Accounting Clerk (Episode 116)

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If you're organized, detail-oriented and enjoy working with numbers,

a career in the world of accounting might make perfect sense for you.

Let's go meet an accounting clerk.

Hi. I'm Brian. You must be Gavin.

I am. Let me show you my office.


My name is Gavin.

I'm an accounting clerk in Victoria, B.C.

What I do is, I do a lot of accounts receivable,

accounts payable, coding transactions, preparing draft financial statements

and helping clients with any questions about accounting they might have.

I get to work around 7:30 or 8.

I look through my task list for the day,

answer any emails from clients or managers, um, do any one-off tasks

and then I start jumping into clients' files.

So, you really have to be very organized with this.

You've got to have a great ability to keep everything organized.

You've got three different screens, but you've also got a number

of different tasks that are all going on at the same time.

Yep. Definitely.

Time management is a big part of my job.

I think it goes hand-in-hand with attention to detail.

So, I started in high school.

I took an accounting course, I think in grade 11,

and I found that I was really good at it and I was pretty good at numbers.

I was, like, "Oh, I could do this!"

In order to become an accounting clerk,

you would need a two-year business diploma or a university degree.

Hours for an accounting clerk: it's usually around 8:30 to 5:30.

In the busy season, which is usually around March to April,

you can expect to work overtime,

maybe up to 50 hours a week.

As an accounting clerk,

you can pretty much work in any field you want.

Every organization needs accounting.

So, it could be entertainment, government, public, private sector.

Everybody needs accounting clerks.

And if you want upper mobility career-wise,

you could pursue your CPA and become a chartered professional accountant.

I would recommend that you are comfortable with numbers,

really want to understand how financials work.

That's great! Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

That seems like that went well.

Yeah, part of the job.

I really like explaining things to my clients

and helping them reach their financial goals

I think the biggest misconception about field of accounting

is that you're counting beans, you're just working with numbers all day,

but there's a lot of communication that goes on.

In all this software you have to be really pretty

savvy with computers because the software is going be

in and out and changing and there's going be new software all the time.


This software, we actually just really started using it, is called Xero.

So, just pull it up here and, yeah, so this is

a cloud-based accounting software so you

can link it to your bank account and not

have to manually, like, import the statements.


I can access it anywhere and

they can upload it anywhere, so...

That's great.

Definitely speeds up the reporting process, too.

The most rewarding aspect of my job would be

watching our clients not worry about accounting anymore

because we take that off their hands.

They can just focus on the part of the business that they like.

And seeing the cool stuff they make,

the cool ideas they come up with.

Gavin, I think it's so cool that you spend

so much time working on a number

of different companies all at once.

Mhmm, definitely.

One day I could be working on a company that makes surfboards.

The next, I could be working on a bakery.

That's great.

Hey, thank you so much for spending your time with me today.

My pleasure.

Take care.

Once again, I'm Brian for Career Trek,

reminding you that this career could be yours.