FREE AAPC CEUS FOR MEDICAL CODERS -- Where to find cheap CEUs and how to keep track of them

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hey everyone its Victoria and on today's

episode we're going to talk about CEUs

for your coding credentials where to

find them how to keep track of them and

can you get them for free let's find out

today I'm going to focus on CEUs for

AAPC credentials because I'm an APC

instructor so when you get a CPC or any

kind of certification through the AAPC

you are required to for your core

credentials submit 36 CEUs every two

years a CEU is a continuing education

units medical coding is in a field where

it's a one-and-done like you learned it

and now you're going to know it forever

it updates all the time there's new

things and definitely a lot of new stuff

to learn so you have to be a continual

learner in order to be a successful

medical coder so once you've got your

credential they want to make sure that

you're keeping up-to-date just like a

doctor or a nurse has to keep up to date

on their technologies and they have to

earn continuing medical education units

we have to earn CEUs a certified coder

you have to get 36 CEUs every two years

there's certain circumstances where they

may be prorated like if you were put

into a corporate membership program and

if you have additional credentials you

actually have to get more CEU some of

them you can kind of double dip on some

of them they do have to be specialty

specific so if you have two

certifications you're required to get 40

CEUs every two years if you have an

auditing credential for example you have

to get 16 of those CEUs and related to

auditing if it's a specialty credential

like you're a certified general surgery

coder or a certified dermatology coder

any of those CEUs have to be specialty

specific to that specialty now CEUs are

not something you want to wait until the

last minute to get because it takes a

while to accrue them and it's a pain if

you forget them and then have to get 30

C used by the end of the week you can

get an extension on your CEUs if you

need more time but there is a cost

associated with that so you don't want

to wind up having to pay more to keep

your credentials because you were short

on CEUs knowing that you're going to

need 36 of them every two years make

sure you get one of two CEUs every month

so yourself a reminder or just check in

periodically make sure that you're on

track for your CEUs maybe every two

months every three months every four

months check in on your CEU tracker and

make sure that you're not falling too


behind a lot of events that are

sponsored by the AAPC like chapter

meetings conferences webinars they'll

they won't require a paper CEU for many

more they'll just go into your track or

automatically or you can just punch in

the number and the date but if you get

anything from outside sources

independent instructors Medicare

contractors CMS they will require you to

have a forum the nice thing about

tracking the forms is you can just put

them in a folder I like to just keep

mine just in case but you can also

submit digital copies of them online so

if you just want to take a photo of it

with your smartphone of that form you

can submit it online that way if you

have access to a scanner you can scan it

in and put it right into your tracker

online they do audit certain coders on

the backend which means after you submit

your CEUs you might get randomly

selected that they'll go through and see

if you've did the least digitally

submitted those CEU certificates so I

always say even if you're at like a

chapter conference sometimes they still

give paper fans take a picture of it

with your phone because I always have my

phone on me so worst case scenario if I

lose the paper form I at least have a

digital copy of it like a picture of it

on my phone somewhere some conferences

I've been to I've even seen people take

photographs of the CEU form as its

presented on to the PowerPoint which is

fine as well because in case you maybe

didn't write it down right or something

you still have something to reference

back to so if you're a certified coder

and you need CEUs and you're looking for

something budget-friendly here's my best

tips that I can give you as an APC

member you will get a subscription to

healthcare business monthly it might be

set up online that you only get it

digitally which is fine but if you want

a paper copy you can set up your AAPC

account to get the paper copy in the

mail and there is a quiz that you can

complete online that it is worth one CEU

every month so that's 24 of the 36 CEUs

that you need every other year I like to

have the paper copy because if I'm

taking the quiz on my phone or on my

computer I can reference the paper copy

as I'm taking the quiz but if you're

someone that just doesn't like having

paper copies of things hanging around

because they just wind up in the recycle

bin go ahead and just get the digital

version the CEUs though are based on the

date of the magazine not on the date of

completion so if you just got certified

this month you can't go back and do the

past 20 months and get credit for them

because you didn't have a certification

during the time of the publication as an

AAPC member you can get free quarterly

webinars they are on the AAPC website so

you can earn one CEUs for those every

three months you can also get CEUs

through the CMS website at CMS gov

through their Medicare Learning Network

CMS has all kinds of events and training

a lot of times a good amount of

evaluation and management type stuff but

you can definitely get credit for their

training accounts they're definitely set

up account with Medicare Learning

Network their learning management system

and you can have access to all kinds of

web-based training on medical coding and

billing for a lot of those hot Medicare

topics speaking of Medicare your

Medicare contractors know that asana

Rhydian and all of them also offer

educational services as well so check

out their websites nobody else I know

has a really robust portal they do a lot

of E&M education because they know

that's one that has a hight error rate

so anytime that they're offering EMM

education definitely sign up sometimes

they'll do it in three different

segments so you can earn three different

CEUs for participating in those

education sessions hit notes comm is a

great website too they have listings of

all kinds of upcoming webinars that are

going to be live and some on-demand

opportunities as well so you can check

out their website at hit notes comm and

they have lots of free CEU resources and

just segwaying from those collectives

there's also Facebook groups that you

can join that will list free and

budget-friendly CEUs the thing I will

caution you there on is that these

groups are not monitored by a big

organization like the AAPC they are

personal groups so the moderators in

them do have control over what they want

to see so you might not see things

always that pertain necessarily to just

CEUs so for example if they decide they

also want to market lularoe leggings to

you or they want to post funny memes

it's within their rights it's their

group they're moderating it so just be

aware that you might see more of those

things or potentially people that are

trying to spam you into buying their

services and you guys know me I'm a huge

advocate for going to your chapter

meetings most chapter meetings are free

some do have a fee especially a

they're providing food or some other

type of you know high-level speaker or

service for you and you are allowed to

go to multiple chapters so I am actually

within about 30 minutes driving distance

of two different chapters so I have one

is my main chapter but if the other

chapter is having a topic or a speaker

that I really want to go see I am

allowed to go and participate in that

chapter I always recommend though you

know if they have an RSVP just check

with them first because sometimes

seating is limited

imagine solutions is one that you'll see

listed a lot on those Facebook groups

and hit nots and they've been really

great lately with providing free

resources on a pretty regular basis in

the form of live webinars and there are

really good information and imagined

solutions from what I understand is a

fantastic employer medical coders a MBA

the American medical billing Association

does offer some stuff on their website

as well so you can check them out and

don't forget about your commercial

insurances reason being is you know they

benefit from not having fraudulent

claims because people don't understand

these guidelines so they like to provide

information to medical coders for free

because it it benefits them they wind up

with you know having less corrected

claims or misunderstandings or

potentially false claims Humana for

example does have one you do have to

have access to their provider portal so

if you have access to that you can go in

and get some education and some CEUs UHC

is another one that offers some free

education so definitely check with your

commercial payers that you see in your

area and see if they do offer

educational opportunities that offer

CEUs I also have a really cool

infographic that I made that I will link

below it is a free downloadable resource

that you can share among your coding

friends that are looking for CEUs and of

course you can check out my website at

contempo coding comm and I do have some

free and some paid educational

opportunities and courses available so I

hope this video helped you out with

getting some free and budget-friendly

CEUs it is not that hard and like I said

just make sure you keep up on top of

them don't let them go too long because

you're only going to be hurting yourself

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find this and

those resources that they need to get

those free CEUs hope to see you in the

next video and until then just keep on

coding on