A Day in the Life of a 3D Modeler

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hello I'm Josh I'm a 3d modeler and

animator when I was in college I always

enjoyed watching the day-in-the-life

videos of people in the same profession

that I was pursuing which was computer

animation it's just something

interesting about watching someone go

about their daily routine and a field

that you hope to one day be in I've been

3d modeling for five years now the first

two years were in school and more of

just a hobby but I've been in the field

doing it as my full-time job for almost

three years I thought it'd be fun to

share how I go about my days 3d modeller

how I manage my time how I stay

organized in my everyday tasks and it

all starts here I start my day as any

typical person with coffee and cats I

prefer a double shot of espresso it gets

the job done quick but if I'm feeling

crazy I'll make an Americano today I was

not feeling crazy I try to get up around

5:00 a.m. and spend an hour or so in the

morning watching some YouTube videos on

the couch and playing clash of clans

this gives me some time to wake up and

get myself together after I've put all

my builders to work and collected my

elixir I do all the other typical human

things then I give each cat an

inspirational motivational talk about

how special and good they are and then

after that it is time to head out the

door but during the shooting of this

video we are to stay home so instead I

head up into my home office it's around

7:45 when I officially start my workday

those of you who don't know I work as a

3d modeler at a landscape design firm

during the day and freelance in the

evening it is a lot but I like what I do

so I don't mind after I'm all logged in

I launched my email to catch up on one

piece of spam I received overnight

I opened Trello to manage my list of

everything I need to do for the day and

YouTube to listen to either tutorials on

other programs top 5 scary ghost videos

or music Trello is a great application

to keep track and organize your tasks

today on the list I have a residential

project I have to wrap up along with

modeling some houses and outdoor


I used to sketch up for just about

everything if you have the right tools

and extensions you can achieve

about the same look as any other 3d

program unless it's a more organic asset

than all either used Maya ZBrush or


I usually just choose which program it's

best suited for what I'm modeling in

today's case will just be using Sketchup

I'm going to fast forward a bit and get

some of these projects done


it's now 11:30 a.m. and this is the time

I usually like to take a quick lunch

make another double shot and pet the

cats after I finish eating whatever it

is I found in the kitchen I saddle back

up and finish out the day


it's 4:30

my lovey-dovey wife typically makes

dinner for us we sit and smile and eat

till around 6 o'clock then I go back to

work for a few hours on any freelance

work but the last couple weeks have been

pretty slow so I'm using that extra time

to learn more about game development and

programming I try to spend 20 or so

minutes each day learning something new

that I can apply to be a better modeler

animator or developer I think it's

important for everyone to do this no

matter what industry you're in keeps

things fresh and exciting I work a lot

so it's crucial for me to find what

tools I'm most comfortable with and how

to manage my time to prevent burnout but

every now and again I just enjoy

watching The Big Bang Theory with my

wife and petting the cats I hope this

video was entertaining for you maybe

even learn something from it if you

enjoyed this type of content and would

like to see more like it please give

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thanks for watching and I'll see you