How To Live An Active Lifestyle - Ways To Be More Active

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how to be more active number one start a

walking program start out by committing

yourself to walking for 10 to 15 minutes

a day every day as this becomes easier

for you to accomplish up to time to 30

minutes a day or 15 minutes twice a day

number two make the trip from A to B

longer or more physical anytime you park

in a parking lot park further away if

possible use the stairs or anytime you

go shopping for anything walk a lap

around the store before you actually

start your shopping number three

stand or walk when you're on the phone

make a rule to yourself that phone time

is activity time by always standing or

pacing while you're on the phone number

four don't hire someone to do housework

do it yourself this is a great way to

get your body moving in different

directions and also moves your joints

through different ranges of motion

number five work in the yard mowing and

trimming the grass are great full body

movements planting a garden picking up

leaves and trash and trimming bushes and

trees are other ways to get you moving

as well number six use the alarm on your

phone as a movement alone if you're

sitting at a desk all day set the alarm

on your phone every half hour when it

rings stand up and walk around for a

couple of minutes

number seven use commercial breaks on TV

as alarms just like the alarm on your

phone when a commercial comes on stand

up walk around for the break

number eight join a lead bowling golf

softball and volleyball leagues are

always being formed joining one of these

leagues is a great way to increase your

physical movement and also increase your

engagement with other people number nine

go to a group class yoga zumba step

class group classes are fun hold your

body in various directions ranges

emotions and also provide a great way to

be more socially active number 10 plan

physical activity on weekends and

vacations weekends and vacations are for

getting away from the everyday grind of

life but they don't have to be spent

sitting doing nothing taking a hike or

even going to an amusement park are

great ways to spend time moving your

body and having fun at the same time

folks have you sit down and really think

about ways you can create more physical

movement in your life you should be able

to come up with a pretty good list

so get out there and move more