Emergency Call Handler Gives an Insight Into Life in the 999 Call Centre | This Morning

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Laura and those sir

to you how do you keep going you're

telling the caller keep going

mm how do you keep going you have to I

mean it's literally you and the caller

on the other end of the line and I think

if if we give up and there's nobody

there to help them so you just got to

keep going and you know give them the

advice that they need and make sure that

you're there to listen to help them as

much as you can

to anybody who thinks that they're

getting through to some sort of call

center there what sort of training is

involved in that job for you so you do

six weeks and in a classroom training

learning all the procedures and the

protocols and things and then yeah you

sit with a mentor you know you take the

cars with somebody next to you and then

you you find so long after that I mean

we saw a colleague there because you

were obviously upset um

it must be hard to leave that behind

when you go home I mean you've got two

small children yeah children how do you

separate those two things I mean are

there calls that stay with you and stick

in your mind yeah I mean definitely you

take a calling you know they said to

think about it while you're at work and

and not take it home but we want be

human if we didn't go on and think about

what we'd done set out who would sports

him and yeah but when you think about

why you actually became a call handler

what was your motivation what inspired

you and so me and my sister lost my mom

when I was 12 years old it was a

traumatic experience and she had an

internal hemorrhaging in front of us so

we tried to do CPR and unfortunately she

passed away how old were you then 12

yeah and I think going through something

at such a young age and like the relief

that we felt when the paramedics came

like I want to go into somebody's house

and then feel that about me and be there

for somebody that needs them the most

and I think because of what I

experienced as a child but I can

empathize more with people and

understand you know just how horrific

things not gonna be an opposite well yes

and what 12 years of mrs. horrific oh

yeah and that anyway but me 12 years old

very traumatic and but taking that call

must have taken you back there a little

bit because you were yeah told how to do

CPR and things feel man yeah and that

has made you think hasn't it about your

job and where you want to go with it

gonna happen now and so I start uni in

September to do my paramedic degree so

do three years at uni and then I'll be a

qualified paramedic had you always

wanted to be a paramedic and just

haven't because it was your young

children yeah got around to them and

that's made you want to do it more yeah

I think I mean my mum was a nurse so

when she used to come home and say you

know that she'd done something today

that's made a difference I think it's

sort of built in me and then as times

gone on and when my mom passed away as

but I need I need to do something you

know that I wants a day when because I'm

so determined I've never give up and

I've always just been going and yeah but

it is you know a huge admiration to use

but it's a tough top job and it's just

not as simple as it sounds well and

here's what I don't understand folks

right according to the NHS they say 1/3

of paramedics have experienced violence

in the past year what's what's that all

about what is that all about when you're

calling someone when you're in need and

you need their help and you would give

anything for someone to relieve your

pain or whatever drugs John Drake drum

being drunk alcohol you know drugs I

just think sometimes when people are in

situation so they don't know how to deal

with things and you know they're angry

but it's only what makes me angry

the egypt's who complained about I

couldn't walk down my footpath because

there was an ambulance parked there my

driveway was blocked I couldn't get the

supermarket because there was an

ambulance there what is it with people

you just think imagine if you know

something happened to their family

members and they're needing an ambulance

and somebody was complaining everything

apart down the road and you know it took

a few moments the gets the address

somebody could have died and I just

think people don't well we were we were

with a family friend once who had a

heart attack and I've never been more

relieved to see two people in green

there right yes the relief and they were

young calm and they and the thing is

it's not just the patient yeah the

people around yeah definitely dealing

with so it's some of these emotions as

well as you know yeah hearing for

somebody who's very very sick yeah

listen we absolutely loved the series

ambulance starts tonight series 5 that's

why so fantastic say popular BBC one at

9 o'clock following the Northwest


you know Laura thank goodness there are

people like you who want to make a

difference and do all the things that

you want to do there so thank you very


oh thank you