Get a “6 Pack” in 22 Days! (HOME AB WORKOUT)

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what's up guys jeff cavaliere so 22 days for a six-pack

well okay let's let's be clear here if

you look like this right now then 22

days is not going to deliver your

six-pack well hold on I got some

encouraging news for you too the idea is

that I showed you before in previous

video that you can actually get a

six-pack to show at much higher body fat

levels than maybe you thought like even

in the mid teens you could actually see

not necessarily a real sharp six-pack

which you can see them so that's the

first part the second thing though is we

we know that if you follow a good

nutrition plan that you can carve away

your abs more and more because you lose

some of the overlying body fat so the

guy that was up in that range he does

have hope if he can kind of get that

nutrition part but it does tend to be a

little difficult I get it but what we

need to do is we need to change habits

and right now we find ourselves in a

situation where changing our habits is

something we're being forced to do

because the world around us is forcing

us to change our habits so we have to do

is take advantage of that and we know

that 22 days is a period that allows us

to actually implement changes to habits

if we could do something for 22 days we

can actually see changes so even if

you're starting out at kind of a higher

level than expected here open the 30%

range if you do what I'm showing you

here you're gonna start to adopt a new

way of eating hopefully paired up with

your ability to stick to this for 22

days which will get you on the right

track and change your life so what are

we doing we're doing an ab workout that

we can all do everybody can do it

because it's just six exercises it's

gonna be done right here on the floor

with nothing else and I'm scaling it for

every single level and the way we do

that is with a technique we use in a

previous video called extinction

training and what extinction training

does is it takes an ab exercise let's

say the first one you're gonna see here

is called the W raise for our lower abs

the rep goal here is just five if you

could do five rest 10 seconds and you do

it again you rest 10 seconds and you do

it again you rest 10 seconds you do it

again it ultimately even the most

advanced is not going to be able to

recover in those 10 seconds and they're

not gonna be able to get all five so at

that point you become extinct you move

on to the next exercise so every

exercise has either a rep or a time

you have to perform it for and when you

can't do it then you move on so we can

see that even the beginners might just

kind of get knocked out in the very

first round or second around but that's

okay because there's room for

improvement so that being said let's

start going through the actual workout

and you can see the W rays here is kind

of three parts we're kind of letting our

legs start from low towards the ground

down just halfway back up to the top try

to clear your hips off the ground come

back down go back to the outer leg of

the W again and then you come all the

way back down again and then you come

back up and reverse the W so you can see

with my arms here I'm going all the way

up with the legs down just half way back

up lift the pelvis down up here and then

all the way down to the ground and

repeat until you can't get all five as

soon as you can't you move to the next

exercise the next one here is the Black

Widow nice slides and this is something

we talked about working bottom up

rotation and you can see as I cross my

knee over and drive it into that

opposite elbow I'm getting that rotation

and of course I have to lift that knee

and slide it up the forearm which

creates more of that posterior pelvic

tilt more of that ab engagement this is

done for 45 seconds so if you get

through all 45 seconds you then rest ten

seconds you can go again you can see

it's gonna be difficult for even the

most advanced to do a whole hell of a

lot of sets here at 45 seconds apiece

with just a 10-second rest so you are

gonna get caught up at some point even

if you're really advanced in your ab

training we move on to the next exercise

it's called the butterfly sit up the

arms actually provide you with a little

bit of momentum to help to get you off

the ground but at the same time we kind

of open up a little bit of extra benefit

from the back side muscles of our upper

back can never go wrong with that but

the fact is we do this for 10 butterfly

situps to get to our extinction number

when we can't do 10 anymore then we move

on the next exercise is the seated

corkscrew because now we want to take it

we want to work not just the rectus

abdominus but the obliques and we talk

all the time about how the obliques work

to sort of taper in and visually taper

in the midsection so we could do that

with a seated corkscrew you simply put

your hands back behind your body you

drive your knees in and across really

trying to contract the obliques this is

another one of those timed exercises

where we see if we can last for the

entire 45 seconds and if we can we earn

that ten-second rest and we repeat

as many times we could possibly do that

again beginners might find that they

can't even get through the first 45

seconds but that's okay because it gives

you a place to start and to improve upon

and you're gonna be able to expand and

this workout can grow with you for as

long as you want it to but again 22 days

here is the goal 22 days in a row we

move on to the last two exercises the

first of which is the levitation crunch

and I love this one for what we call a

top-down movements where we're just

trying to move the upper torso without

moving the lower torso we know that

that's easier to do because the way the

legs is not one of those factors that we

have to really accommodate for and what

we do is we're just trying to clear the

shoulders off of the ground you simply

lift yourself up and try to clear them

off the ground and what you do is you

try to hold and pause at the top that's

where the levitation part comes in for

like a one or two count we really try to

make the upper abs work and hold that

contraction 10 good quality contractions

and then finally the workout wraps up

with the sit-up elbow thrust this is our

top down rotation move here we're trying

to just do five to each side you can see

it's a little bit more explosive too but

I come and I sit up and I Drive across

my body and I come back to Center and I

lower myself down come up and drive

across the body Center and down five

repetitions to each side again the goal

being get all five rest ten seconds and

try to get five and five again rush 10

seconds to try to get five and five

again again at this point this exercise

might not have been so difficult in the

beginning but because you're doing it in

the fatigue State it's going to catch up

to you and you may not be able to do all

that many rounds of five and five and

five and five this exercise here getting

caps off this workout but guys remember

it's the consistency of doing this

workout just make the commitment do it

with me you know it's not that difficult

guys again you could start low and

finish high you just got to make sure

you're doing it twenty-two days is all

I'm looking for and even if you're at

that high level of body fat you develop

that habit that will set you up for a

lifetime and hopefully a whole new

lifestyle and maybe this whole situation

that we've been thrown in right now is

an opportunity here that we can embrace

it gets us on the right track so if

you're looking for a program guys where

we actually take advantage of those

habits that you've already ingrained and

take it to the whole log level that's

what all of our programs do it over

XCOM you can find them there in the

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