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what is that my vote for people how's

everybody doing today today's gonna be a

useful day in this video is long overdue

as you guys know I am seven feet tall

that's that's equivalent to uh hey Siri

how much is seven feet in centimeters

which is equivalent to about two hundred

thirteen point three six centimeters

don't ask me I know that I just

I'm very factual about things the thing

we are going to be talking about today

is how to grow taller or is there even a

way to grow taller we're gonna talk

about all that because I'm tired of

seeing all those comments of you guys

doing well I'm fourteen years old how

tall will I be Bo I'm 18 years old how

tall I'm not a doctor I don't know but I

do have a few things that I would like

to talk to you about that may help you

get an extra inch or two or sort of

settle what's your thoughts on how to

grow taller I don't know but first up

before we get started I want everybody

to put in the comments your age and how

tall you are every single one of you

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that being said now let's get started

with the video when did you hit seven

foot how are you so tall your parents

tall is your family tall what can I do

to be taller

all these questions there's no easy way

to just be taller

I read that how tall you're gonna be is

actually 80% just genetics so if you

don't have the genetics a lot of the

times you can't just like be seven feet

or you can't be six five or six three

however tall for example I've been

taught my whole life was 511 when I was

13 six foot around 1516 I was around 63

seventeen I was about 6 7 89 hit about

6,000 of 610 once I got to college I

grew even more and then once I was about

22 I hit seven feet tall and that's not

because I just randomly was gonna be

tall my dad is 69 my mom is 61 all my

grandparents are like over 6-3 my

grandpa is like 65 my uncles 6 6 my

other uncle is 6 8 it's genetics okay

that's the simple answer is genetics but

there are there's certain ways to which

you can appear taller or which you can

grow a little bit taller that I

personally read about now I don't know

if they're true so don't be like bow

your doctor

how do you know all this stuff I don't I

don't I'm just trying to help you guys

out because this is a question that a

lot of you guys have asked first thing

when you're growing and your teenager is

you got to stay healthy you got to eat

right you have to exercise you got to do

all this different stuff because you're

helping your body even if you're not

even going to grow but and with eating

well and exercising when you're a young

adult another thing that you really want

to focus on is things that will not let

you grow are things that will stunt your

growth now a lot of you may be thinking

uh caffeine Kathy and that's actually a


caffeine doesn't actually help you grow

but it does help you from not sleeping

and sleeping is actually a huge thing to

help your body grow

I just left so much I had crazy growing

pains but sleeping is actually what my

doctor told me as to how I could

actually grow healthier I don't know if

that makes sense but that's what he told

me another thing is don't smoke

cigarettes don't smoke tobacco like any

of that don't smoke in general because

that is a huge thing that stunts your

growth there's been so many studies that

show what tobacco does and what smoking

does to you and how it actually does

stunt your growth

so if you do want to go taller don't

smoke the next thing that can actually

help you seem taller or maybe even grow

an inch or so is just stretch work on

your posture if you're constantly like

hunched back then just doing all these

things walk around hunched back if you

increase your posture it's a thing that

people don't think about but seriously

like if I'm 611 when I'm like hunching

over if I go like this like just sitting

in a chair alone you can see it and

especially standing up if I stand by my

doorway sometimes if I go like this I

can just go right in his doors but if

I'm standing up straight

I literally have to duck so you want to

have that illusion of being taller if

you do have better posture you will seem

taller because you're actually gonna be

standing up straight like you should so

work on your posture and also stretch

stretching is a huge thing I heard that

if you stretch in the morning done once

again don't quote me on this I don't

know if this is true if you stretch in

the morning it actually can help sort of

like stretch out your whole body your

vertebrae your muscles I think of your

muscles as a tight rubber band meaning

when you're trying to grow if the rubber

bands are really tight together it's

gonna be harder to pull them apart but

if the rubber bands are loose your

body's trying to grow it's a lot easier

to do that you're more flexible your

posture is better so work on stretch

I don't know if I'm making any sense on

any of this video but these small little

things might help you get another inch

or two but once again it is 80% genetics

so if you have a tall family that now

that's not saying if you have a shorter

family if you'll grow taller I have

friends who have families that whoever

mom and dad that are like five three and

they're like six five so I don't know

how that happens but the best thing that

I can tell you the best advice I can

give you is just go to your doctor ask

them you can see if your growth plates

are still open you they actually are

able to determine how tall you might be

able to be like when I was born I was

born into the 99th percentile of like

tall people or babies I don't know those

guaranteed to be 69 or 610 and again

once I got older they told me at the

doctors that I was only going to be 66

or 67 when I went in for a checkup when

I was a teenager

two years later I was seven feet so I

know where the doctors went wrong with

that I think I'm pretty much done

growing uh I don't see myself growing

anymore oh my god topic I'm just kidding

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I always remember the most important

thing be you'll be beautiful because

that's the best person you could be now

go out there and live your lives