NBA 2K19 *NEW* FASTEST WAY TO 99 OVERALL!! 300K XP PER HOUR! (How to Level Up Fast)

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yo let's get guys Peter here we are back

with another video hope you guys are

having a great day as always today guys

we've got the fastest way to 99 overall

I've been playing knock out alive from

my career against some robots and you

know just for play a couple hours a day

I came up with literally the best method

to breath up fast in QK 19 so I want to

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no DS we're getting so close tonight it

came and we just hit 88 K yesterday

thank you guys for that we're gonna hit

90 K hopefully this week anyway let's

get right into the video alright guys so

the fastest way tonight on overall an

NBA 2k 19 I think you guys can only

guess one more room they're playing

we're gonna be playing my career yes

really playing some robots man it's

still by far the fastest mode to rest up

to 99 in NBA 2k 19 you can still wrap up

playing Park rec Pro and whatever but my

career is still way faster now what's

gonna help you wrap up super fast is to

get every possible factor that would

like go into how fast you're wrapping up

in your favor so the first thing is the

team what team you plan and that

actually matters a lot I think the best

team to play on for the stret method is

actually the Pistons I know a little bit

biased cause you know I'm Pistons fan

but it's actually really good team

because both the big men can catch

pretty much any army on Blake Griffin

Andre Drummond you can throw lots of


all day you know a lot of big man

actually can't catch lives in this game

no that's not the whole wrap method it's

not just throwing lobs but it will help

because you are gonna be throwing

coupled lobs here and there and you

don't have to really worry about like

all the Pistons are the best team the

NBA doesn't like it really doesn't

matter because if you knew the

influencer free agency and influence

trade thing correctly it will end up

being best team you guys are gonna see

all right

few things you want to consider before

you hop into a game the first thing you

want to do is invest in some boosts this

includes four different things one you

want all three the Gatorade boosts to

jump shot boosts three passing and ball

handling boosts and for the free boost

you get from running on the treadmill

three times those are also Gatorade

booster you're gonna have double

Gatorade boost with this method I know

you guys were thinking all cost a lot of

VC this and that if you're playing this

correctly you will end up still making

VC so you might not be able to buy

ninety nine of everything right off the

bat because you might not have as much

VC as me or just any VC at all but just

rack up VC from playing my career games

if you have the endorsements if you're

playing well if you've got a good team a

great stuff like that you're gonna end

up still making PC

from the games these booths are going to

help you a lot alright next thing is

your games of pokey and quarter lines

you want to put Hall of Fame and

Quartermaine's I would not put on six

run and talk more about that when we get

in depth into like the actual rent

method but you probably want to start on

12 minutes I'm at the point to where I

can play six minute quarters have like

105 points at half and sim out like that

quickly so I've gotten really good at

this but I would start with Hall of Fame

on 12 minutes you'll end up changing it

as you go along next thing my minutes

you want to put yourself at point guard

put 38 minutes because that's most you

can go have all your starters 48 minutes

yeah I know a lot of minutes but you

want the best people when they get like

you don't want your scrubs leave you

know I mean and you guys can see look

how good my team is now okay me Blake

Griffin andre drummond Kyrie Irving and

Kevin Durant

even though Kevin Durant's injured but

yeah it's the best team of the NBA now

you know I mean so if you do this

correctly you end up having that and

then you know what I mean just put a

sixth man in at ten minutes to fill that

spot this is the influence trade now I

made the mistake of going for like

LeBron James and you're not gonna be a

traitor for him so trade for like maybe

someone at 85 overall somewhere around

there you only get three per season so

you're gonna want to do that and then

your free agents that is how I got Kyrie

and KD you just want to choose the top

three because that's also easier to get

now might not have this unlock you have

to play my career a bit to get this I

mean this isn't really that necessary

for you to do the actual rep method but

it's going to help a lot but like I said

you're not gonna always have that right

off the bat next thing wanted he was

edit your playbook this is going to help

you a lot the specific play it's not the

whole rep method but you might want to

use it once in a while I'll show you

guys how that will be helpful but you

want to use quick one elevator rip is a

three point play and you want to make

sure your priority one is three-pointer

just so it's easy to access the play and

you guys can see when I toggle selection

to my p1 you can see that first play is

quick one elevator rip so it's really

easy there and if you don't know how to

actually put that into the playbook what

you want to do is go here and a

basically press triangle you're gonna

get all the plays you're gonna go to

three-pointer because it's technically a

three-point play go all the way down

until you see quick one elevated rib eye

doesn't even know there are this many

place in the game but you're just gonna

equip it from there okay

now be getting to the game yeah I know

there's a lot of stuff to do before you

got into the game but you literally want

every single factor to be on your side

to get literally the most rep possible

from this method so I'm gonna happen to

the game I'm not gonna be talking too

much directly about like what's going on

in the gameplay I'm just gonna go

through exactly what you want to do in

the rap method you can watch the

gameplay because it will help you see

exactly what I'm doing you guys can see

I already called half-court trap there

this rep method works for pretty much

any guard build in NBA 2k9 you know if

you can dribble if you can shoot even if

you're like a pure playmaker you're slow

be able to shoot especially off ankle

breakers this will work for you and then

especially with the Boost it's gonna

help a lot now even if you're not like a

guard build you definitely still want to

watch this because there's a lot of

things in here that are going to help

you wrap up fast even if it's not

specifically what you're doing with your

player there's a lot of tips in here

that will help you rev up a lot faster

you guys already know I'm using my play

sharp best guard build in 2k 19 and

probably one of the best guard bill just

for repping up but like I said this does

work for pretty much every guard build

first thing you want to do call

half-court trap on defense it's going to

basically trap it's going to allow the

other team to score really fast and if

they're not scoring they're still gonna

take a very quick shot because you know

the paint's pretty much always gonna be

wide open guys and see what happen right

there the center got a wide open layup

that's going to allow you to have the

ball way more you know you're not

wasting time just playing the offense

waiting for the AI to run on the shot


yeah so half-court trap also the whole

time you're on defense just hold l1

because it will call free double-team

doesn't always work but that's going to

help you a lot now you get into offense

now this is where you can really control

the game you can go as fast as you want

you have to be all business here

basically you want to go up the court

pass you know get the ball not right

next to inbound or get a little bit of

space go up the court fast call quick

isolation just press left on your d-pad

and press either RB or r1 depending on

what console you're on and it's going to

put you into a quick isolation and from

there you want to spam momentum behind

the back the one where you stand still

and you break a ton of ankles now if you

don't know how to do this you definitely

let's check out my dribble tutorial I'll

put that in the description but I'm

pretty sure most of you guards know how

to do that but that's necessary for this

method so if you don't want to do that

you definitely want to check out the

dribble tutorial you're going to spam

this literally just spam it until you

can create some space most the time

it'll be an ink raker sometimes the

defender just goes like way far back and

sometimes your

open we want to do this in the space to

where when you get open you're gonna be

shooting a limitless range three-pointer

and once you do that you I just just

want to shoot the three now you got to

man see it man I've been getting a ton

of greens man Alex they called me Peter

with the heater but now I've got a green

up but if you haven't checked out any of

my jump shot videos from this year

pretty much just any of them you're

definitely gonna want to go watch them

because you need an elite jump shot for

this method to work you're going to get

a ton of limitless three greens with a

play sharp for example I'm a play sharp

here on Hall of Fame difficulty right

it's going to help you a lot you

definitely need a really good jump shot

so you're gonna keep repeating this

momentum behind the bag ankle breaker

three thing until you have take over and

from there you can do one of four things

you can either keep doing it hopefully

you make it because if you miss you're

most likely going to lose take over and

you just wasted all that time or you can

just go for a regular assist now this

might be a little bit harder just cuz

you have to create something on offense

it's really effective on the fast break

but sometimes you get your teammates you

know cutting or right open for three

when you do go for an assist like that

just make sure you're spamming square

your ex depending on what console you're

on just to make them shoot it because

you want an assist you can also do a lob

so you know pick and roll and just throw

it to Andre Drummond or Blake Griffin or

whatever your big men are to get an easy

lob assist or you can run that quick one

elevator rip play which is going to all

your just get a wide open backdoor cut

to the basket and get an easy Q so this

is going to fill your take or meter from

just regular take over all the way the

team take over now once you get team

take over this is where you are going to

go off you guys can see me right here

you know ankle break your ankle Baker

Green 3 this is where you're going to

get most of your reps so on offense same

thing it's going to be a lot easier what

take over because you're gonna have

ankle breakers a lot easier a lot faster

and you're gonna be shooting better and

on defense this is what you're really

gonna see team take over and make a

difference because you're going to

control all of your players we just keep

switching your players and make them run

out of the paint make them just

completely go out of the defensive play

it's a lot easier after you score and

they're on the fast break but you guys

can see I'm constantly switching right

here you know I switch Drummond out of

the paint paints wide opening Blake

Griffin's out of the pain they're gonna

keep running back but you have to fight


sometimes you're gonna get a steal

there's gonna be better examples of

you're like you're gonna see after this

offensive possession but you're gonna

keep doing that man

that's where you're really gonna see the

difference because on a half-court trap

when you can't control your teammates

sometimes the paint is wide open

sometimes they score really fast but not

always so look what I'm doing right here

literally just having nobody play

defense give them a wide-open layup or

dunk whatever every single time and

you're basically never going to have to

play defense you're not spending any

time playing defense that's going to

help you a lot it's a huge time saver

because on defense you're literally

getting no rep you're just waiting to

get the ball back so you can go for rep

like you're really wasting time so this

is going to save a lot of time now that

might sound easy but there's certain

situations that might come up that you

might not know what to do and also you

have to master this method so I'm gonna

show you guys how to literally master

this method first of all if you become

cold because that can't happen and it

can't prevent you from speed boosting or

especially making shots you want to call

quick isolation and run that pick and

roll into a lob that's going to get you

out of cold probably the next play also

lobs give you way more rep than just

regular assists so you're still getting

rep doing this not as much as you know

an ankle breaker to limitless 3 but

you're still getting rep at the same

time but even though assists don't give

you any rep you still can go for them

you know if you're just running on

fast-break and you see Kyrie wide open

for a three or Blake Griffin wide open

in the paint or whatever you might as

well just hit them because it's going to

help your take over meter a lot it's

still gonna give you some rep and like

it's just really easy when I mean it's

just gonna speed up the game I wouldn't

just force you know if someone's wide

open I want to just force yourself to go

for the right method just get the assist

and go back on defense

also if you don't need to do the

momentum behind the back ankle breaker

thing don't do S&C they left me wide

open for a little history right here

just pull up for the three don't have to

do that it will give you more rep but

it's also going to waste a lot more time

now in case you didn't notice this whole

rep method is basically assuming that

you can easily just break your defenders

ankles with this you know momentum

behind the back thing and most of the

time that is true but there are some

cases where that's not true and you

might have to change up what you're

doing so basically if you can't get

angle breakers or you can't speed boost

mostly because you have a lock on you

because you know a lot of teams will end

up putting the lock down on you after

you score like 100 points or a lot of

times before that but you guys know what

I mean you can throw a couple of lobs

and try to get hot if that still does

you know if you still can't speed

boosting if you still can't break their

ankles you might as well just fall out

of that game you're just wasting time

you're not being productive foul out on

us you can be out if it's the second

half of most of time it's gonna be the

first half that they do that just foul

out you're gonna waste time hopefully

someone else is guarding you like

usually when you're fouling out you've

maybe fouled twice and you get taken out

you get put back in hopefully there's

someone else guarding you then but if

you're just struggling to scored because

of like a lockdown or just someone

guarding you that's lowering your stats

or you can break their angles just foul

also I know some people get

double-teamed a lot my career honestly

if you're calling quick isolation most

of the time you're not gonna get a

double team sometimes you well but you

guys can see right here I have 51 points

and like I don't know how many minutes

right so like they're not double-teaming

me still most of time you're not gonna

get double team also getting on court

coach and double taking over at 94 go

make things so much faster like I'm

still 92 I'm pretty sure in this clip

yeah it's going to be even faster when

you get on the court coach when he tell

us I'm gonna shoot they're gonna shoot

me right away no hesitation if you tell

us on the pass you're gonna pass you

right away and with double takeover

you're gonna be shooting even better

think of that i'ma play sharper have the

playmaker take over wait till I hit the

Sharpshooter take over as well now I'm

gonna talk about when you're going to

send out or just stop and how you can

actually get up to 300 K XP per hour

with this method so basically the way

the rep system works this year is that

some things you go for in terms of rep

caps so your limitless threes the cap at

33 s and of course that is the primary

source of your reps so we're gonna do is

score about a hundred five points that's

gonna make up for some 3s that you might

have took that weren't limitless or some

twos you might have talked you know

doing the whole team takeover thing

score about a hundred five points that's

equivalent to thirty five threes and

then sim out now if you're still in the

first half you're gonna foul out but

we're gonna talk more about adjusting

quarter length to help you get more reps


fouling out or just having a foul out is

going to lower your team a grade which

is going to give you a glass wrap it's

also gonna give you less PC and also of

course it takes more time now what I'm

doing here might look easy but think I'm

playing on Hall of Fame CPUs right like

the hardest difficulty in the game I'm

making these boys look like complete

bombs so what you're going to do you're

probably not gonna start off you know

Hall of Fame six minute quarters or


you're gonna start if you really want to

get just used to it

start pro 12 minutes now what you're

gonna do is basically keep adjusting

your cord length based on how much rep

you're getting you want to have just

enough rep at half time to where you can

just sit out immediately you don't want

to have to play the whole game and

there's really no point in doing that

because then you're just playing short

quarters we should result in more

timeouts we're just gonna let her take

over there's no point in doing that but

you also like I said you don't want to

have record length too long because then

you end up having to foul out so I

started that Pro in 12 minutes then I

went up to Hall of Fame 12 minutes and I

eventually got to the point to where I

was getting so much rep so fast I was

going 105 points in less than 24 minutes

I could I didn't have to play 12 minutes

anymore so I went down to eight minutes

and this I think this game plays about

eight minutes but then I mastered that

and then I I go and play six minutes and

I can literally score a hundred five

points in like twelve minutes of game

time which is crazy like it's really

really fast but I can still get better

and I'm out of your ninety-four yet so

that's gonna help as well so start out

even pro twelve minutes maybe

hall-of-fame twelve minutes and just

keep going down to where you're

eventually gonna get all your 105 points

in literally ten minutes

also I forgot to mention your energy you

want to have at least half your energy

at all times most so that's gonna

consist of your double Gatorade booster

but if it falls below that call a

timeout and if you're out of timeouts

just foul or similar so how much rep do

you really get from doing this you can

get like up to 300 K XP per hour like I

said you're playing this in ten minutes

and you're getting about 50k to 60k xp

for the game this is not actually the

same game because this was a different

quarter length but this is how much rep

you're gonna get just playing half of a

game so just let's do some math here

right if you're playing five minute

quarters that's ten minutes per half and

if I'm getting even just fifty XP no

this was fifty nine cape ritty much

almost 60 k but even for just getting

50k XP per game ten minutes every single

game and that's 50k if you multiply that

by six because ten minutes times six is

sixty minutes and that's an hour that is

300,000 XP per hour so this is the

fastest way to Knight an overall in NBA

2k 19 hey thank you guys so much for

watching hopefully you guys

enjoyed the fastest way to 99 overall

and I'm pretty sure this is gonna be a

fastest way for the rest of the year so

I'm probably not gonna post any more

videos on this just hopefully just helps

you on your grind Peter with mascots I

don't know if I'm gonna get mascots I

know I can I know I can do it but like I

just can't play that much micro yo I

don't play that much we'll see though

that's it for the video again make sure

I drop a like down below sub up with

your new turn on no D's we're on that

day of the upload Brian you guys