How to Grow 6 Inches Taller in 1 Week | 100% Guaranteed!

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looking to increase your height you can

increase your height by doing specific

stretches and exercises stretch yourself

an increase six inches taller by doing

these stretches before the placing your

boys fuse together sometime between the

ages of 19 to 27 but also by improving

your posture and strengthening your back

we add the brain box gathered best 7

stretching exercises to grow you 6

inches taller before going to today's

video if you new here please hit that

subscribe button number one toe touching

stretch start every morning by getting

out of bed and stretching your back and

hamstrings with some toe touches doing

this stretch will warm up your back

muscles and improve your posture and

strengthen your back start by reaching

straight up with your arms above your

head before bending over and touching

your toes try to keep your leg straight

but a little bend in the knee is fine

finish by releasing and bring your hands

back up above your head and straighten

your spine

try to do this stretch every morning

number 2 do with the bridge exercise

improve flexibility in your back by

doing a preach Wireless pulse is a

stretch of the hip flexors is also an

exercise for the lower back and the back

up time completing a bridge is a little

tougher than just touching your toes

start by lying on your back then lift

your knees and reach your hands

to grab your ankles to make it Olivia

you can hold your arms out at your sides

instead of holding the ankles

finish by lifting your towel from your

hips so you are stretching out your back

number three do a couple doing this yoga

pose will help improve flexibility in

your back relieve pressure on your back

by doing this stretch doing this pose

after slouching can help you to realign

your back start by laying flat on your

chest with your hands at either side of

you now push down on your hands and lift

your chest up tilt your head back a

little make the stretch more effective

by using your back muscles as much as

you can number four do a hip flexor

stretch follow these instructions to

release pressure on your lower back and

abdominal massive with this stretch

start from standing position with your

hands on your hips make sure that your

knees are aligned horizontally now place

one foot on the ground ahead of you

like you're stepping forward bend your

extended knee and chance your body

weight to that front leg lowering

yourself slowly until your back knee

just kisses the ground lean backwards a

bit and tilt your head up to the ceiling

step back into a standing position and

repeat on other side try to do these

stretch right before you go to bed

number five do the yoga Mountain Pose do

the simple exercise to help align your

pipe stop let's turning up strict finish

by moving your shoulders back and down

while you stretch your head up towards

the ceiling doing Jukka exercises will

help straighten the back so that you

can't push back your shoulders number

six do pelota increase your strength and

flexibility by two local artists take a

Pilates class at a gym or a community

center doing Pilates will improve your

posture so that you look taller believer

that the paving of Pilatus is quicker

than in yoga number seven go spin spin

can stretch your body so that you look

taller also swimming stretch your arms

legs and back swim if you want a

low-impact way to exercise streaming

also reduces pressure on new joint so

that sounds are best 7 stretching

exercises to grow six inches taller hope

you enjoy the video if you did please

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until next time have a great day