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hey Patrick filler equal and today we're

going to be the rundown on the Trijicon

ACOG the advanced combat optic gun site

or ACOG is a fixed power rifle scope

originally designed for the US military

weighing in at just over a half a pound

without its mount the ACOG is available

in a variety of fixed magnification

variants from one and a half up to six

power not to mention the almost endless

amount of options for the reticle

combined with its nearly indestructible

durability the host of features on the

ACOG bring it to an MSRP of just over

$1500 and that will vary depending on

the specific model that may be a hefty

price tag for something most people

consider a bucket-list item but Trijicon

pulls out all the stops to justify the

price point three key takeaways

durability simplicity and clarity

durability the ACOG housing is made from

forged aluminum and it's pretty much

bulletproof and there's a handful of

stories of soldiers taking a K rounds to

the optic and it's still functioning so

if FN is the world's most battle-proven

rifle and the trigger con ACOG could

very well be the most battle-proven

optic in fact no other magnified optic

has been used more in combat than the

ACOG simplicity with its fixed power

magnification what you see is literally

what you get the Chevron reticle is

arguably the most intuitive reticle you

can buy and when zeroed at 100 meters

the Chevron makes ranging effortless

when holding over a target at a lengthy

distance the chevron takes the guesswork

out plus all a cogs are designed to be

used in all lighting conditions so you

can go from long range in the Sun to CQB

in the dead of night and still get the

reliable clear target acquisition you

need without any added effort on your


clarity the ACOG is dry nitrogen-filled

to eliminate fogging and five times more

waterproof than the military's

requirements which means you get clearer

precise aiming in every condition all in

all the ACOG is not likely to be the

first optic you buy once you've

experienced other optics and put the

ACOG up against them it's likely you

will put it high on your wish list see

more videos of rifle

handguns and objects assault recoil show