10 Exercises That'll Make You Smarter In a Week

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ten exercises that will make you smarter

in a week oh ho I've been waiting my

whole life for this we all work out hard

at the gym now and then but how often do

we train our brain yes you should

exercise it as well

exercises games and even meditation can

help you with that try them now and add

this video to your favorites to make

them a part of your daily routine you'll

see the first result in a week and then

we'll work even better if you keep

working out for a month coming down from

number ten enriching your vocabulary a

rich vocabulary is a sign of a smart

person isn't it

reading books is an obvious way to

become smarter however not all of us

honestly have time for that these days

here's a solution this one-minute

exercise will help you find new ways of

saying beautiful and comfortable look

around now describe the first object

that caught your eye that pen on your

desk for example can you come up with

five or six different descriptions of it

you have 30 seconds for the task


now was it hard if you felt like the

words you need were right at the tip of

your tongue but did not come out here's

what you can do pause this video for a

couple of minutes and consult an online

thesaurus write down all the synonyms

you need there you go as you go back to

this exercise just pick another object

next to you you will see that this task

will get easier every time you try it

and your vocab will grow number 9

visualizing time for some memory

training it is an essential part of any

brain workout can you quickly memorize

the words you see on your screen top

model ocean Sun Hat dog sandwich hmm

5 seconds was not enough what if we try

to connect these words logically a top

model was having a photo shoot by the

ocean the wind blew her son hat off but

the dog saved it and was rewarded with a

sandwich now play this image in your

mind can you remember the words in their

original order now I bet you can we have

a few more word sets for you to practice

as you go back to this video

date spaghetti sad vegetarian surprise

policeman tourist graffiti museum 5

cruise octopus fireworks heels bandage

school Hamlet

wig disaster joke number eight chunking

here's another memory boosting exercise

he can never do too many of these right

how good are you at memorizing numbers

let's try this one five one seven four

nine eight seven two three one wait

keep it on hmm I think it was 56

something something eight I give up if

you feel that this one as well it's not

a reason to panic your brain just handle

short-term memories of no importance to

you this way it lets go of them real

quick keeping them for no longer than 30

seconds and it only keeps a maximum of

five items in there the 10 digit number

you've just seen was useless to you but

what if it was some data at work you

only need four now so it's important but

not important enough to keep it for a

long term checking the same numbers you

need for your report a million times can

get annoying the good news is you can

train your short-term memory easily

let's just split the number into

sections you've got five seconds to

memorize it five one seven four nine

eight seven two three one and now enjoy

this cute cat photo for another five

seconds to let the numbers sync yet ah

time to check the numbers can you

remember all the ten digits now I

believe you can try it with your social

security or credit card number or the

numbers from your phone book keep

chunking to boost your short-term memory

number seven memory shortcuts there are

some pieces of information we'd better

remember for good important historical

moments countries and capitals u.s.

presidents can you name the first 16 of

them Washington definitely and then it

was Jefferson or Madison I can't tell

you but I can definitely tell you that

Washington's army jogged many miles and

jog very hard to Philadelphia to find

pretty British ladies makes no sense oh

yes it does here is a list of the first

American presidents by the last name

Washington Adams Jefferson madison

monroe Quincy Adams Jackson Van Buren

Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor Fillmore

Pierce Buchanan Lincoln so if you

memorize this line remembering the

presidents will be way easier you can

try using nanami devices those lines

with a hidden meaning to keep other

information in mind as well

number six reaction game now that you've

trained your memory it's time for a

reaction exercise you will see different

shapes appear on the screen your task is

to clap every time you see a circle

we'll start with a slow easy sequence

and then go faster and faster ready

let's go


this one was easy but how about we take

it one level up let's do it faster


and now level three to top it you will

see quickly moving images of different


you should only clap when you see blue

circles got it go


that was hard well practice makes

perfect and it will get easier as you

keep trying

number five pocket reading have you ever

tried neuro bik's well I've tried being

erotic but it's not as much fun now

no robux you're about to do it it is a

set of exercises which are meant to

stimulate different brain areas in what

might seem like unusual ways the term

new robux was made up by dr. Katz a

professor of Neurobiology at Duke

University Medical he knows to activate

all your senses in one exercise doing

that is very good for your brain put

some coins in your pocket now without

looking inside try to understand what

coins they are feel them their size

texture and edges can tell you a lot now

see if you guessed it right number four

inventing conversations another neuro

big exercise which is also fun I promise

you will see a short mute video your

task is to improvise and invent some

lines for its characters it will be more

fun if you do it with your friends but

even doing it by yourself will stimulate

your brain and imagination


the next time you try it you can just

turn your TV on and set it on mute it

will give you enough space to improvise


number three making predictions try to

predict the outcome of something which

will be known in the next 24 hours a

sports game some event at work the

ranking of your favorite band in the

music chart it can be whatever then wait

to find out the results what's the point

of it making a prediction is a great way

of boosting your brainpower first it

takes some imagination to do it second

it will keep you intrigued and stimulate

the reward system of the brain

according to neuroscientist Judy Willis

MD if you were right you would be happy

if you were wrong you will make your

conclusions and might learn something

new number two riddles different kinds

of riddles are a great help if you want

to keep your mind sharp let's give it a

go if you take three apples from a group

of five how many apples will you have

hmm five three two the answer is three

apples you just took them yourself all

right let's try it again you can buy

eight eggs for 26 cents how many can you

buy for a cent and a quarter five

seconds to think it over


the answer is eight eggs you still have

26 sets there are seven daughters in the

family each of them has a brother how

many kids are there in the family sounds

like a big family of eight all sisters

have just one brother alright enough of

that number one building focus let's

finish our workout with some super

useful relaxation we all find it hard to

concentrate at work or school sometimes

or a bad feeling when your thoughts are

going in all the wrong directions boo

thumbs up if you can relate let's stop

with this simple meditation all you have

to do is close your eyes and breathe out

ten times without thinking of anything

that's an unusual way of getting smarter

you might say well it's all about

developing your ability to focus and

concentrate now give it a go close your

eyes and slowly count to ten


and ten so was it hard you must have had

all of those thoughts bubbling through

your mind as you repeat this exercise

you will notice how it gets easier and

easier to cut all the extras out just

you and the breathing now don't forget

to save this video to your favorites so

that you can come back to it easily if

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