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what my beautiful people

I am Chevy furnace this China welcome

one to this Jamaica and an extended

Germanic African family make sure you

are subscribed don't below okay now for

today's video I will be sharing with you

guys how I got my hair to be full and

how I got rid of my bald spot so first

let me give you guys a little backstory

on how this ball spot came about and how

much of a new science it was for the

last couple of years so I have eczema on

the left side of my body yes

only the left side of my body is

affected by eczema so I have it on my

arms I have it on my thigh and I have it

on my boob area and it affects the

growing of my hair in the left back side

so I have realized that I had a demo

when I was 18 years old I'm no 25 years

old so that was seven years ago

it has gotten worse since I'm here in

Canada six years ago and what kind of a

tumor I have I do not know but different

people experience different types of

eczema I'm not a dermatologist so the

first thing that you need to do is

consult your doctor that's what you're

supposed to consult your doctor now my

type of eczema I don't have cracking of

the skin I don't bleed I just have

scarring and then during the wintertime

when there's heat on inside my house I

get really bad itch is now for my hair

the hair in the back here tend to break

all the time I realized that it was

induced by stress so when I was doing

different exams when I had very

important things coming up in my life I

realized that my hair broke now I

graduated University two years ago so I

don't think it's a coincidence that my

hair as have gotten fuller

since then so I got my degree out of the

way sure life has hided me a couple of

stressful moments since then but my hair

has been consistent and I realized that

I changed some things that has helped me

to grow my hair fuller now I did have an

appointment with new dermatologists in

March but because of coronavirus

obviously everything is closed so I will

be giving you guys a update on the

solution that this new dermatologist is

about to give me previous doctors have


what was it steroid injections and I

think it's called plasma I'm not sure I

forgot but they did recommend some stuff

like that something sturdy injections or

whatever it so I'm consulting with your

professional licensed actual

dermatologist as opposed to a family

doctor to get a solution to help me out

even more but I have taken some actions

myself to help with the balls but no

first let me just say if you're looking

for tips for long hair I do not have

them even before I returned natural

during the time of my hair was perm and

through my childhood I have never had

long hair past the shoulders now a lot

of people have sold you ideas of long

hair I'm not here to sell you back

because I don't know I've never

experienced it and I'm just trying to

show you guys some healthy things that

tips on how I got my hair to a help you

know a little back story I returned

natural I like to say return I suppose

to going quite natural so I return

natural in 2015 because obviously the

bald spot was annoying me and I realized

that maybe it was because I'm using

chemicals at the perm the relaxer in my

hair and with the eggs I'm I don't think

that was a good idea so I stopped I did

a big chop and

returned natural now after two years of

being natural or returning natural I

realized that my boss spot was returning

my hair shed he's like crazy and

everything that could go wrong went

wrong with my natural hair the first

year I had heat damage even or did its

heat and that had a lot to do with when

a lot of people return natural they

don't know what to do so I was kind of

maneuvering around what is the proper

thing to do with my hair I didn't know

anything about porosity I didn't know

anything about creams versus gels

I didn't know anything at all which a

lot of us Naturals have gone through in

our first year we don't nothing so after

go returning natural of my hair booth

again so I decided to do a taper cut in

2018 so that was two years ago I cut my

hair once again and I'm like second time

around hopefully it works so after doing

that taper cut my hair was growing back

really nicely until I realized this side

and the right side was just not they

were just not working together

it was just not even at all and I

realized here it took a whole lot longer

to grow and then the bald spot returned

oh there is no way I'm cutting this a

third time like I just couldn't be

bothered because I like to do certain

styles that requires some sum here so it

got me frustrated and I tried rice water

I did not keep up with it I told you

guys was gonna do it okay but honestly I

did not keep consistent with the rice


I don't know why I didn't like it to be

honest but I just wasn't with it maybe

I'll give it a second try but my hair

was softer after using the worth of rice

water but I I don't know why I didn't

continue I don't know Amy

so after trying that and then

not cutting me I went ahead and I tried

nature's bounty hair skin and nails with


now I have been using this consistently

and my hair has gotten fuller now this

is not a sponsored video at all since I

don't know who these people are but

after using these gummies this is my

third bottle my hair has gotten thicker

since then

no I've always had somewhat of a thinner

oily hair and you think this my hair has

gotten fuller it doesn't coil as tightly

as it used to I realized I guess because

of the thickness or this right here

I can't I no longer do it though if it's


I'm back at Walmart getting another

couple of bottles you know another thing

that I have been super consistent with

using is a certified Bella scalp therapy

oil now if you guys have been here for a


you might have seen me use this in every

single natural hair video maybe even

some weight videos before I put on my

wigs you might have seen me use this I

use this kind of system Li and if I

haven't showed it on camera I'm using it

off camera so the mouse part has been

gone for six months now what I think

being gone before the six months it was

full enough but it hadn't grown like

actual strong's up here so this is the

first time and the longest time it has

gone with just being consistent and I

don't want to jinx it but I am keeping

consistent with the things that I have

been using but as I said consult your

dermatologist I have put on this

consultation for too long and it kinda


mr. Estrada is over

I'm going to get my consultation and I

said I'm gonna keep you guys updated now

the next thing that I haven't been used

inconsistently you know what I'm gonna

keep I'm gonna stop saying use this

consistently everything I want to show

you is what I've been using non-stop so

the certified Bella stimulating drops

and this is it's rich in fatty acids and

vitamin E also all my videos you see the

natural hair styles protective styles

anything I use this directly on the left

back side I use that on here massage it

and I don't use it all over my hair just

about one spot no another thing that I

have kept consistent with which I

haven't done in the past since returning

natural and that is making sure that I

have a schedule routine for my hair now

I deep condition consistently and the

thing that I deep condition with like

all the time is a natural Club deep

conditioner no I use this I would say

every two weeks and it depends on the

style and the build up that I get after

doing that style I'll do it every week

well I am really nothing but it if I

want a style that I did maybe I did a

protective style that I only had in for

a week which is not much protective

style but I use a natural club deep

conditioner her often and the one that I

use is the damage control so I leave

that on there for hours as opposed to

the 45 minutes I'll leave it on me for

the full data because I need it to

penetrate my hair another thing you want

to make sure is that

find out what your hair needs are here

will basically tell you what is going on

and after returning natural and then

doing the tapered cut and then this year

I feel like I've actually started to

feel like I understand what's going on

with my head cop so I know that I have

low porosity here and I have also

learned that I don't wash my hair with

cold water but with really warm water

and I learned this also from my stylist

when I went to get that steam treatment

that I did a video on and with the low

porosity hair because it takes our hair

doesn't take well to products especially

creamy products and taking in moisture

we mean the heat and the steam to

penetrate the Strongs of our hair so

that we can get the moisture that we

need so I did a whole video on this and

I did a deep conditioning treatment on

my hair before I did the style so that

my hair looks full and shiny so deep

treating all the time learning the type

of porosity that my hair is and then

figuring out the products that works

best for me now I don't know if these

things come but I think I drink way more

water that I did in previous years and

yeah you should definitely drink water I

still need to drink more water and also

I have worked out the most in my life in

these past year and a half in the past

year and a half and yeah that is

basically it for my hair update and my

false growth it's not much of anything

basically this is just my tips on what I

have been doing so I am NOT a

professional you should see a

dermatologist I cannot stress that see a

actual professional actual doctor so I'm

just giving you tips on what I have done

and I myself need to go see my

dermatologist and as I said as soon as

that happens I will be doing the updated

video and telling you guys the

recommendations the remedy that I got if

they recommended me

no steroid shots or what it's happening

and also what the heck to do with my

skin and even though I'm not itching I

feel like my scar is going away

I've had people give me tips of course I

have gotten all types of tips I've used

all types of things but also I do not

want to use too many things on my skin

until I actually get that professional

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one big open yourself hi guys