How To Start Your OWN School K-12 | Get Your School Accredited

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hi guys I know it's been forever and a

day but this is the long-awaited video

in my series of how I started my school

so this is the third video and guys you

just really have to forgive me you know

all of this pandemic thing has happened

I've just been unmotivated and I just

couldn't shake it but I am so super

excited for whatever reason to get back

on that proverbial horse and to get

these videos knocked out so I just want

to say once again how much I appreciate

each of each and every last one of you

who have followed that series and who

continues to check back for the next

video so without any further ado here we

go before I share my screen with you I

want to remind you guys about the first

two videos in this series the first

video in the series of high alright

before I share my computer screen with

you guys I wanted to just tell you once

again or remind you about the first two

videos in this series the first video in

the series of how I started my school

basically is a story time about how I

got started

quick faster than her it gives an

overview I do think it's important for

you to go and listen to it particularly

if you're someone who does do not have a

lot of resources I think it will give

you a lot of motivation and inspiration

along your journey because a lot of

times like you know I said and probably

both of those videos like I cannot

believe the journey that I am on and how

I don't want to say effortless but how

with a lot of ease or like I thought

that I would would have so many other

problems or run into problems but I

didn't sometimes I did but you know I

was able to get over them so make sure

you check that out and then video 2 is

what I really went over the differences

between a charter school a private

school and

religious schools so I do think it's

important for you to check those out and

I will make sure our to put to link them

above as well as to put them down below

in the description box all right so I'm

gonna start right here I want to share a

document with you it's called the US

Department of Education state

regulations of private schools now I did

talk a little bit about this in our last

video but I wanted too short to you in

black and white because I know that the

minimum requirements can be unbelievable

but I wanted to short to you and this

document it was completed in 2009 it was

the most up-to-date one that I came

across but I think it is pretty much the

rules and regulations now it has all of

the states I am in Georgia and so that's

on page 57 so we're gonna go to page 57

it's a lot really close and I am just

gonna go through this a little bit with

you as you can see right here where it

says accreditation registration

licensing and approval what does it say

no requirements for accreditation so

that's one thing you're gonna have to

make a decision about now I told you it

is really important that you do become

accredited because then it impacts what

type of assistance you get from the

state but to start a school you can be a

private school non-accredited Europe you

will not be forced to get accreditation

if you don't want to and so as you can

see in black and white yourself you do

not have to have accreditation there is

no requirement for registration no

requirement for licensing no requirement

for approval and so I know it's kind of

unbelievable but you can open up shop

and as long as you have your business

license and whatever zoning issues are

required you have yourself a school

let's look at the teacher certification

so as you can see right here teacher

certification is not required now they

do have a cloth here that says however

and but this is pertaining to a program

with the state that will help to finance

certain students education and we'll get

into that probably in another video but

once again I'm making that point that

there are not a lot of really tough

regulations that you have to jump

through different hoops with let's see

length of school days now you do have to

have 180 days and that's pretty much

what is required in a public school

system however you only have to do four

and a half hours that's four and a half

hours now I do have a four day program

but I have also thought about not

offering a four-day program to kind of

save money or cut down on cost but I

haven't done that but it's option so I

wanted you guys just to kind of really

know curriculum there is no particular

curriculum that they are going to force

you to use the only thing that they ask

and here we go right here private

schools must provide a basic academic

educational program that includes

reading language arts mathematics social

studies and science so as long as you're

teaching those things they're not gonna

tell you what curriculum that you have

to buy that is totally up to you now

when I was actually looking at this

document again

I came across this and I really I need

to investigate more because I really

don't know what it means but it says the

Georgia Department of technical and

adult education is authorized to

contract with private schools to provide

program or services deem necessary so

that sounds like I could be getting some

type of program or I guess offering some

type of program that maybe is associated

with that department I'm so glad that I

went back and I really read through this

because I didn't matter of fact that I

didn't have this when I first started my

school I told you I stumbled upon all of

this but that's real interesting to me

and so I think I am gonna definitely go

back and find out what that is so as we

move on and we go to record-keeping and

reports of course your pride as a

private school you must report your

enrollment to the local school district

and there's some guidelines on when to

do that and how often and so forth but

that makes it right because at a certain

age you're required to go to school and

if you're not in the public schools then

the schools don't know that the child is

being educated so there is some type of

communication not difficult most of the

public schools already have some type of

form that you that they want you to use

to report that information on let's see

health and safety let's see private

schools builders must meet meet all

health and safety standards establish

under state law and let a local

ordinances so once again you kind of

have to go and see what that is for your

particular state but I think that's

pretty much with you know with any

business right that you want to make

sure wherever you're holding your place

of business that it is one safe and then

it is accessible for all let's see then

it talks about a little bit about

transportation which is really no big



textbooks there is no state policy at

this time so once again they're not

going to tell you what textbooks to use

if you use textbooks at all testing

there is not a requirement for tested

however once again if you are going to

you know receive if your state have

different funding for certain students

then they more they may require some

type of testing but it's still not

generally the state test and you get to

choose that and I do give a test and

it's more of a functional test to kind

of really want to see where our students

are functionally as it puts as it

pertains to how they will operate in the

world because we are more remedial

school than anything else because I have

the hope that most of my students will

transition back to public schools and

for those students who don't it's

because they're probably a little bit

further behind academically and or that

their deficits are a lot harder to

remediate and that you know they may

never reach certain levels so in doing

that I always my goal is to always get

them to a point where they can function

in the world so I want to test that will

let me know like how well is the student

reading the newspaper how well is a

student I'm comprehending and is able to

write you know basic paragraphs and all

of that good stuff alright so I don't

want to belabor at that point we talked

about testing special education and then

this just goes on to say how some of the

schools can work with private schools to

provide students with an education and

so forth

let's see nursing and health there's no

state policy technology there

no state policy professional development

there's no state policy reimbursement

for performing state like local

functions no policy tax exemption you

would still be under the same

educational tax exempt so those things

that you buy for your business that is

educational then you don't have to pay

tax on it and then an excellent just

talks about the public aid for private

education which says that Georgia's

Constitution prohibits public funds from

flowing into religious organizations

however there is another law I don't

want to say it supersedes that but

there's another program that don't

discriminate against religious schools

you can be a religious school and

provide certain services and still get

some state funding let's see then

programs for financial assistance and I

will talk a little bit more about those

things probably in another video and

then it goes into like the regulations

for homeschooling and then that's all

like really easy peasy right nothing too

difficult whatsoever now I told you that

I wanted to talk to you about private

non accredited which we just went over

now if you just did the minimum on the

in this document for your state that

means you have a private school that is

not accredited but we want you to take

that extra step to get accredited right

right why because it will impact

certainly financial resources and just

really your reputation like you want

your parents to be able to trust that

the program that you develop is meeting

requirements that their student is gonna

grow and so forth right just got

interrupted let's continue

love the kids right okay so I did a

quick google search and I wanted it to

be specific to the state of Georgia but

it's not quite what I got but that's all


basically I did a Google search on

accrediting agencies in the state of

Georgia and as you can see I got a whole

list of things and so when I tell you

guys there are tons and tons and tons of

I'm not going to say tons of tons but

there are lots of accrediting agencies

that you can go to become accredited now

and decided this you want to make sure

that the programs that your state offers

to help with certain students that you

want to make sure that you are going

with one of their approved ones right so

you can probably get a list of their

approved ones and then go down that list

however they are not all equal now in

that last video I believe I talked about

Sachs and how it is this huge

accrediting agencies and they their

standards are like we're ridiculous

matter of fact I think they they do

colleges and so forth - they do the

public districts and so forth and I'm

I'm not sure if it's nationally but I

know is more than just Georgia so

obviously I am not at a point where I am

a red I'm ready for that type of that

type of accrediting agency and so once I

did my research I felt like the Georgia

accrediting commission was really made

for me and it's uh it's a still a pretty

big agency here in Georgia

I think they focus only in Georgia so

that probably makes you know a

difference too and then a lot of the

private schools that around here

actually have their

accreditation through them as well so

after you choose an accredited agency

then we want to go to that accrediting

agencies website so here we are right

here I am on Georgia accrediting

Commission's website and matter-of-fact

in doing this for you guys I noticed

that we are supposed to develop this

plan this crisis plan for the current

situation and which I didn't know so now

no I'm gonna have to go back and

actually download that all right so

let's see let's go to member schools

first I want to show you guys where we

are now my school is specifically

designed for kids with special needs or

learning disabilities and so I will fall

under educational agencies with special

purposes but as you can see they

accredit private private

pre-kindergarten schools private schools

non-traditional educational centers

although I think there's been some

change in that they do public pre-k

public schools K through 12 and private

pre-kindergarten so I'm gonna go to

educational agencies with special

purposes this is where we are and if you

guys hear noise my daughter she came

here she forgot to shut the door but

here we are right here trying out

transitions and stood - director Cindy

Lumpkin cou things that's always oh

that's always kind of cool to see let's



all right

Georgia accrediting commission I count

all right let me go and close all right

so here we go

I want to go to let's see GC a standards

all right so when you go to your site

consultation consultant visitation

program so I had to get in consulting

and matter of fact if you go here they

provide you if you go here they provide

you with a list of their consultants and

so you would just go down the list

it lists their qualifications and what

they are prove to give you to do

accreditation for and so when I went

down this list I promise you I went down

reading and praying reading and friends

that God would just lead me to the right

person that would really work with me

and get me over all the humps that I

need it without gouging my pockets

because they are quite expensive it's

like two hundred and fifty dollars an

hour if I'm not mistaken but that is a

requirement so before you call who or do

anything else your first stop is to get

a consultant and then they will come out

and chitchat with you or whatever before

I did all of that though I kind of

researched everything so let's see for

me I did some of this seems standards

for non-traditional so here's the

standards for educational agencies with

special purposes and then there is

standard accreditation procedures for


I think there was two different lists

that I had to go okay here we go

so accreditation requirements for all

schools so this would protect no matter

what school you have or what school you

want to have whether it is kindergarten

pre-k K through 12 these are two

different things that you must have and

as you can see they live how many hours

per year that you have to do here you

start with personnel and then it

actually starts really telling you what

the requirements are and this is where

you're going to see the difference and

night and day of the different

requirements so a principal our

headmaster or manager whatever you the

title you give that person in leadership

they may serve in such capacity only one

school agency or center at the same time

so you can't I guess the over multiple

ones see whenever the person designated

as the principal headmaster or manager

of the school leaves the position you

got to go and do you got to let them

know this is when the school is

relocating and all of that good stuff I

don't want to go through all of this

because it'll just make this drag on but

I wanted you guys to get the gist of it

because all I did was I went down and

read each one of these things and make

sure that I was able to satisfy it or I

had some type of alternative to what

they face it even this is now I will say

this this is the part that scared me so

much because they say that that you need

to show that you're fiscally sound well

I didn't know like like how do you do

that or what were they expecting and I

think they kind of go into details

at some point but all I did in the

beginning um was did I do I

I may have had an audit but that I did

have an audit in a budget and and not

audit because I wasn't paying myself at

the time and then I had a co-worker who

actually came out and volunteer well

because we were certified teachers then

all of the hours that we poured into the

organization we were able to put it in

our we were able to put it in as if we

were charging for what our teacher would

get paid and have that one hour on it

okay yeah so we were able to log all of

those hours that translate it back to

money on our tax exemption when our

audit amen and so that made it look like

I was working with way more money than

what I really had I want to say I think

I by the time I had the audit done I I

did get up to close to maybe like

fifteen thousand maybe twenty thousand

dollars in my account but the audit

showed close to maybe thirty thirty five

thousand and that was because I was

giving credit for all of those hours

that I was logging as a professional

teacher as well as my coworker so that's

kind of how that was kind of how we kind

of beat that up a little bit and then

here's the physical planet so as you can

see there's just so many different

things that you have to have like

specifically of safety preparedness

plans fire drills monthly you're

starting to see some of the same things

that public schools require here fire

extinguishers and all of that good stuff

and so it's like what one through twenty

eight just in the physical plant and the

and if we go back then so that's for

everybody right and then you have to

decide where what are you getting

accredited for so if it gonna be K

through 12 or is it gonna be like me I

just see what special purpose is and so

once you click here it goes through

telling you the different certification

levels so accreditation classification

you can get preparation status do not

settle for that because that's really

it's nothing you'll be paying your money

but nothing if you're just doing that so

you can go from preparation status to

provisional all in one meeting if you

really have this stuff together you can

go from preparation to accredited status

in one meeting however I went from here

to here in one meeting and then it took

me another year to do what I needed to

do in order to do the accredited status

so and then so right here what does the

preparation start is requiring all of

this for things then if you're going to

do provisional what is the eight more

things and then if you do the credited

status its eight things and so forth and

then here up here all the principles

that you are graded on one two one two

three four five six seven so I'm gonna

close out of this and then I'm gonna

turn around okay guys so as you can see

completely doable right I know it's like

once you get to the accreditation part

it feels a little bit more overwhelming

but I promise you you

get through it take it one number one

principle one stand it at a time and

you're going to be okay so if you have

any specific questions make sure you

write them below in addition the

upcoming videos are going to be on the

curriculum that I chose to use as well

as financials or how did I raise money

where did that initial those initial

funds come from I am gonna go into more

detail and I'll probably do two separate

videos on that and the money one is

probably going to come first because I

know that is at the end of the day is

what you're gonna need because so at

some point you're gonna have to prove

that you can be fiscally sound alright

guys I hope you enjoyed it it was a

little long but hopefully you got tons

of information out of it

alright bye bye