Becoming CPA Eligible (150 Credits) the CHEAPER and EASIER WAY! | ADVICE | PUBLIC ACCOUNTING

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yeah but counting students here we have

accountants here we have soon-to-be

accounting majors and we have people who

would love to be on their finances their

financial peace journey and if you would

like to join feel free but with that

being said I'm gonna talk to you guys a

little bit about cheaper ways to get

your CPA license because a lot of people

do not talk about this and I did not

know this myself

so I want to share with you guys a

little bit of tips that I have for you

to get you a CPA license a little bit

cheaper than most people would so the

CPA license it basically stands for you

becoming a certified public accountant

and this is just a license that

certifies you when you're working in

public accounting and it also helps you

to boost yourself in your career and

that's why it's so heavily just like

pushed to you guys get your CPA license

because it is a big career booster for

you opposed to you not having a CPA

license so in your undergrad program

you're gonna have about 120 credits when

you graduate and that's for four years

and I think that if you're a full-time

student don't quote me on that but I'm

pretty sure full time four years you

have a hundred and twenty credits but

for the CPA license you need 150 credits

150 not 120 so do not be that student

that's blindsided at the end of the


and you're thinking oh my god about to

get my CPA license I'm not the work of

the public accounting firm and you can

have your

you're watching 20 credits working in a

CPA firm but you can't be CPA certified

but that's not a thing don't be that

person that is 30 credits short and

you're wondering oh my god what am I

going to do

so this dilemma leaves a lot of people

to want to go into a master's program

after their undergrad and you know a

master's program means coin big serious

coin because a master's program is not

cheap believe me

in my school a master's program is

almost $40,000 yep that's more money

than I have in student loans for my

undergrad which was four years and our

master's program is one year so yeah

it's serious serious money so all you

people who are maybe starting out

freshman and college or you are a senior

in high school and you're thinking about

being an accounting just take in to note

that when you're starting out see of

your school has a four year BS MBA

program not just a BS program or a

regular four-year program a four-year BS

MBA program means you can get your

undergrad and you can get your master's

all in four years and some schools they

have the BS MBA program for five years

and that I think is more worth it than

just getting your undergrad for four

years and then signing up for a master's

program and getting accepted in and then

having to pay an extra amount of money

for that cause hey y'all know this is

something that I wish I had the

opportunity to do but unfortunately I

started out in nursing before I chose

accounting so I could not do the four

year or five years BS MBA program sucks

but hey it's the way life goes now in my

previous video where I talked about five

things I wish I knew before being an

accounting student I talked about how

teachers and schools do not really

advertise that you can get your 150

credits in different ways and it's not

just going to get a masters so to get

your 150

it's for your CTA eligibility you can

get credits in any class you can take

art you can take history whatever you

can say any class you want it does not

have to be accounting as long as you

have fulfilled your accounting credit

hours requirement which i think is about

30 or 35 hours of accounting classes and

you usually get those in your undergrad

program anyway so you know this means

that broke people like us like me we can

go to Community College and we can get

our extra credits there instead of

spending $40,000 to get 30 credits and a

masters because you really a masters is

good in accounting but it's not required

for you to be successful to have masters

in accounting but that would be another

video I can make in the future if you

guys want to know if you want to get a

masters or you don't want to get a

masters or if you want to be a CPA and a

master and have a masters or whatever I

know you're probably thinking dang I'm

gonna graduate with 120 credits that

means I have to go to Community College

and take 30 extra credits after I just

graduate and I thought I was done well I

have a tip for you the key is to take

about 15 to 18 credits every single

semester this means you're taking at

least five or six classes every single

semester I've noticed something when

you're making your schedules and you

realize you only need to take three

classes you only need to take four

classes I'm gonna have all this free

time I can do this I can work but it's

good to get 18 credits in majority of

the time because those credits are gonna

start to build up and guess what

regardless if you take 15 credits or if

you take 18 credits the tuitions still

covered it so you're still paying in the

same price whether if you take four

classes or if you take six classes so

you might as well just take six and

those your credits up and yes this means

you're gonna have a bigger workload

you're not gonna have all this free time


have a little more stress on you but you

saved in the coin and that's what

matters here especially in this channel

we try to save money we trying to get

out of debt early we're not trying to

have $60,000 in debt just for masters in

accounting we're not doing that and you

guys know I'm gonna be filming that

process soon of me paying off my student

loan so if you're interested in that

stick around in this channel because I

will be doing that I recently just did

my debt repayment summary so yeah if you

take my advice you will save so much

money and you has been you will save so

much time this also means that you can

take summer classes and you can take

winter classes and you can take maybe

one or two and you can build your

credits up easily that way you're not

really doing anything in this summer you

might as well spend a little extra money

and take a class and you have three

extra credits more than your peers and

this also means that when you're taking

extra classes you can also take some

classes that you may have been

interested in like if you want to do

cooking or if you want to do art or if

you want to take an extra language class

that maybe you wouldn't have taken in

the past if you didn't have the

opportunity to do that in your to Korea

requirement program you can say extra

classes you're interested in and you can

have some fun while you're getting your

extra credits and you're saving your

money and you're getting closer to your

CPA requirement comment down below and

how you guys are planning on getting

your 150 credits or if you already got

your 150 credits and your CPA license

comment down below and share with

everybody else how you guys did it let

me know if you guys have any questions

for me in the comments down below and

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I will see you guys next time