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okay so I'm guessing this is you you

love watching movies and TV shows and

get connected to all these beautiful

storylines and complex characters you

see your favorite stars on Billboard's

walking the red carpet and even getting

interviews you think to yourself hey

that could be me I could get really

famous make a lot of money and all I

have to do is act I could do that hey

sorry to burst your bubble but acting is

way more than just movie premieres a

whole bunch of Fame and having your face

on Google and everybody knowing your

name that is nothing like what it

actually is I thought oh my gosh

I'm gonna book a TV show and I'm gonna

be everywhere and people are gonna stop

you on the street wanting a picture with

me know that is probably gonna did you

like 10 or 20 years when you put into

work it is difficult it's time-consuming

it's heartbreaking it's expensive very

expensive it's emotionally draining all

those things are worth it if you if you

are like me we will love acting keep

watching this video I have some really

really good advice on how to just jump

in the industry based on my personal

experience I do have experience guys you

can google my name the cable Isaak I

should pop up on Google's site yeah keep

watching if you're interested


hey guys potato sack it's been like 30

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pressure to it I still get comments

today I got you with this video I got

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what do I say first oh okay first I'm

gonna tell you guys how I got into

acting so it all started in a win little

Mikayla wanted to be an actress when she

started watching Hannah Montana I would

stand in front of the TV and literally

like stand in front of Hannah Montana

and pretend I was talking to Jackson or

something I even had the Hannah Montana

wig okay so in elementary school we had

at The Wizard of Oz play I got the part

of Dorothy and I instantly fell in love

with acting and I just wanted to do it

so I begged my parents I was like mom

can you get me an agent can you get me

can you get me a name i nagged them so

much that they finally were like okay

we'll take you to a class so my mom took

me to a workshop a week-long workshop at

the end of the week they would have a

big performance showcasing what you did

throughout the week for agents and

managers how'd all the agents and

managers come in and I did my

performance and one of them really liked

me they wanted me to go to their office

you know read a monologue for them I did

they assigned me and now I'm with a

talent which is really really cool and I

also have a manager but math is a little

bit of my journey I'm not trying to get

too in-depth with it right now I'm gonna

share with you how you can start your

journey and how you can get an 80 you

can get a manager of all that so right


I want you to make sure your going to

classes go to classes make sure you like

acting make sure you like memorizing

lines make sure you know how to break

down a script make sure you know how to

say the lines right so it has sort of

musicality to it you need to learn about

pacing you have to go to classes tour to

learn all this stuff

I get audition maybe I'll get one like 8

o'clock at night I have to learn it and

auditions at 12 o'clock in the afternoon

tomorrow so I have to learn it in a few

hours and perform it the next day you

really have to go to classes to learn

how to build that muscle and

instinctively know how to break down a

script and know the right way to say it

it comes with experience and it comes

with being in the business a long time

I'm still working on it I still have a

long way to go see if you can handle you

know finding the scripts subtext pacing

memorizing lines all well nervously

standing in front of a camera and you

know like 40 people judging you you have

to get comfortable with that over time

it'll get easier just gotta stick with

it and keep going here's an example of

someone who needs classes and you can

definitely tell by their self tape it's

not my fault but as you can see there's

really no facial expressions that are

being put into this performance it's

kind of dull on the face you know you

want it to be a little exciting the

voice is good there's a lot of colors

and you know different levels to it so

that's good but you know it doesn't seem

natural or believable so she definitely

needs to go to classes but hey look at

that faith I have some acting teachers

that I've gone to that I will recommend

to you one of them is Marty Cooper

School of Acting you want to like work

on your drama skills she's so good for

that really good if you're starting out

she teaches you how to break down

scripts do all this really cool set for

comedy actors comedy studio which is how

I got my agent from one of their

workshops if you want to get into improv

which is another style of like comedy or

just building that you know instinctive

muscle it makes for quick thinking go to

The Groundlings Improv Theater and this

number they have teen workshops and teen

weekly classes it's really really fun

definitely check out those three you

need representation an agent or a

manager don't worry if you live not in

LA if you live in New York like the self

in Atlanta even in Canada they have

agents out there people are starting to

film outside of LA because it's cheaper

like for example if it's for Mercedes

when we filmed in South Carolina they do

cast locally there's different places to

get agents from it's also really tough

if you're not based in LA because a lot

of auditions take place in LA most

agents do want you to be in the area and

they do want you based in LA so that can

be a problem for some people but that's

totally fine because there are other

alternatives which is self taping which

I will get into later yeah

so you can look at different schools

that offer manager and agent show cases

where you perform in front of them you

can call an agent or manager and be like

hey I'm inquiring about having you

represent me can I come into your office

and can we meet see if you like them

also make sure that they're not sketchy

and make sure you don't have to pay just

to see them or sign with them make some

calls and try to represent it

some people do self submit for like

commercials I'll insert something here

I'll ask my mom but you can do that you

can get auditions from submitting that's

a good way to build your resume

now we're gonna get into Oh

alright this one pretty sure everybody's

interested in this one is about

auditioning so many people ask me about

audition and when I am on YouTube and

when I look up the things I say going to

an a Disney audition and when there's

like 50 million girls there they're all

standing outside the building with

numbers I'm like honey that is not a

real Disney audition that is a cattle

call that is like the stuff you hear on

the radio it's just like audition for

Disney no that stuff's not real I've

also heard people say they have to pay

to audition for things or even pay to go

to a callback that should never be the

case your talent is payment enough never

pay to audition for anything okay that's

not like legit your agent and your

manager find roles for you that are for

your age group oh you know we're casting

we need a 15 year old girl we need her

african-american or all ethnicities

leader to read for this is your client

available so your agents like hey yeah

we found this it's for a 15 year old

african-american are you interested in

this so I'll get the email and be like

okay okay it'll be a breakdown of the

show breakdown at the character maybe a

little bit of the storyline and then the

script sides and I'll read over a

million yeah I'm interested in this role

I'm interested in going in so I prepare

the sides and I go in for the audition

when you go to auditions bring your

headshot and your resume

always have that on hand even if they

don't need it always be prepared so

you're gonna read for the part and

they'll be like alright great thank you

very much you bleep then you're riding

on hope you wait and wait and wait and

could be a week probably at the latest

it could be like three days before you

hear anything you don't just hear

instantly in the room you got the part

there's multiple steps and getting apart

and it depends on how big the role is if

you're going out for a series regular

role you're gonna have your first call

or those ton of girls they might even

you know nationwide search where they

have people sending itself tapes that

people coming into their office and so

that's the first read and then they're

like okay we have a few we like they

pull it out of that group and they're

like okay you're going to call back so

that smaller group of girls goes into

the callback with usually the casting


maybe a producer or you know somebody

big like a writer or something like that

just like two or three people there and

so then they read and then they're like

okay we like these ones so then they

send those ones maybe to another call

with like a chemistry read where you're

in front of director producers executive

producers a whole bunch of people that

want to see you read for the role if you

get past that stage where hey we like

these two or we like these three then

you go to a screen test and then they

figure out who they want premiere every

you know process is different for every

project you get better at auditioning as

you keep doing it self taping is really

good if you do not live in LA or you are

not based where they are casting the

role I get a lot of self tapes even

though I live in LA and they'll be like

hey they want you to sell the tape can

you do that I'll get the script I'll

read it and I'll be like alright let's

tape it so I just use this camera I have

a ring light and we just tape it it's so

easy if you do it as many times as you

want and just send it in a lot less

stress I even booked

mr. Mercedes on a self tape which is a

show that I'm recurring on as of now

it's an ATT audience Network show really

really good just check them out on

instagram at mr. Mercedes TV

I'm gonna answer a few questions that I

usually get about acting can you be an

acting if you're not based in LA yes you


she's gonna be a little harder how much

is it to get headshots my first head

shots were taken by fly girl photography

my current headshots are from Michael

damn Rosa they do get a little expensive

you can even take them in yourself I

know it's worked for some people if I'm

going out on a comedy audition where I

need to be bright and airy I will take

this headshot and if I'm going on a

drama audition I will take this Hedgehog

you only need two types that's it don't

get like any weird ones with weird

costume you don't need that or you're

like dressed up as a nerd or something

I've seen that don't do actors make a

lot of money um I feel you can make a

ton of money if you are on a big show if

you're on a big movie a blockbuster

movie so I was on a show where they were

supposed to pay me six thousand dollars

for you know one Episode I did the show

and I get my check and I'm like wait a

minute wait a minute um what is this my

check went from $6,000 all the way down

to $1,500 now this is because if you

have an agent and a manager there is

something called Commission they get a

percentage of your check because you

know they represent you they send your

role that's why that's why and then

there's taxes oh homeboy taxes that

basically just cuts their check down

basically twenty-five percent of what it


your checks will be reduced sorry break

it to you when you hit a fake show honey

and when you're on the billboards on a

movie screen you will be making big

bucks what should you bring to audition

headshot resume grits always have your

lines memorized if you don't then you're

gonna be a little less confident when I

know my line I am so confident in that

room always know your lines and the

other person's lines so that you have

your pacing as well if you have any more

acting questions leave them down below

DM me on Instagram I will answer them

for you and if I get enough questions

about this then I will make a part two

yes that is my video and I hope you guys

enjoyed it I love you guys and what the


almost have 6,000 subscribers oh look we

already hit it oh my god

I hope you took something from this

video that was helpful we'll talk to you

guys later with another video and peace

out you know no no no no we are not

doing this basic get out love you love

you guys and I'm gonna film more videos

I promise I've just been really really

busy whoa Oh God thanks guys so bright I

hope I was an overexposed for that's