Becoming a 911 Dispatcher... The Hiring Process

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hey everybody what's going on it's Laura

and welcome to my channel I am so glad

that you're here thank you so much for

watching I am super excited to make this

video for you today because I have

promised you all to make this video I'm

since you know once I get a thousand

subscribers and thanks to you all we are

over a thousand so yeah I'm super super

excited I'm so happy that you all are

really liking these now in one videos

and so I'm just going to keep it going

and this is another one hiring process a

few of you have asked about it I did a

video kind of similar to this but it

kind of did an outline everything um so

I wanted to just talk to you all about

the hiring process you may or may not

know this but I'm actually in the

process of starting a non one job again

but it's a little different I'm not

gonna really talk about it so much

because I'm going to keep the location

of my employment confidential however is

the same process throughout most

agencies it may just vary on which order

you do these things in but the process

in itself is very similar for all

agencies so if you're interested in

hearing about the non one hiring process

definitely stay tuned alright guys so

the first thing I did when applying for

number one job is I actually went and

applied for the job I saw the listing on

indeed so if you're ever interested in

emergency dispatch and you don't know

how to kind of narrow it down um you can

go so indeed or a muster on any of those

websites and in the search bar it

usually ask you like the jobs height or

position or something like that and just

put emergency dispatcher if that's what

you're interested in and then it'll have

a few different options for you so I'm

going to show you hopefully

on my phone so this is you take myself

cut up um

this is just the search space on indeed

not sure if you can even see this but

hopefully you can that's the search page

on indeed and what it has here is what

and where so I'm going to put emergency

dispatcher and since I am in the Dallas

area I'm just gonna play Dallas Fort

Worth Texas I did this and then you just

put fine jobs here you will see lots of

different options that come up once you

get to this page so I see there's a

bunch of different things so I saw this

one for a particular agency and decides

to apply i applied on their website and

actually apply in april and i was so

nervous because when I worked at the

agency that I worked for and we

neighbors finding pretty much right away

but this agency didn't it was like they

didn't want me and I started to fret I

was like oh my gosh but I they finally

caught me unusually a recruiter will

send you an e-mail or whoever call you

based on your job application if you are

good fit this agency that I was that

I've applied to are looking for

experienced call takers and dispatchers

and so I was a ei I already have my

certification so it's right up my alley

I applied about three and a half weeks

later and I finally heard back from the

employer so I was really excited and

then they say I mean if you're

interested in working in dispatch or law

enforcement and kind of just know there

is an extensive background investigation

if you're not sure what extensive is you

will be filling out at least twelve to

twenty pages of information regarding

all the addresses that you lived in the


ten years all of the jobs you've had in

the past ten years they wanted no

information about your relatives your

mother your father your siblings your

half-siblings they want to know

everything under the kitchen sink

also they also have a section on drugs

if you've ever used drugs I mean they

have a list of different drugs that you

you all have to put whether you use them

the frequency that you've using like the

first time you use it the last time you

use it how you use it and even sometimes

who you use the wit which method you

have all that stuff it's very intense

and I just suggest just telling the

truth just be honest now there are some


I'm not sure because I can't remember

there are some disqualifiers on some

drugs that automatically knock you out

of the running for this job I think it's

like like PCP those hallucinogens like

things like that and again I don't know

these off the top of my head so if

they're wrong my bad um so there are

things that just kind of knock you all

the way out of the race

I'm nonetheless I think they tell you

these things right away so you just put

all the information even including

marijuana they want to know when you

last used it who used it with when it's

the first time you ever used it so I

mean - meaning in these types of jobs

those are pretty basic questions you

have to put your relatives the the last

agency that I worked for I had to put

like relatives who were incarcerated on

the form this one didn't ask me that so

that was that was good because because

you hate to think that you might lose

out an opportunity for something that

someone who isn't you has done but

nonetheless I filled out my background

investigation and then I received an

email oh you also have to do

references and guys when I tell you you

need references like you need all their

information name address date of birth

all that good stuff

past employers even like some of my past

employers were like a long time ago they

want to go back 10 years but some places

I don't talk to anybody but you have to

find somebody and you have to put down a

reference for them so that's very

important as references and past

employers and if you don't have on that

information your application would be

disqualified and so you don't want

something minor like that to disqualify

you from a job and I always be honest

about you know the status of your work

if you've been terminated if you've been

laid off or if you resign because they

do look into those things and that just

goes with the amount of integrity that

you have as person so after I did the

background investigation I had to do

what is known in the number-one industry

as a critical test and what that is what

that does is basically assesses if you

might be able to do the actual job of a

non one call taker or dispatcher so

there are different modules in the

critical test so you might have map

reading where they're saying okay you

are at the police station how do you get

to the courthouse and then they'll have

a few different directions so you know

North two blocks and then West three

blocks go north again so it's like

things like that there is a compass if I

remember correctly on the map so it

wasn't hard you also have another part

of the test that you have someone

calling in and they're telling you their

name their spelling out their name

address phone number and things like

that and you have to type it in and put

it into the computer or CAD or whatever

it's called in the Kuti contest in

addition to that in the next module

because that's just kind of assessing if

you can

type what someone is saying so in the

next module is someone talking and

you're typing what they're saying and

then you also will have like this B

noise that you were hearing your headset

and then on the bottom of the screen

there is you know to say kids are

throwing rocks and what you have to do

is select which emergency services

personnel you'll dispatch so to either

have like police department Fire

Department EMS or ambulance and then

utilities because sometimes you know you

took okay so you have police EMS and

fire departments there together then

you'll have utilities and then animal

control and so you just have to select

which one kids are throwing rocks at

cars that's a police matter

just click police keep typing and doing

what you're doing it's definitely about

multitasking you'll have a lot of

different assignments that's gonna ask

you to multitask to do two to three

things at once simply because as a

dispatcher I mean when I was on NCIC

there are eight different monitors eight

different monitors three keyboards three

different Mouse's and then you had like

a pedal that you could also dispatch

from and like the little side click so

that's a lot going on so you definitely

need to know how to multitask

so after critical the next steps and

I'll go through with you as I go through

those steps if I tell you what they are

you have a panel interview then you'll

have a physical and drug screen and well

saddle interview then a polygraph test

that's something that they all do so if

you you know lie or feel uncomfortable

taking a polygraph test this is not the

job for you because you will have to do

it it's like a polygraph test then after

that you do your physical with my

physical for my last job at nine

one was was that eye exam and ear exam

and that was pretty much it in a drug

screen so those eyes ears and drugs and

I just want to make sure you can hearing

that you can see and if you can't see

that your corrective lenses will correct

your vision to what it needs to be and

my last position we had like a sit-in

where you came in and you said and

listen to some calls I'm not sure if

that's part of this process or not but

if it is I'll let y'all know one side

once I complete it again I love not on

one and I'm so excited that I'm going

back into this field and then I can

share more things with you all about

what it's like to be a dispatcher I have

another video coming up because I've

actually talked to some of my dispatcher

friends I'm so come up with some some

tips or some ways to balance life and

just life and life as an ongoing

dispatcher because it's it can get

pretty rough at times I'm not gonna lie

sometimes you take calls that you

weren't expecting to take or that just

you know really do something to your

psyche and so I want to be able to help

you be as prepared as possible

especially if this is something new that

you're interested in doing so thank you

all for watching again thank you so much

for the thousand subscribers I am just

shocked about it but so excited I'm

definitely going to be bringing you all

more content more story time videos

because I have a whole list on my phone

that I just kind of want to share with

you also

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