First Steps To Becoming An Army Ranger | 75th Ranger Regiment

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what is going on guys so today I want to

go over the basics on who can be a

ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment all

right so like I said I am just gonna be

going over the basics for this so if you

are thinking of joining the army and you

would like to be in the 75th Ranger

Regiment then this video is for you and

I'm just gonna let you guys know what

the basics on the qualifications are I'm

gonna go over those real quick and then

I'm gonna go over the mos is that are in

the 75th Ranger Regiment so if you're

wanting to be in that you do not have to

be just specifically infantry you don't

even have to be a combat MOS to be a

ranger in the 7th Ranger Regiment so I'm

gonna go over that but let's first get

into the basics on the qualification

alright so real quickly I'm gonna go

ahead and read these off I'll probably

throw them up on the screen as well but

basically obviously you have to be a

citizen that's the first thing that's

like on everything in the military it's

like oh you got to be a citizen you get

your citizenship by joining the military

I don't know why they put that on all

the qualifications but they're always

there but anyways you got to be active

duty you're not gonna be a reservist or

National Guard if you're gonna be in a

75th Ranger Regiment that's different

than Ranger School technically it's like

a way longshot to be to go to Ranger

School and be in the reserves for the

National Guard it is so possible but it

is not possible to be in the 75th and

not be active duty so that's a big

requirement so you're gonna have to want

to go active duty a GG score of 105 or

higher is going to be requirement when

enlisting or whenever you're applying

you know that's usually about a 70 ASVAB

score sometimes you might get a higher

GT score or with a lower as that but

usually I see people with about a 70

adds up we're going to have like a 105

GT score so that's gonna be requirement

and then also the physical requirements

that you're gonna take when you first

get to rasp or even Ranger school for

that matter it's 58 push-ups

69 situps a five-mile run in 40 minutes

or less which is an 8 minute per mile

pace and you're gonna do 6 pull-ups

which isn't a part of the normal PT test

and they're gonna do a 12-mile ruck

march with your weapon 35 pound rucksack

and less than

which isn't really too bad you know the

army standard is four hours and you

don't have to really run any of that at

all to get it under four hours if you

want to get a 12-mile ruck and under

three hours you're probably gonna have

to jog a little bit of it but it's

honestly not that difficult at all and

then you have to qualify or volunteer

for every one school if you want to be

in the 75th Ranger Regiment you got to

do that you do not necessarily have to

do that if you want to go Ranger School

but again that is a different beast in

it of itself and then finally you got to

have the MOS that is in the Army Ranger

Regiment so that brings me to the point

of video where I'm going to talk about

the mo Isis and the reason I'm making

this video is because I know some people

out there previously myself wait a long

time before I was in the Army I thought

you know the Army Ranger Regiment you

want to be a ranger you basically have

to be infantry you basically got to be

in a combat MOS if you want to do that

and that is just not the case they

actually have MLS's that have absolutely

nothing to do with combat a.k like a

chaplain so if you're going to be

essentially a chaplain as a pastor a

mentor a counselor in the military and

you can be a chaplain and being the 75th

Ranger Regiment and I'm gonna leave a

list in the description and/or

a link in the description to the entire

list of invoices that are found in the

Army Ranger Regiment but just be assured

that you don't have to be infantry you

can literally be most one probably not

most I'm not sure what the exact count

is but there's a large number of MOS

that are found in the Ranger Regiment so

you know you can probably find one of

those in there that you're going to

enjoy if you still want to be in Ranger

Regiment but you don't want to be

infantry the reason that the 75th Ranger

Regiment has all these different MOS is

because they're not just those door

kickers they're not just those infantry

soldiers that you know are just gonna

operate and do their own thing they're

different battalions or groups the

regiment's of soldiers and to make that

easier to operate you're going to have

those different support MOS a--'s that

are going to be found in the set of the

Ranger Regiment so you don't have like

outsource everything because like if you

were to imagine the 75th Ranger

being all infantry soldiers then

whenever they want to go and do

something if they want to go and do some

kind of rate if they wanna do some kind

of operation then they're gonna have to

be supported by a whole bunch of people

who aren't Ranger qualified so the

Ranger qualification the racks

it's basically picking the best of the

different mos is the different support

mo Isis to then support the combat arms

that are in the 75th Ranger Regiment so

they can operate as effectively as

possible so that's a really good thing

and even if you're you know not a combat

MOS you're going to be around that stuff

more if you're kind of into that kind of

thing so it mean you know 25 Bravo my

old MOS is in the 75th Ranger Regiment

actually my current MOS has a 25 alpha

signal officers also in the 75th Ranger

Regiment and even though those are not

combat arms I would as a signal soldier

would be supporting the different

communications and stuff that the

Rangers actually mean that the infantry

the combat arms what they actually need

to operate effectively I'm you know I'm

gonna be really proficient at my job so

that I can support them as best as

possible so make sure you guys check out

that link in the description or the list

I'm not sure which I'm going to do yet

because you do kind of does this

character limit and I know it's a really

long list and make sure you guys check

that out but if you are interested at a

basic level of joining the 75th Ranger

Regiment these are the basic

qualifications and then letting you know

that it's not just combat arms that is

qualified that is eligible for the sub

fifth Ranger is so that's gonna be it

for this short sweet video about the

75th so if you're really hooah

you want to do that you want to work

hard you want to go through a lot of

stuff to get to the other side of just

awesomeness to be able to say you're a

ranger then feel free to do that you

know talking to recruiter about getting

Rassilon your contract will be your

basically your first step that you need

to do that's gonna be it for this video

hope you guys enjoyed if you did hit

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