Ask Dr. Doreen: How to become an ABA therapist

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dr. doreen grandpa che in dr. doreen is

an expert in autism Kareem brandish a

octagram machine dr. Dorian grandma che

dr. doreen example che is a visionary in

the field of autism now you can ask the

questions on ask dr. doreen one last

question here hello Shannon and dr.

doreen I'm a mother of a nine-year-old

boy with autism and 16 year old with

autism - my nine-year-old son had had

about six years of ABA therapy on and

off for various reasons we were finally

getting the process done so we work with

card in Edison New Jersey my question is

how do I become an ABA therapists all

the years my son had therapy I was right

next to him so I can say I've learned a

lot watching the therapist and also

practicing on my son I only have a GED

diploma and I've never attended college

I'm also 36 years old do you think it's

possible for me at my age and with no

college education to become an ABA

therapists for a few years I've been

thinking about wanting to become one

just don't know where how to start I

really believe that this is my calling X

please help me with some advice and

thank you for all you both do for our

communities yes of course you can become

an ABA therapists and that is fantastic

you just need to go on Institute for

behavioral training I behavioral

training and there's a whole section to

become a B cat board-certified autism

technician it will take you through all

of our initial training all of it and

then it'll take you through all of our

behavior technician advanced training as

well and then you will sit for an

examination that's a national exam

board-certified autism technician which

is different company but it's a national

exam we will help you and

you become abhi cats and once you're a B

cats you can actually work anywhere all

behavior providers behavioral providers

like card will be interested in hiring

you and yes of course you can some of my

very very best therapists are people who

have been here at card for over 20 years

and they've been working very very hard

for many many years and they're also in

their forties and they're still doing

behavior therapy because they love

working with the kids and so absolutely

I love that you're interested in doing

it you can certainly do it it's just a

series of training it's roughly about

forty hours of class time followed by

some practical time that you can

certainly do at card or some other

organization whatever is close to you

and you can get that training it's a

wonderful thing please do that


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