How to get a FULL TIME National Guard Job - TIPS for AGR

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all right you guys are probably

wondering like how do you even get these

jobs like how does it work so I have

really worked my butt off for the last

seven years of my military career to be

able to get one of these AGR drugs so

the first thing that I really feel like

like you need to consider doing if you

want to get an AGR job is yeah you can

apply and bid on these positions but you

really need to consider doing an a Doss

position and that's another form of a

full-time position with the guard only

its temporary I would consider doing it

just to kind of get your foot in the

door it also helps with another thing

that I think you should do which is

networking you really want to make sure

you're talking to his map you really

want to make sure you're talking to as

many people as humanly possible so that

way you're you become known people see

you working in a temporary position and

automatically are like dang like this

this person's doing more than just their

one weekend out of the month this is

also how you can gain my mentorships if

there's someone who's willing to mentor

you I had multiple mentors from being on

a dass positions and they really helped

to like lead me on the right path to

know what I should be doing for my

military career you also need to make

sure that you understand the boarding

process there's a whole regulation that

covers the boarding process and if you

don't know how to do that it's very

going to be very difficult for you to

get a job because there's a specific way

it's not like a regular interview you

actually have to go to a board to get

these jobs I also would recommend making

sure that you have your application your

packet they call it a packet I would

make sure that you have someone checked

over that especially someone who's like

a seasoned a seasoned AGR soldier

someone who

knows what they're doing talk to your s1

they normally know what they're doing

that's like HR in the military if you

don't know that and the they will help

you to make sure you're getting all the

right documents you want to make sure

you're following the job posting to a

tee it'll have like a list of documents

and like there's so many mistakes that

happen with those packets like not

including the right documentation are

the most updated pqrs like there's just

so many things that you could

potentially mess up so I checked over my

packet like eighty thousand times and I

gave it to other people to check over

before automatically assuming that it

was good and it would go through I think

I submitted like three different packets

where they got kicked out just because

of stupid little mistakes that I have

missed I also think it's smart for you

to volunteer for outside organizations

this is really going to help you

especially organizations like I've

talked about Angus the enlisted National

Guard Association organizations like

that are where other members of the

guard go and communicate and network

with each other on a civilian level and

that is how you're really going to get

your name out there another big thing

that I did is I would even if I wasn't

on a toss orders I would go into the

armory when I didn't have drill weekend

like during the week if I had a day off

of my civilian job I would go into the

armory and just like chitchat with the

people who did work full-time and I'd

ask them if they needed help I remember

like a bunch of times I like help to

move boxes which like technically isn't

you're not supposed to do that because

if you get hurt you're not on orders

it's a very fine line but even just

going in and talking to them and just

showing them that you

care about the military being there more

than just one week in the month I don't

know how many times I didn't even work

full-time for the guard and people would

think that I did just because I was at

the Armory almost every day when I

didn't have a job two more things that I

really highly recommend that you do and

the next one is so important I did not

realize how important this was until

honestly like last year I'm a very like

clean person when it comes to social

media I know exactly what I can and

cannot post I do not post anything that

I feel like is negative about myself nor

do I feel like I conduct myself in a way

that would cause my state to look bad or

my unit or anything like that and there

were still things on my social media

accounts that were looked at when it

came to jobs that they were not okay

with which was shocking I honestly I had

like a week of my life where I honestly

cried because I was shocked that I was

being judged like that for something so

insignificant like I'm just gonna go

ahead and say it but I'm 27 years old I

also own my own home I pay for my own

vehicle and I I pay for everything

myself I have student loans that I pay I

do all of these things I have great and

I don't have kids but I have two dogs

that I take care of as well as two cats

like I'm doing the damn thing and

because I curse on my social media

because I am brutally honest on my

social media I'm brutally honest when it

comes to my YouTube channel and the

is I if I'm having an alcoholic beverage

I'm not afraid to show that because I am

27 years old I'm a grown-ass adult and I

can drink a drink at a restaurant if I

want to I can drink a drink at a club if

I want to let's not not forget to

mention that I live in Kansas so it's

not like I'm in Miami partying until

5:00 a.m. you know what I mean like

clubs close here at 2:00 and I'm the

first person to leave like I'm the girl

yawning at the club so that being said I

was heavily scrutinized for my youtube

channel and if you have been here for a

while you would know that there are a

lot of videos that are no longer not

active but no longer visible to the

public on my channel and that is because

I had when I started really bidding on

AG are jobs I had my mentors and people

that I trusted coming to me telling me

like well I heard from this person in

this person that there is just

questionable things on your YouTube

channel and I was like boy like I would

never I would never do anything to

jeopardize myself my family my career

the military like I am such a patriotic

person so that was like it really hurt

me because this is a hobby to me

so I feel like you can tell in a lot of

my videos that I strategically picked

the way I talk about certain things and

do certain things and that is simply

because I have made it into the AG art

world and it was hard for me to get in

because of the following that I have on

this platform the rest of my social

media is like fine like my Facebook is

only for my military

and my family my Instagram is obviously

for you guys I don't post anything like

I'm not out here like posted porn on on

there you know what I mean like I I just

really really want to emphasize the

point that it is almost better for you

if you're going to apply for one of

these jobs especially if it's not at the

unit level I wouldn't even be on social

media when I applied for the job that I

have now I'm fairly certain I have my

facebook completely deactivated not and

and I'm not I'm not I'm not a bad person

like and I don't post

I don't even post anything like

politically driven or anything because I

don't want people to perceive me the

wrong way so it really stinks because I

am one of those people that I'm like oh

I don't have to cracks what anybody

wants to say about me think about me do

whatever you want to do about me but if

this messin was my money then I have to

be I have to be cautious of that so if

you're out here getting wild get crazy

get a while like if you're out here on

any social media doing like they will

find you and and yes you may be applying

for a job at like the lowest level but

the people that are looking at your

packet and looking at you as a person

are at a very high like a higher level

and people talk like that's one of the

biggest things like in the National

Guard is like everybody people no more

about me than I know about me and

that's just me keeping it real so we're

gonna get off we gotta get off this

topic because you know that's a video

for after your girls retired you know


we move it on the last recommendation

that I have for you guys is to be

yourself for yourself be confident in

yourself when you walk into that board

life do you will like do your thing

be respectful can I get can I get some

focus up in here do you make sure that

when you walk in there you have the

confidence to like this is why I'm here

this is what I will give you this is

what I can bring to the table like y'all

cannot sit at the table without me at it

because I bring something that's so

great that you need it in order to sit

down like make sure you go in there

don't be too cocky you know like don't

act like you know everything because

clearly you knew but make sure that you

own it when you go in there to that ward

and and smash that thing so that's

really all I have to say just remember

AGR is the best-kept secret in the

freakin military whoo like why would you

not want the benefits of an active-duty

soldier as a National Guard or reserve

soldier I get all the same benefits and

I still live 20 minutes away from my

parents like I still live at home

anyways I'm bout to go this video is

long long long long and don't forget

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