An Overview of Lean Six Sigma Certifications

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so this is a quick overview of Lean Six

Sigma certifications but before we get

started I wanted to mention that if

we're interested in a free certification

course you can find one at Six Sigma

Society org now the world of Lean Six

Sigma certifications are critical and

there's four key certifications there's

a white belt a yellow belt a green belt

and a black belt so let's talk first

about the white belt those are

individuals that understand the

foundational terms of Lean Six Sigma a

yellow belt they have a basic

understanding so they know a little bit

more and they oftentimes support process

improvement projects they don't really

lead them typically but they oftentimes

support those projects now green belts

they have an intermediate understanding

of Lean Six Sigma and often times lead

small process improvement projects or

they may be working on or supporting

larger initiatives black belt they have

a deep understanding of Lean Six Sigma

and then B large cross functional

projects you might be asking yourself

which certification is right for me and

I would really say it depends you need

to ask yourself a couple questions first

how much time do you have if you don't

have a lot of time to invest in this

initially maybe you don't want to go

with a black belt certification maybe

you want to go with a white belt or a

yellow belt another question you want to

ask is what does your job or the job

you're interested in require if it

doesn't need a black belt maybe you

decide to go with a yellow belt or a

green belt now just in my opinion I

think each of these certifications can

boost your resume so I wouldn't worry

too much if you don't select the right

one or what you think is the right one

because all of them I think can help you

another point that I want to make here

is that there's a lot of organizations

that offer certifications before you

select one you want to ask yourself or

ask a few questions first are you

looking for online or on-site training

that may dictate what organization you

go with another question does an

organization certifications require

previous work experience that might also

change who you select as your

certification provider

and another question did they have good

examples of test questions I think it's

important that you see those on their

website so you got surprised when you

take the certification course or the

test at the end of the course you should

really know ahead of time what those are

going to look like there's no surprises

and finally I'd say that as long as you

don't really get a certification from

some random organization or somebody off

the street I think that you'll be okay

you do want to go with organizations

that do have some reputation and that

are reliable and finally just to close

here again if you're looking for a free

Lean Six Sigma certification course it's

a white belt certification course you

can go to Six Sigma Society org you can

register and start right away