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hello everyone in this one hi to article

we will learn how to do both the forward

and backward rule


one of the most common misconceptions

when doing a role is that is most

important to protect the head but this

is not the case what is most important

is to support the neck and upper back to

do a forward roll place your hands in

front of you lower the head and tuck in

your chin push your body with your legs

and roll


to do a backward roll we also need to

protect the head but using a different

approach we need to start on the floor

turn the neck to the sides tuck it in

and lift your legs over this way we rule

on our shoulder and not hurt our head or



hello everyone we're going to learn how

to do a press handstand if you have

never done a press handstand

successfully before it is advisable to

build up the strength in your arms and

wrists for this I recommend you do the

following exercises exercise one put

yourself in the push-up position and

hold yourself up for at least 10 seconds

you can also hold yourself up with your

arms behind your back exercise to

perform the handstand against the wall

so that our legs don't fall over and

upset our balance you can do this from

both the front and back as well


once we have practice with these G

exercises we can learn how to do a press

handstand snap by step raise our arms

and keep them taut we bend our front leg

to help push us up on our hands we place

our hands flat on the ground lift one

leg and with the other give ourselves a

small but firm push once we were able to

support ourselves on our hands and

maintain our balance we can practice


to improve the smoothness and speed of

our hands that you may need to increase

the strength of our leg push to join

your legs together smoothly we're going

to show you how to do a cartwheel

making your body straight and raising up

your arms secondly we set our hands down

on the ground while keeping our forward

legs straight we lift our back leg also

keeping it straight

the third step we lift our body so that

it's vertical and turn on our side now

we're going to slowly repeat the steps

in order step one step two step three

and then the last step where we return

to the starting position it's important

to first make your body vertical before

during the wheel otherwise it will be

very complicated another very important

tip is that if you've never done a

cartwheel before it's much easier to

learn by practicing the four contact

points of the ground when we put the

first hand where we place the second

hand when we place the first leg and

then the second this way you will know

each position to place your limbs making

it much easier when you actually attempt

the carpet we're learning how to do an

aerial cartwheel which is a cartwheel

performed without using your hands

to start our step-by-step guide to doing

an aerial cartwheel we will practice

some regular cartwheels with a twist

stand straight with your arms upright

take two steps forward and make sure to

put a lot of jump in your front leg by

pushing yourself from the bottom of your

feet up

you can better catch the height you need

to perform this move the next thing we

need to do for an aerial cartwheel is to

do the regular cartwheel but take your

hands away little by little to build

your confidence keep practicing until

you have enough confidence height and

speed to perform a cartwheel without

using your hands at all we can also try

it using one hand for a while to make us

feel a little more secure another trick

to try to gain confidence is to practice

landing on a level lower then when you

start ideally somewhere with a softer

landing numbness


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