Abacus Teacher Training Course

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hey in this video we will cover the

following topics what is an abacus

what is abacus teacher training course

who are eligible for joining this course

how much time does it take to complete

who should learn this course scope or

earning potential of the course what is

the time involvement while teaching kids

certification how to get students how to

get study material for students how much

fees should be charged from the students

training process why join us let us now

discuss these topics in detail

what is an abacus

an abacus is a centuries-old tool made

up of moveable beads on this tool users

can add subtract multiply and divide

numbers and gradually users start to

visualize this tool in mind and do

mental calculations learning abacus in

childhood makes children more focused an

expert in mental calculations it is

becoming popular worldwide due to its

lifelong benefits

what is abacus teacher training course

this course teaches you how to do

mathematical calculations with the help

of an abacus first you learn the methods

of calculations using abacus

after that you learn how to do mental

calculation by visualizing the abacus

tool after completing the course your

role will be of a coach for the children

and your basic aim will be to make them

do proper and regular practice

who are eligible for joining this course

to become abacus trainer you need not be

an expert in mathematics you will be

required to teach kids only basic

addition subtraction multiplication

division and few other topics therefore

only if you are confident and love

teaching kids below the age of 14 you

are eligible

how much time it takes to complete this

is a short-term course if you spare one

hour daily you may complete the course

just in 60 days and if you want to

complete the course early just increase

the daily learning time after completing

40% of the course you may start teaching

as you will be teaching only basic steps

to students in first classes along with

that you may complete rest of the course

what is the scope or earning potential

of the course after completing the

training you will have many options to

start earning let us know about them one

by one

you can start abacus classes from home

this is the most economical way to get

started if you have space at your home

to accommodate around ten children you

can easily get started you can get 10 to

12 students easily from your own

neighborhood or society once they come

to know that you are starting abacus


you can open abacus training center or

abacus franchise if you are not

interested in teaching at home you may

hire a space and existing nearby

coaching Institute play school etc on a

weekly basis and start teaching at such

places you would be able to accommodate

more students we would support and train

you step by step from setting up your

center till the time you are able to run

your Center successfully

get selected for the job nowadays many

schools and education centers have

started teaching abacus as a subject so

if you are interested in getting a job

you can easily find a job of an abacus


get home to shion's you may are in

handsome money by providing home

tuitions to since only one weekly class

of one hour is conducted one can easily

teach 15 children on weekdays if three

children per day are taught and five

days in a week are invested

teach your own kids besides other

advantages this is one of the biggest

advantages of learning abacus you would

be able to teach your own child more

effectively than anyone else your kids

will have 24 by 7 trainer you will also

save their monthly fee

source of regular income unlike other

hobby courses such as handwriting speed

writing art and crafts etc which are a

very short duration the duration of the

abacus course for kids is two years so

once the students enrolled for abacus

course they will not leave you before

completing the course you will keep on

getting fees for a longer period of time

abacus Center versus coaching Center

since there are always a limited number

of abacus trainers they always get

bigger share of students as compared to

other coaching centers teaching other

subjects like math science etc for

example if there are 100 students in an

area and to abacus centers each of the

center will get 50 students each on the

other hand for subjects like English or

science there would always be a lot of

coaching centers therefore each of them

would get lesser number of students

maintain work and family balance easily

unlike other tutors who have to teach

around three to five days a week

abacus trainers are required to teach

just one day a week hence all other days

are free for you which helps you to

maintain proper work and family balance

along with extra income

reputable and fulfilling profession by

teaching advocates to kids you help them

become more focused sharp and confident

changes are visible in the very first

month when you see children doing mental

calculations you get a feeling of

fulfillment and achievement which gives

greater joy than the joy of earning


become your own boss by becoming an

abacus trainer you get an opportunity to

start your own business by running your

own Center you may grow your students

base as large as you can and earn as

much as you can all decisions would be


certification your certificate is

generated and mailed to you once you

have completed all the lessons and


how you get students awareness of abacus

benefits is increasing globally day by

day for getting students you just need

to tell people of your locality that you

have started taking abacus classes that

is sufficient abacus trainer or very

less in quantity as compared to other

tutors for general subjects on the other

hand the company provides to its

trainers or franchisees students

enquiries by creating online presence of

all franchisees

how you get study material for students

you will get doorstep delivery of all

the required study material so no


how much fee should be charged from the

students in most of the cases you are

advised to charge fees more or less the

same as what other centers nearest to

you are charging you can easily know

their fees by making a phone call to


training process process of your

training is very simple and easy you

would be able to complete this course

using your smartphone at home training

will go through following steps step one

get yourself registered on registration

you will be provided your username and

password with your username and password

you will be able to access all the video

lessons and practice worksheets for each

lesson step 2 watch video of training

lessons after getting the access first

you watch a video on a given topic and

understand the topic you can watch the

video lesson any number of time if you

don't understand in one go step 3

practice and clear the exercises after

having understood the video lesson you

need to practice the topic taught in the

video after you have practiced and

successfully cleared the exercise video

on the next lesson appears this way you

complete the course do you have any

questions regarding any topic though

it's not a difficult course and most of

the learners don't face any issue you

may always contact us in case you need

to clear any point

why join us by joining us you get the

following advantages downloadable video

lessons you will get downloadable videos

of every topic which are very useful for

referring while taking abacus classes in

future time flexibility choose your own

time be it early in the morning or late

at night learn from home you save

traveling time and cost lifetime access

there is no time limit to complete the

course you get as much time as you

require there is a lifetime access to

the program

no franchise cost well planned online

training program with easy access

through any smartphone laptop or other

devices online practice worksheets to

get expertise in the subject effortless

and technology assisted learning for

trainers marketing support after course

completion enquiries coming from your

area will be forwarded to you free

software to monitor your students

performance software to regulate speed

and accuracy for every student regular

updates to parents and trainers

regarding all activities of the students

regular interaction with trainers to

understand and resolve their day-to-day

queries play way teaching method for

kids online software for kids to learn

the course effortlessly regular

competitions for kids doorstep service

of all study material and abacus tool

so what are you waiting for take the

first step to get your financial

independence and time freedom join us