and one here so

that you can't use your wrist and you

just use your hand you can do that or

you can have a single single lever that

goes up or down okay but you can't have

these that's a no-no it's for your

toilet let's talk about toilet a little

bit here shall we okay you have to have

okay handicap style toilet and this one

happens to be a handicap which means

that it has to have a long gated front

on it the height has to be handicapped

which is a little bit higher than a

standard toilet and on an accessible ad

a restroom you wouldn't have this top

lid here you would have only a seat down

here usually it's a split rim seat which

means it just goes to here then there

and you just flip that up or push it

down no no see cutter okay

it's from the handle this handle has to

be on the open side of the bathroom see

here that handle is set up correctly

it's a left hand handle and if that's

what it was on the opposite side of the

room but let's say the wide open area

was on the right you could not use this

toilet even if it was handicap

accessible and everything because the

handle would have to be on the right

hand side and you can order believe it

or not you can order those generally at

most hardware stores or you may have to

go to a plug-in wholesale outlets or

something like that to special order it

most toilet handles are on the left hand

side but you know that go look at your

toilet to tell me where it is some have

a button here but most of them only are

on the left they're not on the right but

you can get one on the right okay let's

see what else we can find

notice anything the toilet paper the

toilet paper folder has to be mounted up

on here and there's actual heights or

whatever it can't be up too high and


we're a handicapped toilet lots of times

I'll put a double one here okay what

else does this bathroom not have think

about it okay as I'm talking think about

what else you think what else you'd have

to have okay you'd also have to have a

soap dispenser and usually a soap

dispenser usually oh look see I got a

left hand wall here that's open I got it

right hand wall that's open usually I'll

put that on the right side right hand

side only because most people are

right-handed and what you have to do is

you have to measure that Center it has

to be no higher than 40 inches that's to

the bottom of the soap dispenser if you

hit it here or if you push it here that

measurement can't be higher than 40

inches now see this this mirror just for

your sake of argument it can't be higher

than 40 inches so if they wanted to use

this mirror they have to lower down on

the 40 inches I believe has to be where

the actual mirror is so you wouldn't

want to go 40 inches just to here

because see this this frame is three and

a half inches tall so you have to have

that down lower okay the other thing is

you have to have a paper towel holder so

what I would do is I put it over here on

this left hand side or you know you

could put the paper towel holder here on

the right and then you could put the

soap dispenser over here on the left but

because this is the left hand wall if

stuff it kind of keeps out away because

it's going to stick out a little bit too

depending how close your sink is to the

wall the sink was closer to the wall

maybe I put the paper towel holder to

the right over here and I put the soap

dispenser over here but for the sake of

argument let's say you're going to put

it here to the left it's going to be no

higher than 40 inches again you're going

to measure out 40 you see that's pretty

low most places you'd standards out less

yeah that's about right well right wrong

that's too high can't be higher than 40

inches and that's where the paper comes

out okay if you have a handle on it got

to make sure you can reach your handle

40-inches it comes out sideways and you

just pull the paper out that's going to

be up 40 inches so say the sink height

has to be handicap height - now this

this sink

I already guess is probably too high now

I'm not quite sure forget exactly what

the measurement is but if they had a

handicap hand out then they'll give you

that they'll show you all about all the

measurements and junk out certain

measurement in front of the sink yup out

a certain radius 5-foot radius in here

in the bathroom to make sure that a

wheelchair can move around there they

also have for restroom partitions you

have a urinal is there an uproot room

here for a urinal

well maybe if you grab your hand cap

hand out that you can get from your

State Building Department you're

building your local building apartment

you can check that out here's another

thing that you have to do all around a

toilet you have to have a washable

surface and believe it or not they do

not consider sheetrock as being a

washable surface even if you have the

sheetrock pan with semi gloss paint that

you know if you went to the building

part you got to commit for this and you

wanted this all signed off they're not

going to office so you got to know these

things upfront got to read the plans

make sure you understand what the

requirements are when you get your

permit especially if you have to expect

to come out or whatever make sure that

you do this right because if you do

thing and you install everything and get

the grab bars on there you've got your

floor down and your your baseboard all

that and they come out here and you

don't have paneling on here like Mar

like paneling or FRP paneling which is

the only have come up 48 inches from the

ground up 48 inches okay you have to

have that on this wall here and you have

to have it on your back wall be on the

toilet case you don't have to you don't

have to wrap a paneling all the way

around this bathroom let's say and they

say oh my word I've got to go over here

I've got to go behind the sink I have to

go over here this other wall and behind

this door cheese that sounds like a lot

of work how am I going to finish it up

against this trim all that no you don't

have to at least the last time I checked

you only have to do this side wall you

have to do this side wall that this wall

was really super long you only have to

be out of certain amount in front of the

toilet okay and on the side like this

side you know I'm going to make it like

like three feet or so check your local

APA requirements on that but you've got

to have washable Marley handling this

comes in four by eight sheets that's

considered washable and and per code

also FRP that's fiberglass reinforced

paneling it comes in four by eight

sheets it has a nice little trim on it

you glue it to the wall and all that

here's another thing that you have to do