How to become a MERCHANT SEAMEN 2019

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mother with King what is good that was

like now I was good um make a video of


what you need to be a merchant marine

while merchant seamen of an emergency

man out for like five years so saying

that that's probably one of the most

asked questions I gets in my life like

since I've got a child like but I can

meet people who are you seeing in years

I mean family anybody the first thing

they say is oh you might see more hello

you better much asleep

Oh what have you do become I just I'm

trying to give you it so here video cuz

for now huh when people ask me people

want to talk to since I don't know when

inbox me on facebook instagram under we

got a Twitter if I'm gonna Twitter

snapchat I'm sending you this video so I

sent you this video is why cuz

chop you've asked me these questions

this is what I'm gonna say now don't get

me wrong I don't mind helping people

because I don't help plenty of people

you know semuc become urges Siemens work

with the company I'm at work with

different companies I've done that so I

don't might help but I like to see other

people win and I'm saying but I get a

tired of explaining myself over and over

and over again especially the people who

don't never take the information I'm

giving them and use it so putting out

this free information from people who

are doing a research and for people who

go on YouTube because when I did it five

years ago it was like nobody on YouTube

nobody's really talked about it I still

many people to this day for no idea what

my semen is

what a Merchant Marine is none of that

and the people that I do me they always

say oh I got an uncle who does it or I

got a cousin who does it and they all

never want to help them so I don't mind

helping people but if you get past the

stuff so I'm about to you today and you

still got questions or you got questions

after this is lubed on in the comments

below and I'm gonna try my best to

answer them if you see me look down it's

cuz I got this book right here then I

wrote some notes and stuff home so I'll

remember what question is Tasik wife I

like a little blurry all right good

oh I got some questions that I wrote

down that people always ask me something

it so I make sure that's everything

first of all what is the major statement

so I'm googling this right now because I

can't tell you like what the Google

definition is so what is a merchant

mariner it's what I put in a row I'm

doing the research for you look at this

everything that I wanted to know I had

to do even though I do got a family

that's in it when I was ready to join my

family that could have helped me was

gone you know I'm sitting it was going

overseas so it couldn't help me all

right let's see

what is a merchant Mader why can I find



thank Google don't even know okay so

I'll try to get y'all my edge because I

couldn't find it on Google and ever I

said all they look for so a merchant

mariner or Merchant Marine is a civilian

that basically works on both who has the

credentials to work on a book whether

it's in the supply department engine

apartment communications department

whatever they have some type of

credential that allow them to work on

festivals to make money on these vessels

commercial vessels I guess government

vessels whatever type of vessels mean it

ships whatever ship that's so whatever

you work at all you have that permission

to do so through the Coast Guard that's

what gives you that as far as what you

need to become a merchant mariner should

see me I'm gonna just call it mercy

because I'm used to calling about me

cultivation burning this is what you

need taking out my documents so look

what you need three things you have to

go about him yourself yes you have to

spend money to make money you need

let me cover up my stuff you twit car

twit card all right wait will it focus

it'll auto focus it's so manual let's

put this so my bad is what you need a

Twitter card it looks like this got your

picture information some stuff on the

back whatever me dead first thing that

you want to buy it's not the suit car

and my experience the best thing the

first thing you'll always tell people to

buy is United States passport after you

get your passport then you go online the

way to get your passport when I did it

you had to go to the UH but you have to

go to get your passport or you have to

go to the post office just google it how

to get your passport in your hair you

whatever you wet it will tell you go

here you know I said this is what you

need it's easy google it

Internet is lazy um to get your twit car

I just had to go over new mines when I

went it was that does DMV Google how to

get you to a car in your area I'm pretty

sure it's easy the TWiT card is like 140

if that other than 40 US dollars on the

passport was like a hundred and forty US

dollars if it's not much and then after

you get those two

you really don't have to give an order

cuz it's not like you need once again

the other I just always tell people to

get it passport first after you get your

Twitter everybody after you get your

passport you know get your Twitter card

after you obtain your Twitter card you

want to get showing what's called your

merchants marinara credentials this

right here this right here is what you

want to go get oh did this it's right

here is gonna basically tell you what

you can do on a vessel on a show you

have to go through the Coast Guard so I

want you up once you now you need you

need these two to get this you cannot

get this without these two you need that

you do need this but you also need these

two so you have to get these first no

matter which order you get them cuz you

don't need one to get the other and this

one the kids to get that one you know I

just always tell could get it passed but

first but you do need these two to get

this alright after you get those who can

do the whole application online to get

the immersion America dentals you have

to go online fill out a packet you have

to get a drug test done so make sure

you're not on any drugs because they

check it out to get your you have to get

a drug testing you have to get a United

States Coast Guard physical once you're

going their website I try to find a

websites and post them down below so

y'all can just click the link and go

straight to our websites and I'm tell

you everything

once you get your merch around their

conditions and sitting into a Coast

Guard I through your physical and your

drug tested all that air they're gonna

send it back and then now you have

everything that makes you a merchant

mariner this makes you a merchant

mariner yes

whether you have a job or not this makes

you a merchant mariner but you have to

pay for all that on your own unless you

find maybe a company doesn't pay for all

that I haven't found one little jelly to

ran Internet to burn should matter

credential think it's like 145 flesh or

physical and your drug tests you know

you still have to pay for those

separately so just sort of merchants

wearing a credential is 145 but your

physical and your your drug tests might

cost between 60 to 62 it may be like 60

to 70 dollars a piece if it's that much

once you get those you can go on and

work for so many different companies you

got a SIU your murse you're at MSC

military sealift command all type of all

type of companies you're gonna work for

it you just company requires different

things so find a company that you want

to go work for call them do your

research you need your passport once you

become overcome because different

companies go it's a different form

course or foreign points you need your

passport you need a twit card for

certain ports to be honest I've never

been anywhere in about five years that

required me to have a Twitter card but

for some reason they want you to have it

tsa actually actually sometimes like you

can see us they approved if you

to a car and then your merch American

ETSU is more so for Coast Guard so they

just tell you what you can do what you

can't do and stuff like and after that I

feel chugging this through you want to

go find a common Network for a finer

company work for it's not hard it's

plenty to cover there's less higher

especially at entry level entry level

you don't have to go on work for a site

you you know esta I thought you let me

find out that's how you actually stand

for you can either remember what

actually stand for

so it's called seafarers International


that's a actual Union whole Union that

you're gonna work for they operate

through halls and they operate with

Linea different vessels houses they

require you to go to a school I don't

know the steps in the process of doing

that because I didn't choose that route

but there's plenty of people who have

you can always call people be afraid to

call like nobody taught me mean to you

if they are do you want work there no

so Calma google is called seafarers

international union that's what it's

called and he actually had first thing

that popped up is Entry Program let me

see if that's gonna clear up they might

not be clear


oh look at that entry program you see

without psycnet SIU Merchant Marine and

entry-level seafarers international you

so that's what you want to do

once you do that look at that focus on

its own mother's cameraman once you do


contact never call up I still hate you

know saying what's the steps on me

trying to come trying to come work for

your company what's the steps what do I

need to do they gonna let you know

everything you need to know don't be

afraid to call another thing people feel

like a lot of questions I get is like yo

where are you stationed that being the

merchant Merchant Marine merchant seaman

you'll have to be stationed anywhere bro

I'm not staying

no way I live wherever I want to live I

can live I know people that live in

Africa as long as you can get to that

hall or that pool or whatever they tell

you you need to be out to meet that ship

they don't care where you live you live

whatever you want was another question I

get Oh everyone in military know do I

get military benefits yes will you

probably not unless you work for a

company I work for a company I work for

is a government company so that being

said I get government benefits I get

shopping on base anything government

related I get that the only thing I

don't get is you know all the extra

benefits that the military get but I

give just about everything

do I make more of the military I don't

want to answer that you get google it

and find out

entry-level made I'm RC my entry-level

how much can you make

I would say entry-level you can make




I will say at your level between 40 and

70 y'all depend on you know saying your

company and things like that but you can

make a cut amount between 40 and 70 for

a year 40 or seventy thousand a year but

once again you can google and find out

I came an entry-level and within five

years I moved up tremendously like

really fast I'm higher I say I moved up

a lot faster than a lot of people I work


cuz I cried and wanted to get where I'm

at now you definitely can do it don't do

they have these things called C lawyers

where people like to tell you bad

information and stuff I don't think I'm

gonna see lawyer I'm not trying to be

one you can google everything that I'm

telling you so I'm just like I said I'm

only doing this video really for the

people who constantly addicts it's like

I'm gonna send you this link like this

is what this video is for um another

question I get asked is like yo you're

now heard you're never home you're

you're always god that is a big


you know it all depends on like I say

each company have different rules my

company have four months out thirty days


so meaning if you do four months on the

ship it's 30 days home you know

sometimes you can get ships depending on

if you live about water

it's a good chance you can get a ship

where your would you live it not really

a good chance but it's possible you

never Florida gotcha Florida California

Virginia of course Virginia you know


it's I've been plenty of places

stateside that you know I've been on a

ship with people who lived here now oh

snap I'm going on like they can go home

everyday what else my travel plenty of

places in my five years I want to say

I've traveled to Dubai Africa

Spain Italy Japan Singapore Thailand

Malaysia Micronesian Islands Philippines

so me Sully Bahrain so many different

places man I can't even really like I've

been so many places I can't even

remember like but it's managed finish

such a journey about five years like now

I've done so much make so much money but

so many people it's a great great job

great I wouldn't even say job is it


let me see you great career you know I'm

saying it has its ups and it's downs

just like any other job but it's you

know it's what you're gonna make it

right now I'm in a hotel they paid for

and I got a stove over there fish around

and I'm in New Jersey chillin I was

gonna go out today but it's raining like

really bad so thank yo let me make this


I really can't think of anything else

once you get hired

okay I'm gonna tell you about the

company I work for I'm gonna keep it

secret I work for Military Sealift

commands you guys from military is my

name but it's not the military do they

treat you like the military hmm someone

will tell you yeah I don't think so

personally the worst thing I say is like

military like is they make you shave I

used to have a real big beard now we

know a lot I have them so every time I'm

preparing to go back to a ship shave it


Worf a military suit of command

do I like them do I like working for

them yes let me just say yes I wouldn't

say it's a bad thing

you know they got a couple things as a

company they can work alone but

what job

how is it I get medical benefits all

that type of stuff

love my job Military Sealift Command is

cool but it's not the only a lot of

people felt like the comers just seemed

like you have to work MSC your military

civic when you don't it's not the only


like I said yeah that's not you plenty

of other jobs that will hire you put the

other companies that would hire you and

probably are just as good I haven't this

is the first company I went with is the

first company that hired me having me as

entry-level at shoes s you supply

utility man like the toilets doing all

this other stuff now I'm a trained

engineer moved all the way up in five

year became a junior engineer and I

don't have no white told us no more but

I did that from the bottom and you can

do it too

it's not hard I don't have you don't

need a college degree I don't have one

to get you my fact they get your

Merchant Marine convential you don't

even to think you'd ever graduate from

high school because it's not lady asks

for a copy of diploma or they call it

your school to check yeah

I'm trying to think of other stuff I get

asked can you be out can you become

emergency me with a felony I want to say

yes because I know people who have them

but I don't think it can be violent so

I'm gonna just say call and ask you can

call the Coast Guard if I know like hey

I'm trying to become ur see me I have

these charges can I become with as long

as it's not violent I think you're good

I know people who out here who

definitely have felonies definitely have

mental what else I really can't think

anything else I feel like I need to add

will they move your family that's

another one will they move your families

if you're on a ship

no no company will move your family

unless like your job is physically it's

asking you to move to another location

like hey we need to move to Thailand but

I have yet to write anybody who the job

has asked that front

but no time I just say no 91 move your

family most of the time they don't care

about your family they only care about

you getting on them ships and once you

get off them ships they don't care like

they've really done so designed a family

business like when I meet people who got

8 9 10 kids and they got a wife and you

know this is gonna be really hard for

you especially if you've been around

your kids since they was like babies you

know you raised him till he was five and

six and now you're trying to come and

leave for four months six months at a


and it's definitely going to be hard for

you because you know you got time so you

might not be able to call home because

you in the middle of the ocean you know

the internet might not work for the day

you know and I've seen people snap and

I've seen some things people want to

walk off the ship and go home I don't

blame you because this definitely takes

a toll you know and traveling the world

is it's amazing but being gone from your

family is definitely stressful and it's

hard you know but he could be done

people do it I'd do it

yeah so that's all I got right now I

gotta say if you got any more questions

drop a comment darling bye-bye

hmm drop a comment down below like

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man because I really should have started

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still concentrate on my career but

YouTube is always a good a passion for


vlogging always been a passion for me so

now about is for fun but by the jump

only thought to be grind time baby but

like I said it's like comment subscribe

you got any question about getting

burped see me I'll definitely ask

definitely ask and I definitely reply

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definitely got a lot of people you know

help them jump start their career like I

say to most commonly asked questions is

a my emergency minute cannot alone our

money one of those you're gonna get a

hell no so you figured out what I'm out

I see y'all later peace