10 Practical Ways to Get Involved in Politics

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who election 2015 seems to have been

especially inspirational I remember had

so many people ask me so often how to

get involved in politics is Donald Trump

was elected the next president of the

United States this video I want to give

you 10 practical ways to get involved in

politics that don't include voting or

writing letters or making phone calls to

your representatives I am NOT a big fan

of the letters and phone calls to

Representatives I can't imagine what

good it was you to write a letter to run

Hall and say please be able to ink

because it doesn't happen and just like

the corporate welfare loving senator is

not going to listen to you if you write

a letter and say I eat corporate welfare

they'll say I know who paid my bills

some say they listen I feel like it's

more important on a local level if you

want to talk about letters and phone

calls representative I would keep those

two my City Council members people who

are closer to your hometown in general

you would get more bang for your buck

I try to influence public sentiment as

Abraham Lincoln said public sentiment is

everything without it nothing can fail

against it nothing can succeed people

will look at a politician and things of

that person has power or they themselves

feel powerless if you look at the

example of say Martin Luther King jr. in

the political realm and we made huge

political changes but having never

assumed an elected office conviction and

ideas are powerful there are lots of

different avenues for influence and

that's what I want to share with you is

what ways can you use to gain influence

in the areas that you are passionate

about the first one is just kind of a

gimme but I'm surprised at how few

people put their money where their mouth

is even small contributions so donate to

organizations and candidates you support

I give for instance ten dollars on the

reason foundation I appreciate what they

do so I give them ten bucks a month

addition to the magazine subscriptions

that I have for myself and give to other

people because I like to spread the good

news your civil liberties letter you

could donate to the ACLU and then of

course candidates who support your

issues adopted candidate and even if you

start small if you just take off a

bite-sized piece that's the key so

number two alongside with donating to

organizations and candidates that you

support you can also volunteer your time

and talents to organizations and

candidates that you support and this has

the added benefit of giving you

locational experience and networking you

with other like-minded people the third

thing I would suggest is that there are

ways to gain influence that are going on

all around us

so there are protests for instance there

is a protest planned during it Donald

Trump inauguration speech at four

minutes and 20 seconds into his

inauguration station now you probably

know what I'm going to say those are the

people are going to light up marijuana

on the mall lawn as a protest against

his attorney general nominee Jeff

Sessions who said that good people don't

smoke marijuana you can also write

letters to the editor if you're a

persuasive writer use that to your


client publications printing articles on

your subject because then it's timely

and then you can respond with two of

those and and thereby be printed

something that you can also do people

are kind of surprised to find that you

could do this is hold a press conference

you do not need any particular

credentials of course it helped to have

credentials so if you have credentials

that you can use to bolster your

platform then by all means use it but

anyone can hold a press conference we're

ambitious but you just google for a list

of media contacts you write a press

release you can google how to do that

you shoot out your press release tell me

context somebody's always looking for

news you schedule it with a date and a

time you can reserve the press room

the Capitals or wherever else you choose

to have your press conference so you

pick your time in your place and that's

the person your press release and you

give them quotes in the press release

because sometimes they will act on a

press release alone but you can have a

press conference accompanying as well

and you can take turns you know have a

few people speak and then get coverage

for your issue social media there's a

reason that there are page rolls because

social media is more effective than you

might realize in reaching people what

happens in social media matters let me

look at all the people who've become

started on YouTube if there's issues

that you're passionate about and you

were doing research on them disseminate

that information help your friends and

family and give them the information

that you find they say know are making

stuff and ideas whose time has come and

those ideas spread from person to person

and of course you can make friends with

other people who are also activists who

care about what you care about and so

now you're not working with other people

you're getting more information for the

causes that you care about so that's a

good way for you to get more information

and then disseminate it to people that

you care about I've heard a lot of

people criticize using social media for

politics can't just make a sweeping

statement those issues that you're

passionate about you have every right to

share your passion with your friends and

obviously if you become a pyramid scheme

type marketer and you don't shut up

about your one thing then you're

probably going to get unfriended and

probably going to make some people mad

hopefully you do it with savvy you are

emotionally intelligent that are going

on the attack bring attention to what

you support along with that social media

reaching your friends and family you get

your friends and family involved so if

there's something that you care about

and you know your friends and also care

about that issue or your family my first

campaign that I volunteered on I got my

grandparents involved with me so the

three of us my grandma grandpa and I we

campaigns together and we had a good

time it was a fun thing to do together

and it was

memory you can say I'm helping install

your in science for this candidate who I

believe you would support because and

you tell them why give them the day and

time and then you get food together and

make it fun number eight you can attend

meeting school your local party offices

find out when your meetings are there

fresh local operating units a BPO you

where you find out where you can go and

when to attend meetings that concern

either your local government or the

election year issues they're always

means going on either with City Council

or with your local political parties but

you will be inclined to find them if you

google those issues that you care about

or parties that you would tend to

support find them and call them and ask

what you can participate in and then you

can learn how to caucus I've also done

videos on that but there are any number

of meetings that you could participate

in and you could become a party officer

you could gain influence that way or you

could just simply participate and vote

and leave but you would walk away better

informed about the process and better

informed about issues and you would also

meet people I'm number nine simply

signing petitions so you could go online

you can search your issues and add your

name to those issues be one of the many

ants carrying that law of showing

support always try to find people that

also stand with you final thing I would

suggest would be to run for office

you're able to draw attention to the

causes that you care about when you run

for office you share your issues so in a

debate or in questionnaires you are able

to influence the discussion because

people want to know what you think when

you run so whether you win or you lose

you're still able to get your ideas out

there and so it's a platform of sorts

just running for office in itself

without even getting elected is a

platform look at someone like Bernie

Sanders wasn't the nominee even Ron Paul

who he didn't win the presidency but his

ideas have spread to lots of people we

want things to turn around we need

politicians to know

they will be accountable that we won't

support them if they asked contrary to

their words if you just take off a

bite-sized piece that's the key because

politics is often a recipe for ever not

want to see the change and so a lot of

times people bring themselves out so

they start huge and that makes it allows

and they never want to be involved again

so don't do that

I hope that was practical and helpful if

you have any questions please leave them

below thanks for watching