Getting Your Training Provider Accreditation Status In South Africa

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hi thank you for stopping by if we have

not met my name is Wendy and I am from

the skills Depot a training and

development company operating in

Johannesburg South Africa today I'm

covering a topic called how to get your

accreditation in South Africa as a

training provider I thought it pertinent

to cover this topic because I get a lot

of queries from interested parties about

how to go about doing the their

accreditation applications getting their

quality management systems ready and so


all that stuff that you need to have in

place to get accredited so I just

thought let me write a little blog on it

and which I put on my website

you can find the day on our blog page on

the subject exactly so I as the day was

going I thought well you know people who

some people don't go on my blog and they

are my friends on Facebook or on

LinkedIn and they are interested in

training so it would be a good thing

then to just do a little bit of a video

to introduce everyone to what

accreditation is now it goes about

saying that if you're looking to become

accredited you would be the either an

institution that is offering training or

you could be a corporate that wants to

turn or add training on to your

portfolio or one of your divisions to

become a training division or you could

be a training professional such as

myself who wants to start up their own

training company so those are the

individuals who would be interested in

getting accreditation so if you are

getting accreditation it goes without

saying that you need to do your homework

first of all because there are a lot of

people out there offering all sorts of

things and offering things that are come

in different qualities if I keep looking

on the side please forgive me it's

because I've got a little bit of a

guideline to go by because there are

certain things that I need to cover so

that I don't get distracted very easily

so you need to do your homework

otherwise you are going to fail at

getting your accreditation all your

going to pass you're going to succeed to

end at accreditation but it's going to

be at very high cost because you could

be charged anything and you could be

charged over and over again to correct

things that should have been done right

the first time around had you been more

informed so the more informed you are

the better prepared them more able you

are to navigate your way through the

accreditation system okay to help you

with the step my company offers a

breakfast sessions we call them

accreditation sessions they are

information sessions so at a very low

cost you can get in on to the the know

how's the ins and out of accreditation

or you need to have in place and it's a

it's a full breakdown of the entire

accreditation process what you need to

have in place and so on

besides that please feel free to also

approach accrediting bodies and ask them

for information although you might not

get the the kind of substance that you

are looking for because I don't know why

nobody seems to have enough information

about accreditation out there in South

Africa and the more information there is

which is why I'm doing this I feel the

more information there is the better

able you are to make decisions about

your organization and getting

accreditation is a good thing because it

opens up so much more in terms of

business opportunities that you can take

part in so it is a good thing it's just

getting the information at times can be

a headache

right now age of crediting bodies has

its own set of criteria that you're

gonna have to comply with and in South

Africa we've got different types of

awarding bodies we have uma loosing and

we then we've got the industry specific

seaters sector education training

authorities and then we've got the

Council for higher education to name a


so you have a wide choice to choose from

you have to decide what it is that what

caliber of training you want to give

first of all before you decide the time

so is it

adult education type of training is it

corporate training is it higher

education training so for example the

programs you're going to give are they

degree level

programs that you're gonna be offering

and then once you are accredited with

one of these bodies you must remember

that you are going to be getting regular

reviews or annual rehabilitation

meetings and we call those site visits

and these are to assess your compliance

are you complying with your quality

management system that they reviewed

when you applied for your status so that

is just something else to keep in mind

that whatever you going to say when you

are applying you must know that it's

something that you're going to be

keeping up going forward so it's not one

of those things you know you get people

who promise that they're going to do a B

and C and then you let it go now in this

case you once you get your accreditation

you get putting your policy your checks

so an annual basis you're going to get

it might be annual basis it could be

longer maybe two or three years but

there is going to be that check to to

see do you still qualify to be an

accredited provider it's at no cost but

it's to make sure that the system works

so the CETA or whoever you are credited

with they will have people that they

bring in verify as to Bri they bring in

to make sure that you can continue using

their accreditation license there are 27

seaters by the way in South Africa all

of which offer training providers or

those who are interested in becoming

training providers accreditation in

order to offer qualifications or skills

programs that that have a credit bearing

so important things to remember when you

are going through your accreditation

process is to check your competition I

can't stress how important this is

because you want to know what is the

competition doing and you're what you

find is that then you can pick up which

seat Azure which accrediting bodies are

the best in the industry so if you are

within the health sector for example and

this is no reflection on the health

sectors accredit a period or credit

ation bodies it's just an example let's

say you are in with it within the health

sector but you find that as you look at

your competitors most of them are

working with the service seater for the

same programs then you want to ask

questions like but why are you not going

through the health you know the health

teacher then you might find out that

there are certain niggles you know

things like ten around times and you

know I think's getting lost in the

process that you don't want to work with

so then you pick the better of the bunch

again I'm not saying that I'm using

these two organizations just for

examples it's it's not the case I'm not

saying that that is the case so you want

to find out which one do you want to go

with the most because you don't want to

to be told six months down the line that

yes your your your application is in

progress but we have a backlog you don't

want that kind of thing because six

months down the line is just too slow

and the and they do happen it's not an

example that doesn't happen I'm not

exaggerating these things do happen

it's taken me to get one registration

just not even as an organization but to

register a consultant as a registered

assessor and moderator it's taken them

seven months because a seater had a

backlog it's just unacceptable because

in the mean time you lose business so

you want to use the CETA that has the

best turnaround times and the most

efficient systems your consultant would

be another individual another person to

get to clean information from and if you

got a very good consultant they will be

looking out for your best interest not

just for the money so you need to be a

PHA and able to negotiate your way

through but also to assess a people you

know personalities you know pick up

something pick up some pointers from

people that tell them how do they have

your best interests at heart and then

even if you are going to be having a

consultant to run your facilitation

I want to recommend that you set up an

action plan to match the criteria that

your CTE or your accrediting body is

going to be imposing so it does this can

be a because you're going to have to

develop a quality

man system a quality management system

is a series of policies and procedures

and I'm going to be handling that as a

separate title later on at a later date

so but you that your quality management

system can be your starting point and

you can summarize that into bullet

points where you know that these are the

things that you need to check up on a

regular basis a weekly basis monthly

basis but you need to keep them up to

date so that come time for verification

you don't have a long way to go back to

correct things so keep them keep on on

point on all the time on a regular basis

and then I want to also advise you to

start as you mean to go so whatever you

however you I plan to do your business

start that way so set up robust robust

systems data collection processes our

paperwork qualifications teaching plans

schemes of work whatever it is that you

want to start doing focus on getting the

best quality of AD right at the

beginning so that you don't have to play

catch because when you start playing

catch then you also find that you leave

some things out so it's best to do

everything right right from the

beginning okay so that's one that's one

piece of advice and again to emphasize

on that the reason why I emphasize this

is because it can be detrimental to your

business in the long run when you start

skipping on on processes that are on

your quality management system

remember your quality management system

is a declaration you are saying when I

offer training this is how I plan to

deliver it and everything that I have

said yeah you will be able to see

evidence of when you come and visit me

say a year down the line to check that

I'm doing things well I'll be able to

give you proof so those processes and

policies they need to have actual

systems in place that you've put so do

that from the very beginning otherwise

it's all detrimental to the future of

your company and not only that when you

start you know leaving things out

clients start noticing and from the very

onset your reputation

on your clients so it's very important

to get things right right from the

beginning and then once the accrediting

body or the awarding body receives your

application and they confirm receipt of

your application you are going to be

given a date for when they're going to

come and see you because they you know

they can't just look at your stuff and

say oh okay you qualify tick and off you


because they don't know what you have

they don't even know if you've got the

place to train the people or will you be

putting them in some Shack somewhere and

and using that as a training facility

which is not conducive to proper

learning there are certain things of

assert as a training provider that you

need to have in place so that people are

best able to learn because you always

put your delegates first your learners

first then you need to create an

environment that is conducive to

learning that is what the 80 QA or the

Quality Assurance is there to find out

right now at this point there will send

you notification of a site visit and if

all the relevant criteria is is provided

within your application and these are

things that they need to see of whether

you've got the venue as I mentioned

before they need to see your quality

management system in fact not just to

see it they need to know how well versed

are you in your quality management

system that's another reason why you

need to work very closely with your

consultant because I've seen some

nightmares I have a client right now who

was who handed over there the

accreditation process to a consultant

and the consultant did I'm sorry to say

a shoddy job and now you find that there

are so many things that are fine I found

out when they are operating that have to

be rectified and this is to the

detriment of their learners who have

done training with them so now you have

to go back to the learners and say do

ABC again and it does not reflect well

to the client who is the employee

employer of these learners so you didn't

want to avoid those kind of things by

doing things right right from the

beginning and and the accrediting body

the awarding body needs to

find out do you have these things in

place do you have the qualified and

registered training stuff you don't just

pick people off the street and say train

this they need to have gone through the

proper processes and you'd need to do a

rigorous training

you know intervention when it comes to

making sure that your client and your

your your staff is up to date

besides that then you need to get

training stuff that was already

qualified that is already registered and

you still need to follow a rigorous

process to make sure that all that that

they are giving you is is relevant and

is applicable so the only way to do that

is to then go back to the accrediting

bodies or to the awarding bodies make

sure that those details are relevant

okay so this means that you are given a

role once what once that the site visit

is done you are given provisional

accreditation you're not going to be

given full accreditation right at the

beginning simply because you are telling

them now here is my application here is

my quality management system and here

are the training programs that I want to

offer so the awarding body is going to

go through these three things your

application which includes your

legislative requirements your quality

management system which is your

declaration of how you're gonna run the

training organization and your training

programs so they're going to look at

those three things and tell you once

they say everything is okay then they

give you provisional accreditation but

now remember they they've heard you

promise they have not seen you deliver

so a year later they come back and say

okay let's see what have you done and

it's not gonna be there for the only

visit by the way that you can I get from

them as you do training your programs

need to be moderated but that is just

for program moderation it's not for the

entire organization so they're going to

you're going to be applying you know

sending out invitations to the to your

to your Quality Assurance body to say

okay we ran this training can we get

a verifier in to make sure that we've

we've followed the right processes for

dispatch they sent through a verifying

you collect all that information all

those reports from the verifiers sorry

you collect them so that can end of the

year that is your proof that you've been

able to run the entire process as per

your promise on your QMS and the

verifications that have been successful

are proof that you are doing things well

so then at that point in time they will

most probably give you your full

accreditation status but even that is

for a number of years I stand corrected

I think anything between three and five

years so every three or five years

you're gonna have that big visit where

they come and say do you still qualify

and they look at everything from scratch

once again now even thinks to the point

of looking for

do you have signs outside that indicate

that you are a training organization so

all of that in fact I think I should do

a session on how to prepare for a

verification visit so that you you have

that down pat but that will depend on

the request that I get here as well so

the and the last note now you've gotten

your accreditation once you get your

credit ation make sure that you shout

your achievement of from the rooftops

make sure that you send out your

newsletters write newsletters right

place articles email your clients call

make client calls visit your existing

customers and your potential clients

tell everyone about it I would think

that even do like it a little do you

know a little get-together for them to

see what your your programs are going to

be looking like going forward what

you've achieved what it means for you

because accreditation means a big deal

for companies in South Africa because

remember accreditation lines up with the

skills development strategy and the

skills development strategy is an

initiative that is driven by government

to get organizations in South Africa

involved in skills development in order

to help the normal South African you

know the every South African in the

street and so you know with with with

the final mission which is to get

everybody active within the economy a

country contributing positively within

the economy so it's a driven process

that has a lot of initiatives that are

sponsored by government so you're going

to be able to as an accredited body to

to tap into the finance a part of the

project from government so when you want

to give lerner ships you are going to be

able to do that when you go to source

funding from your awarding bodies from

the seaters you are going to be able to

take on interns that you are not going

to have to fund that you're going to be

able to apply for funding for from the

governing bodies you're going to be able

to offer skills programs that you're

going to be able to source the funding

for from government so as an

organization it takes a lot of the

burden of of having to finance things on

your own initially yes you might have to

deliver and then do be reimbursed

however it is but it works out at the in

the end of the day for you because it's

not a standing cost for you and

organizations are encouraged as well

corporate to your clients will be

encouraged to put people to training

because they get tax incentives for

getting people through the training

process within the year so I encourage

you to really go all out there is if you

don't have the money to to invest in a

PR firm because I'm one of those people

I don't I have the kind of money that

did missus estates a public relations

firm or a marketing firm to market my

products but on the internet there is so

much information I'm going to be doing

quite a number of sessions as well that

will talk about how to optimize your

your your your marketing on the Internet

for example because there is there are

so many avenues to do free marketing on

the Internet

so how to get your company out there on

the internet and how to even use the

internet to to market your offline

business it doesn't have to be into

Marketing alone so for example there are

some so there are some programs that you

get off the internet for free that you

can use to mail your clients to let them

know this is what is going on send out

invitations your clients that are

professional that are going to really

put a stamp on your on your programs

because you know for you to get credits

you have to look the part as well

so yes so I would say go are all out

marketing programs market your


basically host a launch and you know get

people talking about your your company

use every opportunity that you can to

promote who you are as an organization

so now that you have promoted your your

initial launch make sure that you add

your new programs to your marketing plan

and carry out consistent marketing

campaigns but make sure that your

campaigns are focused and that they call

for a powerful purposeful I know or

action so it must be something that make

sure that you always leave the client

with having something that an action

that they must take at the end of the

day alright so this is my two cents

worth with regards to accreditation at

the moment for more information feel

free to contact me as I said I'm

available through the website there is

an accreditation page that we've got

that will give you more information if

you go to and you go to

the service tab when when you drop that

down you will see that it's got

accreditation there as a page go to that

page we will have more information on

there and our services will also be on

there and you can contact me a set up an

appointment on that very page who has to

have a telephone meeting or a

face-to-face meeting whatever is is

preferable to you so please feel free to

to go and further and to contact us for

any information I do want to run a

number of things on this program on

accreditation specifically going forward

so one of the upcoming

titles is what is a quality management

system because it's a very nice term

fancy term but very few people know what

it means so what is it and how to go

about structuring it that is very

important what should it look like what

elements should it have and then how to

prepare for a site visit is another one

that I just thought of right now I

wanted to go further into because people

have a hard time with what to expect in

site visits and it is a very stressful

time so maybe that'll help here but and

then is another topic that I want to do

is is getting accredited really worth

the effort is it really worth it I think

it's worth it but it's for me now to

prove to you why it's worth it

so until next time god bless and happy

2013 may we all have a very prosperous

year and a very prosperous season and

may God bless us all and Godspeed to our

plans and goals in thing in 2013 thank

you very much taking