How to Become a CPR Instructor

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Hey guys this is Andrew Randazzo from prime medical training and today I am going to be

telling you how to become a CPR instructor.

  So there are lots of different organisations

out there that can teach CPR and that can certify you to teach CPR, but there are some

more bigger more well known ones than others.

  One of the biggest organisations, is called

the american heart association and probably nationwide, it is the most recognised and

the most sought after.

So if you are wanting to become a CPR instructor, number one, you want to pick a very reputable

organisation like the american heart association or AHA and once you figure out who you want

to go with, generally the process is usually the same, now we will stick with the AHA,

from them you are going to need to find a place that’s offering a CPR instructors

class first off and then register for that class.

  You’ll need to buy two things, you’re

going to have to buy the CPR instructor manual and you are going to have to buy the student


So depending on what kind of CPR instructor you want to be, there’s two types, in the

AHA you’ve got BLS, which is basic life support and then you have heart saver.

Now BLS is for health care providers, it’s for anybody working in the medical field,

that’s the CPR class that they need.

Heart savers is for people who don’t have a medical background but their job requires

it, like day care centre or industrial plant or something like that.

So you have two different routes that you can go.

If you become a BLS instructor, you will then also automatically be qualified to teach heart

saver classes as well and that includes, the heart saver also includes first aid.

  So you find the class, you determine what

you want to do BLS or heart saver and then you get the appropriate instructor manual

and student manual.

Then you show up to the class, usually the classes will range from one to two days and

during that time you are going to learn about the history of the organisation, what it stands

for, you are going to learn the techniques of teaching and then you are going to learn

the actual specifics digging in to the Dvd and the books and all those kind of things

and learning how to actually teach that course.

Once you are done with that, you will have to perform a class and show the instructor

that you are qualified to teach.

So generally on a separate day, you are going to come in and you are going to teach a group,

it could be one person, it could be a class of six, it doesn’t matter, you just have

to teach a class and have somebody monitoring you and checking you off saying yes, yes,

yes you’re doing it right.

So those are the steps, you find a class, determine what kind of class you are wanting

to take, get the materials, go to class one or two days and then teach a class while being

monitored, you’re set to go, the instructor certifications universally are two years and

then after that two years, you will have to renew and generally renewing means you need

to teach another class and be monitored teaching that class and usually after you teach a certain

amount of classes as well, within that two year period of time.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below, I’d love

to hear from you guys.

Again Andrew with prime medical training.