HOW TO BECOME A BCaBA! (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst)

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Happy New Year my name is Anna turi and

I am a poodle

I mean ready to be a technician here in

the state of Florida thank you so much

for visiting my channel when I was going

through the process of becoming an RVT I

found myself confused alone which is

exactly why I have dedicated this

channel to help lead aspiring car duties

bjbjs be CPAs ABCD efg x' all of you

that last credential the ABCD efg is

actually what my parents here every time

I try to tell them what it is I do

they're just like anyways the point is I

want to help lead all of you in becoming

the best rvts and BCA pas and B CPAs

with as much confidence and company as

you possibly can have if you've read the

title for today's video then you would

know that today I will be going over

what requirements you need in order to

become ABC ABA which is a board

certified assistant behavior analyst

I've gotten a lot of requests to do this

video and I thought it would be a great

way to start our 2020 please keep in

mind that all the information that I

will be discussing today comes straight

from the bacd website I will be leaving

the link down in the description box

below to back up everything that I am

saying now I am positive that like me

you've ever in doubt all of your goals

that you would like to accomplish this

year 2020

right now one of my goals that I have in

mind is to become a be ca va and if that

is one of yours then you are starting

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without further ado let's become a VC of

EA's Valley



okay so the first requirement that you

need in order to become ABC ABA is a

bachelor's degree this can be any

bachelor's degree how cool is that okay

so if you happen to have a gun in your

bathroom degree outside the United

States then you can go to the DHCP

website and you may submit a equivalency

application or no equivalency evaluation

and it is free of charge and I will go

ahead leave the link down below in the

description box you can go ahead and do

that but it's just basically to make

sure that your credits align with the

credits here in the States

so that applies to you definitely check

that out if for whatever reason you feel

that the degree you have might not be

accepted then you may also go to the

bacb website and you can submit a field

of study evaluation which is separate

from the one that I just discussed this

one would be a hundred dollars a fee to

do that but you gotta do what you gotta

do so I'll go ahead and leave that also

in the description box below okay let's

move on so number two the second

requirement that you need it in order to

become in DC a VA is to complete

behavior analytic coursework and a

qualifying institution with the grade of

C or better we can do better than C's

people so basically this is just a set

of behavior analytic classes that will

allow you to sit for the bacb

pays to the exam upon graduation so

obviously if you're in school you have

to take these classes if you've already

completed your degree then you have to

go back and look for an institution that

provides these classes and get that done

and then you are one step closer to

becoming a VC in my school these

sequence was a set of five classes so

really if you're hustler you could get

this done in one semester at most two

semesters should be as long as this

should take you but we're hustlers here

so I know you guys got this okay so the

last and final requirement that you need

to be calm be ca va is are your

experience hours so you are able to

collect your experience hours in one of

three ways either by supervised

independent fieldwork practicum or

intensive practicum today i will be


today i will be discussing the

supervised independent field work which

is what I did to obtain my hours so this

is where it's gonna get a little bit

confusing I'm gonna try to go slow but

this would be a great time to get a

piece of paper and a pen or your phone

to write this stuff down

if you end up having questions the time

I finish this please just comment down

below I'm pretty good at replying

everybody so I'm here for you even if

you're still lost by the end of this but

there's been a lot of time trying to

make this as clear as possible so let's

see how it works out

so you will need both restricted hours

which are direct hours working with a

client as well as unrestricted hours and

I will go over examples on what

unrestricted hours are a little bit


but you will need it in total thousand

hours combined with both of those both

you're restricted in your unrestricted

hours so when it comes to your

restricted hours you cannot have more

than 500 of those hours being restricted

so you know more than 500 hours can you

have working with a client so when it

comes to your unrestricted you have to

have at least 500 hours doing

unrestricted work so that means that you

can have more so for example I did 700

hours of unrestricted work and the 300

hours that I had left I did restricted

work which was working with a client so

I went to the bacd website to look up

their examples on unrestricted work and

this is what I found so some were

observation and data collection data

graphing and analysis researching

literature relevant to a current clients

programming I did a lot of that I

learned a lot from doing that so that

was probably my favorite writing and

revising behavior analytic programs as

well so these are some examples of

unrestricted work so you must meet with

your supervisor for two contacts a month

and this can be done on like one-on-one

setting or even in a group setting so

don't be surprised if you happen to have

a group setting as well you also need to

be observed with a client by your

supervisor excuse me twice a month as

well so for the total experience hours

that you are collecting a month you must

have your supervisor with you for five

percent of those hours so for example

let's say that you are collecting twenty

experience hours a week so if the month

has four weeks that is eighty hours a


so you would need four hours of

supervision for that month right with me

Matt please note that you cannot I

repeat you cannot start collecting your

experience hours until after the first

meeting in your behavior analytic course

sequence so until you have that first

class time in your first analytic

coursework you cannot start collecting

hours so don't jump the gun on that one

please also note that you cannot have

more concert past 130 experience hours

per supervisory period which is one

month so no more than 130 hours of

experience hours every month you cannot

surpass that also be sure that your

supervisor is in good standing with the

board if you do not have a supervisor

and you're looking for one I will go

ahead and link my and also put I'll put

a card as well of my how to become an

RVT video and I'll leave the timestamp

in the description box below so that you

can go to that video and check out

because I did a step-by-step instruction

on how to acquire a supervisor how to

find one in your area how to how to do

all of that so I'll link that for you

down as well so when you are ready to

take the exam

you need to sign up so you have to do so

by going to the bacd website logging

into your account and there is a tab

immediately when you log in it's called

certification application click on BC

APA and then you can start applying to

take the exam


and we hear a behavior work I have

invested in a ring light look at how

bright it is and I can't even open her

eyes you will have 90 days after you

have paid the one hundred and seventy

five dollar application fee to complete

your application if you do not complete

it in that time it will expire I am

letting you know now that there will

also be an additional 125 dollars for

the Pearson VUE exam so that so the

first fee 175 is to the to the board

then the second fee which is to Pearson

which is where you're taking your exam

so 175 plus 125 a lot of money so please

study honey the next be a CD text

texting testing session will be from May

1st through the 31st which is when I

will be taking my exam if you're taking

your exam in May please comment down

below so I can hold you accountable and

check up on you and make sure that we if

you're taking your exam in May this is

your friendly reminder that the deadline

to apply is April 1st 2020 so so after

May the next exam opportunity would be

in August and the deadline to take the

August exam would be July 1st so make

sure you have everything submitted by

July 1st if you are going to take your

exam in August and finally the last

opportunity to take your exam for the

year is going to be in November with the

deadline being October 1st of 2020 well

that's it for today's video guys thank

you so much for watching

Linda and I wish you the best 2020

Bessy yet let's work hard and let's work

consistently until we see all of our

goals come into fruition life is short

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to me a love talking to you guys thank

you let's get to work