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now Buster friends welcome to my channel

biology bite and today we are going to

see for effective steps to fight

laziness we have severe on the genius

physicist initial force Nobel laureate

in science or yet half uncut daily


sorry past budget sorry five budget

extremely now manipura search Institute

Makaha geodetic and used to work all day

even on Sundays every week since

discipline and his hard work was the

reason for success likewise how many

success chair yoga we all want to be

successful but I was given a bigger

puzzle because we are lazy so how to

fight this laziness all right friends so

according to my research 93% of engines

are cheaper price cut holes of

organizational orphans year but abdomen

eg keyboard is out cited for high

kinetic time D hung low buzz for dinner

then return to oversee subculture

machines for a few minutes can you see

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class and build quality boxes article in

Victoria Watson saga intelligent a avoid

dummy super geniuses but its message ho

TC bada use my art is other manners

people that is hard work beats talent

when talent does not work hard for SNES

your partner and each other by NECA

mentos contest but we just can't start

to study by finish up our series and

then sells out fears fears does

Hamidullah cracks technique on time

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volume to lazy ass the reason does evoke

ahead the Chilean friends hasta video

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Stocki Emporium once a produces without

laziness effectively for high


let's fight laziness with these poor

effective tip tip number one just do it

tip number two 2-minute mantra tip

number three and the most important and

the most scientific term is that I found

up to doing a lot of research is the

plus C voice egg and tip number four the

chain technique can ask video men on

world world to silica such as and

difficulty daily routine some sub quiz

discuss carnevale hair is going to be a

really exciting video so when I saw my

device let's get started tip number one

just do it

French hon lazy dog now lahrman animate

dumb mahi routine but with Lancope for

local news study schedule COPO local

name is carlo divita residence so just

like a mile is your option so checking

me today by Josh Cornett so just a

budget and so hota yeah also saira grass

parchment or squash red bastards fight

but I will study shadow punch Mesbah

guess which ship and Raja

hmm so sorry phenomenal daughter under

study after parchment is thus made

contaminate Celtic at this forest in

bachata and you actually never start

studying this has to stop if you want to

fight laitanan you fire does metrical

exam broke nothing I'll be rooting

against it you have to force yourself

just force yourself to sit on your study

space or be wherever you have to beach

then use when you want to study and just

start reading Java cup or negative for

joy so you pass just make the chocolate

gum cuz I'm burning up deposits

miniature chocolate uncle Nicholas it

easy method Abu Master Hung John engage

tip number 2 may tip number two the two

minutes mantra don't mail it me just

imagine will Tianna exam messy so you

don't need mantra Jota can OFN so money

G occupy condemn property problem who

you bought the religion is for you you

just can't start studying after a term

on account of Copenhagen Taha

coquettishness of coach Joe is

funny Adobe chapter 4 9 OS charm is a

coil 8 sh is religious difficult name

about two-minute closing note in example

register after dosing formula is a

student go team is my job go muslim it

ah be naruki just go for it studied that

train for two minutes is secure Ghana

after Munya jaga here the dome in Akita

boxes which of us dominated open an or

up actually foreign made bad finds or

such a difficult chilly out here

starting study is the more difficult in

saga happy approaching you but will

dominate ripen that you will be able to

start serving as the famous American

author Mark Twain has said the secret of

getting ahead is getting started if I

got up early bad gentle spirit - we have

commented I McCarney logica all my

images it was centered on occupied a

comment not a determinate Jabbar's G so

what you've ollied - may try trick it go

by or repeat curly tell you again for 2

mins then again for 2 minutes I'm sure

you will do it okay so you go to page a

johnnycake if I start guessin two minute

a a be 8 by PI starts could be how to

continue to study without stopping and

getting both so shall you get it a

marine next shipment tip number three

the placebo effect okay so Boyd Boyd to

me what your American soldiers Kyle over

them or junior Kyle so just you look at

that company genome quake potential a

desert of morphine Roger it is Georgia

so just two cues make high do it is here

push time by doing morphine topangela

Sabo hot ammonia have you dr. Gottman

regarding our most incredible Gabon

soldiers who charging young cadets

company Guinea so in message American

doctor tough with kanata Henry Beecher

whose Nevada journalist allied signed

your cake mixture of the water and salt

Womack units aligned you do instead of

the pain children morphine or just nacho

gels or lady also look about any judge

that you have to morphine he bi jahi up

for simple just align the onion and

actually make a pencil and then he and

yes open a bar together simply back to

you he's oblivious autistic erm Condor

to community over salon Jensen County

because Eskimos a surprising barge a

porosity reaction agent soldiers for

signs Vyasa Logan Ebola for soldiers in

Valachi huh actionable dirt could my

watch must be both surprise you Bharti

GSHS or success by which time bars which

research Carnegie body for cetera yeah

actually my Joe home of Librium is

poached in it has effects on our body

and our action all soldiers a so choc

unit painkillers via jalaja if you would

so janae it affected their body and they

actually couldn't feel the pain yo yo yo

Tetris hemolysis be aware of stylistic

negative image

channeling your searching educational

system as many purposes many of the time

going to lose to your body will also

have a reaction to what you're thinking

laughter could yaki body- - if you have

got money in a car kappa yo you

have to have a positive mental attitude

to get up and study to get rid of this

laziness so it's positive mental

attitude ka a pitch is concise change

about the cheer copla acid test prep

religious Nappanee latest best scores

young cody has a disability for

sub-sahara massacre justice man

autoscopic study space male r-rahim we

are give a quiz specific study space

inning is over

papers were permanent at it of me passes

me or JD knock upon a comment now edge

of you feel huge aboard borodai homage

about lazy theory I should stop study Oh

paper big here is the door children

telling it aqua energy melody of

Kendrick positive energy I get AB

Corrigan he'll make us become I can do

it or session cheese we will have a

target this was my best for I have to

beat this so you should use this the c-4

technique you continue to study without

stopping or getting both after

elephant's eye doesn't video keep such a

important if pace yogi man a master

blaster Sachin Tendulkar keep aquatic

introduce of an is joshimuz our Africa

to mandate feeding for speedy our little

spices Nintendo curse so tip number four

is that Shane technique ok just search

intend the weaker

Chile is your practice carnivals the

most important thing for a bit

interactive come this mechanism he has

even mentioned this in his book playing

it my way or a kendama sort of

combination bola rocky when you versus

room 813 10 boogers 34 admitted miss now

the practice cover art my DIY budget of

batting practice cut sittin in a hotel

room Yuri chase our koukin - up for a

quid win / I come in a corner I was

holding a even apply from this knuckle

knuckle leaves in it regeneration okay

press for laziness a rich relation happy

overall husband for high cotton so it

will become your habit or just which is

out to have big band jazz pianist Cosco

car negative Quezada a short nail and on

of the song just our gesture you will

not have to put in a lot of mental

effort be not you should be cut your

fine is bad fine but if it is properly

habit van on thi the koi which is not

just studying it message body

effectiveness both Eliza Shan technique

on exchange at misma cosa are just in

different colleges

what is input high quality of necessary

just enough for Joe goes the chicken it

up nails energy create some of those

dangers are mystical again it page of

paper biopic is calendar just it next

day if you study again and achieve your

study goals again prophetic use it

Muslim just in their particular or the

next o'clock occasion or just enough na


yes you say now achieve novel Bible

study Boone who's the lucky guy across a

make human tendency of the idea amount

of money that you just take Molly chain

in one take after the on every day when

I finished studying district religion to

to me nature here with of course Yamaha

man under together so it will maintain

this change you will study every day if

psychological factor be a chance to this

was not a paragraph is for could try

currently you will believe it involve

tip while exchange who continue connect

it chuckle me you will study as reading

abroad by cutting you to maintain this

beautiful shinning so-called Oh chip

number for the chain technique to study

every day and negative habit all right

friends will Chris video cachet kind of

mud goo Yaga talk email or se awesome

videos versus a girl unsub gili by

viruses and best of luck drawn biology