Acting Advice : How to Get in Hollywood

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hi I'm Richard Rifkin we're here in

Budapest Hungary at the Merlin Theatre

and we're going to talk about how to get

into the Hollywood business okay I'm a

professional actor I've been in the

business for many many years I think I

know how but really it's most important

that you figure out how let's say you

want to come to Hollywood n't be an

actor you need experience you need to

have done some theater television

possibly some motion pictures and get a

resume together

what's a resume well it looks something

like this and it tells about you how to

contact you what films you've done what

experience you have what extra

activities you can do you probably would

need a headshot because the casting

directors people in Hollywood have to

know what you look like what you can

play things like this know that's

important you'd have to get an agent

find yourself an agent that can start to

send you out on casting calls you can

find that in local papers or if you go

to the internet you can probably find a

list of agents for any major city so do

that for yourself what if you what if

you're not exactly an actor but you can

do great crazy voices well you could

become a voiceover actor and then you

would need either well nowadays you

probably need a CD you wouldn't be using

a tape anymore but you have a tape or a

CD with the voices you do on mine I have

things like commercials I've done

cartoon voices character voices so that

can also be helpful to you and then

there are agents just for that

voice-over agents so you can become a

voiceover actor now if you have no

experience really there's still a chance

for you that is the role of the extra or

also known as atmosphere the background

people you can do that not so difficult

it'd be just like me sitting here and

the movie stars over here and I'm just

sitting here watching in the cinema but

everything else is happening with the

people here but you need people to fill

up the cinema or a restaurant or a

crowded scene outside so extras you get

to work long hours little pay compared

to the movie stars but you still get to

sort of rub elbows with the celebrities

and you get to learn a lot so if you

want to be an actor

you're getting a lot of experience being

on the set being on location so the

extra is a good way to go and they have

extra unions and things like that in Los

Angeles and New York and throughout the

United States you can find things like

this so check out the extra situation if

you're not ready to really go in there

and be a professional actor anyway good

luck on all this and hopefully we'll see

you in the movies