NBA 2k17 MyCAREER - How To Get +99 Attribute Boost in ONE Practice Tutorial!

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yo what it do YouTube so real quick I

want to make this shorts implement to

the point I'm going to show you guys how

you can get a plus 99 yes a plus 99 in

one practice now I'm gonna let you guys

know real quick this is gonna take a

while you want to sit down and get the

plus 99 it's gonna take a while but it's

real simple and I actually tried this by

accident my boy hit me up and he told me

you could do this I was like not you're

trolling me this it's no way but it

actually works all you got to do is walk

up do your practice right and I

recommend that you guys actually tell

them that you want to do it when they

initially say hey do you wanna 1v1 2v2

whatever they want to do tell them yeah

and then press Start options and then

it's gonna say do you want to stop

playing and shoot around yes then that's

when you hold l2 are two you're gonna

get your custom spot and then you do the

same thing press Start options and then

just keep repeating it just keep

repeating it hold l2 are two options yes

l2 are two options yes l2 are two

options yes and every third shoot around

or third mini drill whatever you're

gonna get a +1 like I literally made it

rain Plus once in one sitting

now real quick this is where things get

real I want you guys to take a look at

some of the key attributes before we do

this I'm gonna try one more time but I

want you guys to see it my shot IQ is

actually an 81 draw file is a 64 hands

are at a 77 intangibles are a 76 and I

got an off day right here so we're gonna

actually test it out if it works you

guys are gonna see a plus a boost in

what we just took a look at I walk into

the gym

my boy wants to work on some threes tell

them yeah why not and I'm gonna skip it

usually when you just tell them know

right off the bat right it kind of hurts

their feelings like they don't want to

do anything with you so there's one plus

one and draw file

there's another one in draw file and

right here should be another one popping

up there's another one in draw file so

that's plus three and draw file so far

it's real simple hold l2 r2 is gonna

give you the mini practice drill first

intangibles in the key number right here

is three after the third one BAM another

one intangibles

I've been keeping count myself and I

hope you guys have as well so

intangibles should say 78 so far there's

a plus one in hands that's a new one my

draw file was a 64 when we started so it

should say at least 67 make that at just

age 68 you know I'm gonna do something

right I'm actually edit I'm gonna put

like a little tally on the left or right

side so you guys can keep track as well

in case you weren't keeping track on a

notepad like me I kind of want to just

fast forward this because it looks like

you guys get the point intangibles gets

another plus one so real quick before I

fast forward and get through this

because I want to just get my doing work

of and just chill right intangibles if

this works when I show you guys the

attributes right and tangible should at

least say 79 hand should be a minimum of

a 78 draw file should be like 70 or 69

or six something something like that

should be at least 70 by the time I show

you the stats everything will probably

be in the 80s to be honest with you IQ

should be at least an 82 in this shot I

queued I just got right here if I take a

look at my stats right my shot IQ should

say a 99 and I'm a probably do this one

more time just so I get some draw files

draw file is very necessary

had it if you attack the rack you gotta

get that draw file moment of truth I

know you're watching this like this has

to be fake but boom chicka chicka bah

your boy got the shot iq up to a 99 we

started with the shot IQ at an 81 also

the draw file was a 64 that is up to an

85 I'm gonna do this again definitely

hands are at a 94 they started at 77 and

this is doe man this is dope that's the

only way you can do it that's the only

way you're gonna get those stats up so

if that's proof for you guys

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wolfpack thanks for watching intangibles

started at a 76 that's also up to a 98