How to become a 3D artist ?

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hey guys welcome back to a brand new


well today's shoot is gonna be slightly

different for one simple reason and that

reason is this right here okay so I hurt

my hand as a result I can't operate a

keyboard or a mouse right now but

nevertheless I thought it would be a

good opportunity to make a video for you

guys on topic that I wanted to cover for

a while now right and that topic is how

to become a 3d artist or how to become a

better 3d artist now I talked about this

a lot you know due to my consultancy

activities and a couple of things is

seemed to come back and every time so

what I'm going to boil this down to is

three main areas it's gonna be technical

it's gonna be creative and it's gonna be

commercial alright okay so let's start

with the technical part okay so you want

to be a 3d artist what do you want to do

right there's a lot out there so do you

want to create games and if so what kind

of games is gonna be mobile games

console games PC games what type of

games right do you want to create

animated movies short movies feature

movies do you want to create special

effects in real time movies so all of

that you know plays a role on this so do

some research figure out what you really

want to do now once you have done that

you can then start to look at okay so

what software is typically used in that

industry so we know when you want to go

and create games or movies or whatnot

and again all of that can be found

online now once you have a good

understanding of what you want to do and

what software is required you need to

figure out okay so what is it typical

pipeline and what do I mean by that what

is the normal sequence of events when

they Frank sample create an animated

movie so they do a storyboard they have

a script they have you know whatever and

what will your role be in that okay so

if you're a modeler it's different than

you are let's say a regular an animate

all right now once you know all that

stuff you know what the scope is of the

technical skills that you need to learn

maybe you need to learn Maya or

substance painter or whatever and what

hasn't effect on this as well is of

course what are your available resources

do you have all this software available

can you afford a school where they have

this software available can you use

alternatives maybe you can use blender

which is free and so forth right now

with all that said and done this should

give you a good understanding of what

you need to do from a technical aspect

now the problem is there are a lot of

people out there that have a good

understanding of the technical aspects

of software right that doesn't

necessarily make them great 3d artists

so the second step here is creative now

what do we with that so to some extent I

assume that you already are creative you

know because you want to be a 3d artist

if you didn't have a creative bone in

your body you probably wouldn't want to

be that all right but let's say you have

a basis to work with now my advice would

be to first of all learn how to draw now

the old-school animators back in the day

they would do everything with pencil and

paper and if you learn to draw you learn

a lot of very very important aspects of

the industry you learn about skill you

learn about proportions ratio we learn

about how light reacts on certain

surfaces and whatnot

okay so my personal opinion it would be

really really good for you to understand

that now the second one is photography

and I go on and on about this for the

simple reason that photography will help

you to understand lighting framing

composition all of these elements are

really important to help you to tell a


for example people use leading the lines

to point you towards a certain object or

character in the scene they will use

light to do the same thing right

read books for the simple reason that it

will help you to understand how a story

is told write read good books and bad

books what makes a story bad what makes

it very good and also it you know

influence and an inspiration for you to

come up with your own stories and of

course the obvious one watched movies

now movies bring that all together

because they have a story they typically

have characters they have a lot of

communication going on between

characters and that can help you as well

right so what is the interaction in

whatever you're working on and how can

you be part of that story regardless

whether you are a character animator or

let's say a props modeler right okay so

that covers the creative aspect and then

finally the commercial one okay so you

know what you want to be you know what

suffer to learn and you understand the

pipeline right you have read books

you've watched movies you have a good

understanding of you know what creative

skills you need and you're working on

that right but unfortunately nobody

knows who you are where you're from and

that you are available to be hired so

the commercial aspect is all about you

you and your personal branding so set up

a professional portfolio for example an

art station make sure that the people

know where to find your work and know

where to find you and understand what

your skills are be active online and

let's say in facebook groups or in other

groups where professionals meet and you

know interact with questions and issues

and projects it doesn't always have to

be your project or your question you can

you know help others and at the same

time show them that you know your stuff

and once they have a project that comes

up and they need somebody with your

skills they were more likely you know

contact you and ask you to help out

right so that in a nutshell are my tips

to become a better 3d artist hopefully

next time I'll be able to do some

modeling again Amaya

but until then thank you very much for

watching and see you guys next time but