How I Grew To 6"3 ( how to grow taller )

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what's going on guys my name is Sami so

some of you may already know that some

of you may not and today I'm going to

speak about how I go to six for free so

how we taught Twitter in general

so what last stop wanna stop of this

my mother is is five four and my father

is 510 right so none of them you know

none of them are over six over six foot

but family in general isn't necessarily

really too so yeah there was nothing in

my my genes that predispose need to grow

to six foot to go over six foot

basically okay so grown up I was I was

always above average in high was never

like really sure anything I remember

when I was sixteen yeah okay when I was


basically I was around 510 maybe around

511 with shoes on and that's probably

genetically where I would have stopped

growing if I didn't do the things that

did that I I did to go to six feet right

so what did I do

right this isn't before I can't watch it

this isn't a video that is going to I am

genuinely telling you basically what I

did to go to six free this may not work

for you if you're like you know 20 years

old and you're still 510 this may not

work for you but if you are around you

know 15 to you know 17 ways to have the

opportunity to grow then then you know

try and do this and you could you could

grow to all the six foot right so I did

basically basically what I did was was I

ate a lot right was I it was I ate any

more right during this time during the


around 15 16 17 I was eating a lot you

know I gained a bit of weight as well

but as I gained weight

I also go too low so he couldn't me tell

you know I grew around

I grew around 4 inches from the ages of

15 to 18 ok which is which is

realistically which is not that much but

I still come to over 6 foot right so

yeah if you are young you know if you're

a young person around 16 years old and

you want to go to LA

what I would say is to eat more you know

eat more than that you would normally

eat make sure you get your nutrients you

know me make sure you eat the right

foods make sure you know you're even you

know basically more than you're supposed

to and eventually you will grow as I did

and it may take time you know it won't

you know happen over a year but

eventually you will go to LA and you may

even go to even 260 you know random I'm

19 years old I'm around 63 around 6 to 6

foot shoes on and and yeah when I was

sixteen hundred I was about 510

I ate I gained weight I go to LA and

yeah 1996 free okay do this you are not

guaranteed to go to LA but there is a

good chance because I'm you to LA you

know so there is a chance that you may

grow taller as well so if you enjoyed

this video please please subscribe and

support me and take care of yourself

remember eat well and yeah eating more

than you should and you know okay thank